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  1. Big Phil is the man even if he talks too much!
  2. TBH I heard a squealing sort of noise when going round roundabouts, thought it was the front driveshaft, didnt look at the wheel!
  3. Was pointed out to me today by those nice chaps at RA Motorsport!
  4. Guess you can add them to the list! Paint or powder coating............answer has to be paint! At least with paint your life is not put in danger! If this is a common problem with alloy wheels surely this practice should be banned or is it bad workmanship?
  5. Urban Grey Hawk m8! Was with Black Enkie STi wheels!
  6. Thanks to the guys at RA Motorsport today especially the big chap, if he hadnt noticed my wheel being broken in three places who knows what could have happened. Thanks Guys
  7. Got my Hawk back yesterday from RA, had the geometry re done and the car is driving like a classic. Never really been confident with the handling but now its excellent. Big thanks guys, as usual a job well done!
  8. Cheers, Just had it back from its 40k mile service from RA Motorsport! Would it be safe to drive it there?
  9. My check engine light has come on in my Hawk, where do I start?
  10. Think thats the same as mine looked at the snow setting for the rear!
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