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  1. Winston Spotted @ Riverside Museum

    Been a while since Winston last made an appearance!
  2. Watch Out 6.3 Amg On The Prowl

    LoL Gummy! You haven't lost your way with words! Whats the weight of that thing anyway I'm guessing about 1800kg minimum?
  3. Has Anyone Heard?

    Just heard about this as well, met him a few times at trackdays and various events and took a liking to him instantly, he had one of those personalities that I could gel with straight away. when most of us were chasing 400BHP back in the day he was away after 500 which was not so easily done then as it is now.. sad sad day.
  4. Whiteline

    Quite a few of the Hillclimb/sprint cars up here use them, I've used them in the past as well, top notch service and they didn't 'try' to sell me anything by blowing smoke up my arse as well.
  5. Old Pics From Meets Back In The Day.

    That glenshee day was the day i realised you weren't well either. Was one hell of a good run though, a pic of my car the day after!
  6. Kames 2012 - Track day No2

    Remove me from the list Frenchy, my car is still in the garage no where near ready unfortunately, donate the cash from me to Santa Cruz and put my space up for grabs again.
  7. Kames 2012 - Track day No2

    Pretty much looking like I'm not going to make this now, car is still at Steve Whitsons and I don't know when it will be ready or how far on he is with it.
  8. Kames 2012 - Track day No2

    Excellent Davey, haven't seen you for donkeys now.. Just hope my bloody cars ready!
  9. Kames 2012 - Track day No2

    Thanks Frenchy, any idea how I can find my membership number I couldent even tell you the last time I seen my card?
  10. Kames 2012 - Track day No2

    Is it ok to pay for this now or do I need badbaz or someone else to confirm it?
  11. Kames 2012 - Track day No2

    Is this open for sheep sha99ers as well? AM Slots 1 badbaz - paid 2 wrx Kenny - paid 3 petewrx - paid 4 Arch - Paid 5 Mibbies 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 PM Slots 1 badbaz - paid 2 cruz104 - paid 3 petewrx - paid 4 Phil MC - paid 5 empty_heed - paid 6 bobbyc - paid 7 wee man - paid 8 bigbob - paid 9 Arch - paid 10 Mr and Mrs Hutch 11 RA Dunk 12
  12. Irish Fling?

    Think V power could be a problem across there, AFAIK they haven't got anything like it.
  13. Setting the Record Straight

    I'm not intrested in breaking any land speed records so will be exempt from the willy waving club lol Steve W built it for me last year, still on the little old 20G for now. Andy will be doing my mapping as always Bigger turbo is on the cards but saving up some pennies for a half decent tow car just now. Saying that I'm going to need to get it back to Steves as it's a non runner just now with some kind of electrical fault
  14. Meets planned in the Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire area

    9 minute club.
  15. Setting the Record Straight

    God I love your patter Colin!