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  1. Nice one Mark Hope you get as much fun as the car can give....and I've seen them give a lot
  2. More views of my day out.. Met this chap who had 2 weeks off and was just touring about, again him no English and me no Spanish, but you just get by lol. There's a bit more room on this than the Monster. More scenery.. Now my folks wanted some more beds at the place so they converted the caravan that they lived in when they where building the house. They've chopped the back off and put a full wet-room with shower/loo/basin with its own boiler and electricity feed. It does look great inside as is all tiled and quite flash fittings used. Fruit-loops the pair of them Molly Mary Local v
  3. Hola...long time no speak. I lurk on here now more than post...must be the stalker in me shining through Just thought I'd share my trip to Spain with you all....bestest trip ever After getting knocked off my Ducati Monster in March I thought I'd not be able to do the trip to see my folks in Murtas, Southern Spain. The bike was unrideable and I had 2 vertebrae that aren't sitting right so all was looking crap. I got my positive head on and started doing some heavy physio to get myself sorted and fit for the trip. At the same time ebay became my bestest friend and all parts where found to get
  4. Oi Oi you slapper I'm disappointed at the fact you are married...well from my side as this means you will never be mine.....but we still had that night at the Mencap Rally. Thoughts of those times will keep me warm for many a night Congrats on the wedding matey...made an honest women out of her at last...well you did have a long way to go to get her there Happy Crimbob to you both
  5. Nice one Mark ....when at Spa...you didn't cut the 'bus stop' did you?? Wouldn't want your times to be affected as you have a non red car
  6. Sam...Have you tried Grade A Breakers---> Grade A they have been great in the past for me and have a huge amount of stock. ......and finally....I'd blame Dan
  7. The 'official' Reading Jap meet was at the Madjeski (sp) retail park which is about 1/2 a mile from there. When that was moved it went to the one near Homebase in the centre of Reading. This was taken at the park off the Basingstoke Road which has no connection to the Jap meet and was always full of d*!ckheads in all marques doing this sort of thing. Due to this activity the park got a large ramp type barrier to stop this from happening which has appeared to work. It does anger me to see this, especially as the person involved obviously hasn't taken the leap from Playstation to real life very
  8. I think it looks great! Nice to see something different on the scene. Shake n Bake....propper lolls
  9. Yep They have some of the races near the 'ring. I'm out there August and really want to see some
  10. Danny...you are the CHAVMIESTER...all shall kneel before you..well not me as I'm not into that prison movie type stuff
  11. ....and here is some Berg Cup footage. There is some typical german Rock played at the start and a little throughout...but when it goes off, turn the speakers up to hear n/a 8v engines reving to 10k rpm+....Kleenex time -----> Berg Cup cars
  12. Here you go. Looks a right beast-----> Hill climb car
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