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  1. Hi System: Win XP SP2, IE6 fully patched, Adwatch tracking cookie blocking. I've been getting a lot of these errors today: Forum Error An error has occurred. If you wish to notify the administrator please click here. To go back to the main forum page please click here. ERROR: An error occurred while evaluating the expression: FTVAR_WORD=caller.FTDIC_WORDS[attributes.wordid] Error near line 1, column 547. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The element at position 18 in dimension 1 of object "caller.FTDIC_WORDS" cannot be found. The object has elements in positions 1 through 515. Please, modify the index expression. The error occurred while processing an element with a general identifier of (CFSET), occupying document position (1:541) to (1:596).
  2. Nick555

    Trax raffle - did I win? ;-)

    Ahhh, could have done with the umbrella!
  3. Hi What were the Trax SIDC raffle winning numbers?
  4. Thanks for the reply. Nick
  5. Hi In a few pics, I've seen an SIDC logo alongside the driver's first name+initial & country flag. Can we still get these?
  6. Thanks Chris I think JK has the thing figured out.
  7. << If you happened to have unset the alarm whilst in the car, it will automatically relock itself if no doors have been opened after approximately 60 secs...could it have been this? jk >> Thanks JK, pretty sure that was it. I had set it off at some point - while sitting in the car. I've checked the manual again & everything seems to be set fine.
  8. Thanks guys I've a major Swissol job to do on the car this morning, so afterwards, I'll read through the security manual again.
  9. Hi Just picked up my new WR1 yesterday. Sitting in the garage last night playing with "stuff" & reading the manual. I changed the PIN on my alarm code after a couple of tries. After a few mins sitting in the car, with the key in the ignition, (but key not turned) & the door shut, my doors locked & the alarm made some beeps. Is it supposed to do that?
  10. Nick555


    Hmm, people often buy an iPod because they don't know anything else is available! Look at the Rio & iRiver both of which are better in terms of sound quality, battery power, ease of use & playlists than the iPod. Rio iRiver I have a Rio Karma myself.