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    Generally getting 45-50mpg out of mine, but a lot of that mileage is for just a few miles every day (sub 20m), so it's barely getting warmed up. Was down in/around Glasgow for a couple of days last week and filled up and seen 67mpg listed after resetting the trip, but that only lasted about 10mins or so before it dropped back down when we got onto the motorway... still ran around 52-55mpg most of the time though. Not too bad considering it's only just clicked over the 4k mileage-wise. Not really noticed the gear change as being too sloppy, so dunno if it's different between the years, or having had a Discovery 3 auto in between having the STi, I'm not noticing it rolling too badly, or the gear change not being as direct
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    1) Phil MC - MY08 Forester X-D - Plug-in tuning box for now, but plan to delete egr, dpf & remap to suit. Also an Sti RARB on my shopping list, closely followed by some coilovers and a 6spd short-shift unit. 2) IainC - MY12 Forester XS-D - No mods at all yet (apart from the dog guard ). Trying to not think of mods for it yet, but I think a remap may end up happing in the future at some point (closer to the end of the warranty maybe). 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)
  3. Never had an issue with mine at all, and that was with the remap/decat/CAI. Was a daily driver and never missed a beat (only issue was punctures due to the crap roads ) The hawkeye is the second scoob I've had, first one was a 94 UK Turbo wagon, and although I thought it was quick, it was nothing compared to the STi (std it rolling roaded at 300bhp). Personally I figured if I was getting one, I might as well get the STi as it already had a bit more than the WRX, both in terms of power and "extras", 'cos in terms of running them, there really isn't a lot between them all (ie the old 94 wagon *averaged* 18mpg in the 4-5years I owned it ) Would have said now is definitely the time to be looking for one anyway, 'cos I think there are plenty of good ones on the market at the moment and not a huge amount of serious buyers, hence they are going for less than I think they are actually worth (although I'm obviously biased considering I was trying flog mine with little interest from anywhere ) Only real reasons I wanted a change, was down to the crappy roads puncturing the tyres, and looking to get something a bit slower for a change (was far too easy to go very quickly )
  4. Yup, lose the fogs... but also I think the lights on the front look too "weedy" now too... need to be bigger and the front end needs to be a bit more "aggressive" now to go with the wider look too IMO.
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    Photo Please

    Was wondering if it was number 008?
  6. iainc

    Wrc To Loose Turbos!

    Way to go to kill off a successful series.
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    Child Car Seat Trouble

    If by retainer, you mean the part that you plug the belt into, then you could always buy an adaptor (ratchet buckle?) that will help shorten the length of belt that's available. I used one on my classic and it meant that the baby seat we had at the time was ROCK SOLID when belted in.
  8. He wasn't wearing a pair of red speedo's[1] running across the sand was he? [1] - I know it was shorts... but if you are gonna imagine a nightmare you might as well go the whole way
  9. I think if I'd never got started with AWD, then probably a Mini (like a couple of mates have), or possibly still a Pug GTi or Seat Cupra R even, as a cheaper option... money no object... thats a tough one... possibly the 911 Turbo or new Nissan GTR... as nice as the Ferrari's and Lambos go, I couldn't see myself driving one as an everyday car... Veyron maybe though or McF1
  10. Hmmm... not seen that... last time I seen anything related to Knight Rider, it was an episode of Knight rider 2000 (?) and it was a red car (honestly can't think what it was)... not seen/heard of the black mustang though. Mind you... how does the series manage without "The Hoff"
  11. Had an S6 Avant before (4.2 V8), and although it was nippy, it was crap on back roads... too nose heavy, plus I didn't get on with the semi auto gearbox at all. The RS4 is meant to be better handling, and it's possible that the newer RS6/S6 is a lot better than the older ones as well.
  12. Quite fancied an R33 version myself. Was actually a Corrado VR6 I was looking for before I bought the first scoob, but one test drive of the Turbo and I was hooked Don't know what I'd pick right now if I was made to get shot of the STi and replace it with something else... theres not a lot else that can do everything it can (inc carrying a family of four plus luggage) for the money that it costs. Obviously you have things like RS4s and 911s (just squeeze the kids in ) but they aren't yet at the prices that the scoobs are. I still seem to have the opinion (rightly or wrongly) that even Evos are more expensive to run long term (but that may be crap).
  13. iainc

    Vf 34 's

    Surely you'd want a different turbo to that if you were swapping though. I mean you are only going to get an additional 50-odd bhp over what you have at the moment, whereas you'd make a good chunk more with one of the upgraded ones that the STi owners go for.
  14. I've heard there is a bit of a slow down on a lot of other jobs, and plenty of people out of work too... theres a good supply of people to train up to be instructers, etc Can't believe that instructors would be as bad as that, but don't doubt you. I guess like anything else, there are plenty of people who managed to pass their driving test despite not being that great, am sure that there are a few instructors the same with their tests.
  15. Oh, and another one that bugs me... those who decide that, although you are already at the limit, if they try to climb into your boot they will either make you go faster or somehow be able to drive thru' you. Seen it ahead of me this morning, despite the roughly 0 degrees C weather this morning, the car in front of me looked like it was being towed by the car in front of them. Got out of the village and onto the NSP road, and they continued to sit that close, despite the fact that the road ahead was clear enough to overtake (which I did... both of them).