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    That make much of a difference to the noise it's making? Or any difference to the way it drives?
  2. Generally getting 45-50mpg out of mine, but a lot of that mileage is for just a few miles every day (sub 20m), so it's barely getting warmed up. Was down in/around Glasgow for a couple of days last week and filled up and seen 67mpg listed after resetting the trip, but that only lasted about 10mins or so before it dropped back down when we got onto the motorway... still ran around 52-55mpg most of the time though. Not too bad considering it's only just clicked over the 4k mileage-wise. Not really noticed the gear change as being too sloppy, so dunno if it's different between the years, or having had a Discovery 3 auto in between having the STi, I'm not noticing it rolling too badly, or the gear change not being as direct
  3. 1) Phil MC - MY08 Forester X-D - Plug-in tuning box for now, but plan to delete egr, dpf & remap to suit. Also an Sti RARB on my shopping list, closely followed by some coilovers and a 6spd short-shift unit. 2) IainC - MY12 Forester XS-D - No mods at all yet (apart from the dog guard ). Trying to not think of mods for it yet, but I think a remap may end up happing in the future at some point (closer to the end of the warranty maybe). 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)
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    I've already been looking at the Ecutek website... really shouldn't By the sounds of it, the exhaust on the diesel makes little or no difference sound wise though DPF delete sounds like it should be a good thing (once it's out of warranty in my case ). Remap seems to be worth it from what I've seen on various forums, although I'm still a bit wary of doing that when I've got the warranty/free servicing for the next few years. Mind you... I said that with the hawkeye and Andy Forrest remapped that before the warranty ran out Would be good to get a bit more "shove" out the diesel though. Can't believe that they are still only 150bhp (ish) even now.
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    Quick pic taken with the phone a few days after getting it (in Jan... the grounds a lot whiter now )
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    I did the same myself recently, seen the 5yr warranty, 3yr free servicing and 2yrs interest free (50:50 deal) and figured it was as good a time as any to get back into a scoob... even if it was a diesel one and not an Impreza. Been fairly impressed with it so far as it's being run in... handles well enough as std (then again, the one traded in was a D3 ) and it almost feels like sitting in the hawkeye STi again with the leather wheel, etc (shame it doesn't have the same go as the STi ) The 45-50mpg we're getting so far is a bit of a revelation in a scoob too.
  7. Never had an issue with mine at all, and that was with the remap/decat/CAI. Was a daily driver and never missed a beat (only issue was punctures due to the crap roads ) The hawkeye is the second scoob I've had, first one was a 94 UK Turbo wagon, and although I thought it was quick, it was nothing compared to the STi (std it rolling roaded at 300bhp). Personally I figured if I was getting one, I might as well get the STi as it already had a bit more than the WRX, both in terms of power and "extras", 'cos in terms of running them, there really isn't a lot between them all (ie the old 94 wagon *averaged* 18mpg in the 4-5years I owned it ) Would have said now is definitely the time to be looking for one anyway, 'cos I think there are plenty of good ones on the market at the moment and not a huge amount of serious buyers, hence they are going for less than I think they are actually worth (although I'm obviously biased considering I was trying flog mine with little interest from anywhere ) Only real reasons I wanted a change, was down to the crappy roads puncturing the tyres, and looking to get something a bit slower for a change (was far too easy to go very quickly )
  8. I've an APS 70mm CAI on mine, but it was remapped the very next day... you wouldn't have lived with the car without it being remapped anyway as the idle was lumpy as f*** as the ECU tried to match the air and fuel properly. Would have thought that the smaller version of the APS CAI might have been okay without the remap as housing was the same size as OEM, so it should have been able to measure the air flow properly (accurately). Worth getting the remap anyway though as it makes a HUGE difference to the way the car drives. It's not just about the peak figure being a touch higher, it's the fact that the power is available further down the rev range, etc.
  9. Yeah, I hit a pothole with the 19s and although it wasn't as severe as yours, it started a slow puncture. Was stopping in less than a mile anyway. When I had the tyre changed I checked out the rip in the tyre and it was a fairly long cut, so looked like the rim of the wheel had chopped thru' the sidewall as it had hit the pothole. Would have been bad enough if the tyre had been old, but it was about 3 months old at most... worse still in the period between buying the original set, the price per tyre had gone up about £15-20
  10. Low range gearbox the same as "proper" offroaders. Gives you far more control at low speed in dodgy conditions as you can maintain a decent RPM, without spinning the wheels or going too quickly. Think of it the same as the front set of gears on a pushbike... you still have the same 5 or 6 at the rear, but changing from the Hi/Lo one at the front will change how quickly you can drive, etc.
  11. I've still got the std suspension on mine, but went from 17's to 19's (was originally going to go for 18's but got a good deal on the 19s ) In terms of tramlining, the car was MILES worse on the 225/45/17 RE070s than it was on either the Toyo of Eagle F1s I've on now (235/35/19). I'd say if anything the bigger wheels felt more comfortable than the smaller ones... although potholes become things to avoid at all costs even more as the lower sidewalls mean it's miles easier to get a puncture if you crash thru' one.
  12. Not sure if I'm gonna be about here then, if I am, I'll do my best to be there. Will let you know nearer the time (not that it helps give you definite numbers right now).
  13. Have they got a demonstrator for people to try? Would imagine they would have a long queue for a shot if they have Always good to hear of decent places to take the car to though.
  14. Managed 1072 on a Sports bike so far... found it easier to keep up without over doing it... trials bike flips over so easy Tried it with the tourer (figuring maybe the heavier weight might make it easier/slower to lift, but it was crap IMO ).
  15. Think there are a few people on here who can do these kinds of things... not sure if ScoUK can do that kind of thing?
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