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  1. dooahhdoo

    Well, It's Been 5 Years........

    I remember the very moment of your first post and the picture you put up. I think another Lady quoted you are going to be popular on here How right they were
  2. dooahhdoo

    One For The Bikers

    Pav, Sage advice as above. Passed my bike test in May and bought an R6. Absolutely love it although its a big jump going from a 125 Here we have to display R plates for 1 year which means we are restricted to 50mph (no BHP restriction on the bike) so that helps to take it easy but when no cars are around some people have been known to exceed this I chose an R6 as thats what I had set my heart on. I am 6ft 1 and 16.5 stone and riding it for a couple of hours hurts like a b1tch. Still good fun though but have a good test ride of any bike you are thinking of and make sure you feel comfy on it. As smiley Kylie says above dont scrimp on helmet or leathers. Most of all enjoy Nick
  3. Hey Spally, I'm off too mate. Got something a bit smaller myself :- Clicky link Take care buddy
  4. Folks, after 7 years of ownership I have now left the fold. I have partx'd my scoob for something smaller and cheaper to run Will keep popping my head in from time to time so stay naughty.
  5. dooahhdoo

    Not Been On For Months.......

    I am gobsmacked. I did know Bob was ill but you dont think do you? R.I.P. mate.
  6. dooahhdoo

    Bl00dy Pc's

    OK, see what you mean but generally that is down to the architecture of the motherboard and doesn't really apply to the processor as you could fit the exact same processor in a different board and it would still cause you problems (I would bet that your processor is fine BTW). XP is pretty good at picking up these changes but I would just go the extra and buy a hard drive brand new for £30 - £60 and do a fresh install and pop the old drive in as a slave. You will need to re-install your programs but the files that matter will be fine. Five years ago stuff was relatively expensive, I just built a dual core pc for my sister that goes like stink, will run any game or application for the next two years for £380 + VAT. Same as you used to do, board, processor, memory, power supply, graphics card case. Jobs done If you want the specs let me know. BTW, I am no expert and don't do machine building for a living. I may just be talking shiiite
  7. dooahhdoo

    Bl00dy Pc's

    The Sempron processors were the later model Socket A processors based on the Athlon XP series so probably not that much different but what do you mean "without needing to be formatted?"
  8. You guys brake too much. Still on same set of disks and pads as I was 6 years (and 43,000 miles ago).
  9. All these old names are making me emotional. Anyone fancy a group hug?
  10. Did someone mention old people?
  11. dooahhdoo

    4 X Coil Packs

    bumpety bump. Nobody knows where to buy blueprint coil packs for the early Imprezas?
  12. dooahhdoo

    4 X Coil Packs

    Hi all, As title. Have used the search function but cant find anything concrete. Also, does anyone have any info on replacing the coil packs with bosch coils and HT Leads? Thanks Nick
  13. dooahhdoo

    New Guy With A Question

    Hi, you will find the answer you need here
  14. dooahhdoo

    My Scoob Has Gone......

    Its the right colour m8 Looks nice.