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  1. Group B Motorsport in Deeside he maps a lot of the CADS cars. http://www.silverstoneautosport.co.uk/
  2. Its goes well Kev ive just had it mapped its not a Scoobie but i like it. Im useing it to sprint and hillclimb this year first race is in Wigan this month.
  3. Sold it bud got a Leon Cupra Might get another Classic soon
  4. Hi Kev hope things are ok bud while typin this Gerrard just nearly scored in the 89th min
  5. My daughter went to see her at Liverpool Echo Arena last week and said it was the best concert she's seen She puts on a good show..............
  6. Your best trying to go on here http://www.cadscoobies.com/forum/Blah.pl?
  7. There you go mate but you just missed the last one............. http://www.cadscoobies.com/forum/Blah.pl?m...940/s-new/#num6
  8. Are there any cheats for this as Im crap and keep getting me ass kicked by my mates?
  9. hey.......why no piccie of my wheels
  10. He got me a view bits but gave me a bad case of 'man flu' I am dying
  11. If he can put a Ford in it I should be able to put my Volvo in it
  12. I,m going The cost of the rides is £20. For thelast 2 years the car has been a very fast, highly tuned Subaru. Whilst I think this will be there this year, it is hoped that Christopher Neil will be bringing the new Lotus track car. These rides are paid direct to the club by cash on the day - hope this helps. Anyone who does not have a helmet, then these can be hired from on the day.
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