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  1. Thanks that's not too far from me (Mansfield Notts) I see from the web page they only have 93-96 classic on for wheel alignment, I take it they do newer Scoob's and this is just an example lol
  2. Good morning Hi iv been away from Scoob's for a while and after some info, does anyone know here I can get 4 Wheel geometry done in the midlands? im presently trying to descale the underside of MY 53 STI and taking all suspension off so il need it doing when I put it back together also does anyone have the "fast road settings" that TSL used to do before they closed down?
  3. absolutely brilliant where did you get the blue wrap from? im starting my own garage at mo and iv got to admit i love the idea especialy the WRC Blue lol
  4. just to test your pack out properly, get your car to operating temp then open bonnet and one lead at a time squirt water from a old washing up bottle and wait for a missfire on idle did you take the rubber ends off the coil pack and inspect the seam? you can get away for a couple of hundred miles by wrapping the end in electrical tape befor replacing the rubber cover
  5. i got my car with only one key, baught agen SUBARU key of ebay had a blade cut took it to my local auto elctricians who coded it to car for £35 on the phone he said worst case scenario was a new non gen key coded £55 oh and he deleted all the old keys on the memory so no probles with old keys knocking about
  6. I owned my last scoob (MY 96) for 8 yrs and 220K i loved that car now i have a 53 plate STI not sure if i like it as much but am definetly keeping it lol
  7. As above check your boot light but also another thing to remember is the inteligent charger on the 02/03 MY onwards when the battery is placed on vehicle the system takes this as a fully charged battery and only ever charges nto this level so if your battery wasnt fully charged for whatever reason when first placed on the car then you will never have a fully charged battery Take it off charge it to max on a charger and replace do not attempt to charge with terminals attached you may blow the charging circuit on the car
  8. Disconect your MAF plug from the sensor (plug by the pipe coming out of your air filter box) and take car for a drive alternativly get a garage to plugg it in to find any probs stored on ECU
  9. i recently had a new key for MY53 STI i got a second hand key from e-bay £10 put a new (nissan) blade in it and had it cut £10 then i had a reputable car electricial code it in £35 plus all the other keys in the cars memory were taken out so i have the only two keys for the car now
  10. did you do the full reset engine off conect green to green and black to black, then turn ignition on press accelerator to the floor for 1 second then release then start car and drive the car below i think its 10mph? you have to do everything to reset the ECU watch the flashes for constant on off's to show no faults
  11. just as a second thaught which im going through at the mo have you thaught of snow socks? iv been looking at them and they seem like the poodles noodles was wondering if anyone had used them on scoob and weather with AWD you need four instead of two? you can find vids on you tube of them if your wondering what they are
  12. just in case anyone searches in future it is the standard headlight motor on the back of the morrette headlights id like to say a big thanks to Jap performance parts for their help cheers guys
  13. As above are their any members here that live near mansfield? i would like to meet up and have a look at the head light motor on your car if possible. Theirs even a drink in it for you i will only lift the bonnet lol i have a set of what apear to be morrette's on my 03-05 STI i believe its a standard part but SUBARU say i have to buy the whole headlight for the motor and before i go forking money out i want to make sure or eliminate the standard headlight motor/adjuster. so far iv tried valeo, cibi, most SUBARU breakers and parts places, ex morrete distributers (they are now out of business)i need to get this part sorted any help would be most apreciated
  14. if you want to check your heat shields get a thick ragg cover your hand have someone available to press accelerator when you hear the noise at what ever revs try (with rag on your hand) try grabbing heat shields on the exaust and see if it goes away
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