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  1. think that may be just out as that what our managers drive
  2. stinger lovely offer cheers bud, going to have to finalize exactly what i'm allowed, dont want to get hopes up
  3. now thats not fair did have a WRX-S on 24 hr test drive a while back really liked it, as i actually quite like the hatch, think they will try and keep me to the diesel though, but i wonder !!!!
  4. no worries guys you are correct it is Radio controlled helicopters and also a couple of planes too largest one is 72 inch wingspan, so as you can see i need a fair amount of boot space may pop along to a meet, although might not want to see an STI, it could be an overload on the brain!! lol!!
  5. i am becoming tempted is there any hatch owners that can say what the car is like to drive and also boot size, as i am now into RC heli's so need to be able to fit 2/3 in the boot cheers
  6. hi Guys i used to own a fairly modded STI7 which was my pride and joy and loved owning it, driving it and the track days and the modding and everything about 4 years ago however i was forced to sell due to gaining promotion and being given a company car it is now time for that car to be renewed and one of the cars on offer is (wait for it) !!! A Diesel Hatch now i am in a bit of a dilema do i seize this chance to get back into a scooby, although not the greatest one in the world, or will it ruin the dream for me i know i wont be able to do track days or mod it in any way and being a diesel
  7. i think that would start the green eyed monster there is a rumour that we may get offered Imprezas as our new company cars though not sure what i think of a DIESEL impreza though, Could I ???, Should I??? lol would it riun the dream !!!
  8. Hi SP keeping well thanks, still missing the scooby cant believe how many of you are in swindon now, well jealous !!!!!!
  9. hi guys quick hello and link to post in main forum my previous post
  10. hi guys just popped back for a quick hello its been 4 years now since my pride and joy (STI7) rolled off the drive to be replaced by a company Peugeot 407sw (Its lovely honest) and i still cant get over the loss i keep the dream alive that one day i ill own another impreza or maybe my wife will want one for her next car lucky enough to work for TH White which own a dealership in Cirencester and although i dont work for that branch i do get the chance to drive a few of the cars, have been out in new shape WRX's and also got a WRX type S for a 48hr testdrive one weekend but for now i have to
  11. yeah great day stormy - ride is booked for sept mate, but cant promise it will still be 332bhp by then also need to do something about the brakes as i have warped the godspeed ones (not happy about that, thought they would stand up to it) steve
  12. thanks stormy although i hope that i'll be alright at coombe on wednesday now as its a bit louder withthe decat what do you reckon, and what is the limit? cheers
  13. been to powerstation to have the car remapped, also had the 3inch miltek decat exhaust fitted after speaking to rich earlier he expected to find 315-320 bhp from my car as its a bugeye have now left powerstation, with the best sounding car i have ever had and a massive 332bhp cant thank the guys enough for their service and friendliness, especially rich who explained exactly what he was doing even though i didnt have a clue what he was on about
  14. spoke to the dealer today, was pleasantly surprised thinking of changing to a truck(mitsibushi warrior or the likes) and he offered me just over £13000 against a £16500 truck so would hope to fetch about £13500 -£14000 private not bad
  15. #1 hi how do i change an sti7 steering wheel for an sti8 steering wheel as the plug on the back of the airbag unit is different please help as i have neither wheel now on and dont really want to put the sti7 one back on thanks
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