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  1. dooahhdoo

    Well, It's Been 5 Years........

    I remember the very moment of your first post and the picture you put up. I think another Lady quoted you are going to be popular on here How right they were
  2. Hey Spally, I'm off too mate. Got something a bit smaller myself :- Clicky link Take care buddy
  3. Folks, after 7 years of ownership I have now left the fold. I have partx'd my scoob for something smaller and cheaper to run Will keep popping my head in from time to time so stay naughty.
  4. dooahhdoo

    Not Been On For Months.......

    I am gobsmacked. I did know Bob was ill but you dont think do you? R.I.P. mate.
  5. You guys brake too much. Still on same set of disks and pads as I was 6 years (and 43,000 miles ago).
  6. All these old names are making me emotional. Anyone fancy a group hug?
  7. Did someone mention old people?
  8. dooahhdoo

    4 X Coil Packs

    bumpety bump. Nobody knows where to buy blueprint coil packs for the early Imprezas?
  9. dooahhdoo

    4 X Coil Packs

    Hi all, As title. Have used the search function but cant find anything concrete. Also, does anyone have any info on replacing the coil packs with bosch coils and HT Leads? Thanks Nick
  10. dooahhdoo

    New Guy With A Question

    Hi, you will find the answer you need here
  11. dooahhdoo

    My Scoob Has Gone......

    Its the right colour m8 Looks nice.
  12. dooahhdoo

    Head Gasket Set

    I would also budget for replacing the big and main bearings whilst you had the engine down to that level.
  13. m8, to be honest I would bite the bullet and get it into a garage. You made a mess before by undoing the wrong bolts and you are rightly trying to rectify it but brakes are the MOST IMPORTANT item on a car. If you did fix it yourself and they failed because the part was wrong or similar and you hit and seriously hurt or killed someone think how you would feel? Why not move this to a positive experience and take this opportunity to get the brakes refurbished while you have one off. I cant remember the names but there are plenty of specialists who will do this for you and I bet it wouldn't cost a fortune either. You did ask for opinions!
  14. dooahhdoo

    A Quick Hello!

    Yes it was solely Jon.
  15. dooahhdoo

    A Quick Hello!

    Someone better tell him the CustomScooby story I remember your name. Welcome back.