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  1. Steve777

    What's happened

    Totally agree. The mobile version works great although I think I'm running a different version to your on m-soc one of the major problems is people tend to use FB as the Internet these days. I prefer a forum, the search facility is far superior. Try finding a post on Facebook from a month a go, let alone a few years. The click bait on social media is getting worse, the irrelevant nonsense and spam is increasing almost daily, news feed full of dribble etc etc The way topics can be organised is far superior to FB etc. Relevant matter sorted into the correct area, easy to find etc Social media is certainly not the way to run a club :thumb:
  2. Steve777

    What's happened

    In what way does social media 'flow' better ? And in what way is forum not user friendly ?
  3. Steve777

    Brake Judder

    I was pretty much in the right area then
  4. Steve777

    Brake Judder

    Try something a bit more simple. When you replaced the discs, did you ensure that the surface was completely clean between the disc and the hub. If there is any dirt, rust etc that will allow the disc to run out of true and cause vibration. Take the discs back off and ensure that both surfaces are clean, re-fit and see if that cures it Steve
  5. Steve / 2 tickets. Can someone moderate the list at the top ? Steve
  6. Go for it Phil I'm in Steve
  7. Steve777

    picked it up today

    Very Nice Phil
  8. Steve777

    How Great Is Your Impreza?

    Just bought my fifth after a 5 year break. A classic Type R Ltd. Great to be back. Awesome car
  9. Steve777

    The nice side of ownership

    Great day. Good that we have made somebody's day Thanks to Phil and SIDC for sending a gift to the lad Remind me to mention this when I write the piece for Dave Hobbs about arranging meets Steve