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  1. Only the oldies will remember me but just for completeness I am signing out of the forum as I am selling the old girl (nearly 9 years old and owned from new) tomorrow after 75,000 miles of absolutely pleasurable motoring. She has only failed me once when I left the keys outside at -6 degrees for 2 hours so not really her fault. The only standard things left are the seats and steering and she will be up on pistonheads shortly I suspect. I attach the spec sheet for interest - Mods this is not an advert as it won't be up for a while - and I will shed a tear when she goes as she is by far and away the best car I have ever owned. I wish the club continued success. MT MY03 WRX Metallic Silver Sportwagon Purchased: 31.5.03 from Fenny Compton Subaru, Warks Engine: EJ25 2.5 litre block Forged pistons STI5 cams Exedy Clutch Lightened flywheel Front Mounted Intercooler Oil cooler Simtek ECU with two maps installed Mapped for Tesco 99 RON fuel. Induction kit Bosch up-rated fuel pump Fuel pressure regulator Haywood & Scott decat up-pipe Ported headers Ported decatted down-pipe PPP 2.5” exhaust. TD05-18g turbo running max 1.8 bar 3 gauges in a custom made pod (oil temp, pressure, boost/voltage) Engine was built to take another 100bhp if wanted. Currently about 370/380bhp Suspension: BC adjustable coilovers Solid drop links Strut braces front and rear Anti-lift kit. Full geometry set-up about 5000 miles ago Rota 7-spoke Wheels with 225/40/18 Yokohama Parada-2s Brakes: K-sport 356mm front discs DS2500 pads Bodywork: STI canards STI fog light covers Front metal grille Stereo: Sony single DIN with USB port, Pioneer front speakers Subwoofer with dedicated amp Forester single DIN pocket Tracker installed
  2. I have nearly 400bhp and a de-cat 2.5" exhaust and it all works just fine. A long time ago there was much discussion about the smaller bore being better for slightly lower bhp'd cars as it provided enough back-pressure to spool the turbo more quickly, but with a slight loss of top end - but that might have all been uninformed internet BS. You never know with BBs. Plenty of experts have had their way with my engine and none of them have suggested an exhaust change. [This would have been 2004-ish if anyone is good with the search function.]
  3. I own both S2000 and scooby. You will already know this now but the the scoob is so much quicker (though less visceral) than the Honda. Remember that 4wd will allow you to start travelling in more conditions that fwd or rwd but it won't turn you or stop you any better.
  4. The run-out 2009 Honda S2000s have the same problem with engine failures. Co-incidence?
  5. 3rd gear is the Achilles Heel of the scoob. Get it done quick.
  6. Another vote for K-sport - though I found the Godspeed kit very good and much better than the std STI Brembos that I replaced them with.
  7. I have an in-phase amp driving the sub which does the job very nicely but being a sub you can't really tell the quality of the signal.
  8. Daily driver and track day / week-end toy - the great thing about these cars really.
  9. I have illustrated instructions on how to do it if you want 'em.
  10. Alternative is API Engines in Harbury (South Mids) who simteked my WRX
  11. Greenlight insure my heavily modified scoob for business use, no charge as I remember, and track-days are only £50 a time which is also a bargain.
  12. Will obviously need remapping afterwards and lots of space to do the job, and a hoist. In this weather I'd let someone else do it. I did my Spitfire bottom end in a residential carpark in London as a youth and vowed never to do it again.
  13. My 2.0 engine blew up so it was replaced with a 2.5. A much nicer unit for those of us a bit older as full boost for me under 3000revs and I'm not so fussed it has run out of puff by 6500.
  14. Eibach (£160ish) (also branded as prodrive) do a kit which drops you about 18mm but make sure you get the wagon version as our rear springs are a little longer than the saloon's and if you put the wrong ones on it looks like you have four people in the boot. The car will drive much better for better springs and whils you are at it get a 22mm adjustable anti roll bar for the rear and solid drop links (£120 and £70) and you will transform the handling to all you will ever need.
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