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  1. Oops, I forgot to reply. Tyres fitted at Formula Fast Fit. Very pleased with Tony's advice & expertise!
  2. Pop into South Coast Performance.
  3. Thanks. Where are they bye the way?
  4. Hi Any recommendation for good tyre fitters please? I've used All Round Tyres in the past, but it looks like they've been taken over. Care of my rims is paramount over price.
  5. Hi Dudes If anyone has had any bad service from Barry Curran, please can you get in touch with me? I can give more info privately, but not on a public forum. Nick
  6. Thanks for the earlier tips about this garage. I visited them yesterday to sort out some problems & caused by another garage's poor service. South Coast were excellent & sorted out the rubbish work from the other garage.
  7. Yup, there's a few there, any more reports about them would be very useful.
  8. Does anyone have any good/bad experiences to share from servicing/repair work at Barry Currans? I'd be interested in any feedback about actual experiences. Please PM only.
  9. Hi I'm thinking of getting a 2nd car, possibly a Forrester (budget up to £7k). Are there any good dealers handy for the ferry?
  10. Thanks Zaphod Checking the scoobytuner.com website, they are quoting $384.85 (£194.53) - I don't see a mention of carriage other than the free offer on the front page. There will be import duties to pay though, I suppose. So, either he's quoting a 50% discount or has the wrong product?
  11. Can you suggest a cheaper source? I've just spent an hour & can't find anywhere (on the 'net) that are cheaper.
  12. I just checked the Camskill website. They are charging £227.00 + £18.99 carriage for DS2500 front & rear pads. So my £210 delivered doesn't look too bad?
  13. Not as dear as Subaru STi pads!
  14. It was AS Performance. How much should they have been?
  15. £210 including VAT & delivery.
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