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  1. hi guys i have done a full decat on my scooby the light stayed of yet now i have done about a hundred miles and the lights come on (engine managment) i was told by several people that if the oxy sensors were used it should stay of its on aa 55 reg 1st thing if by reseting it will it stay off or will it have to be remaped 2nd is there anywhere in the basingstoke area that can do this thanks steve
  2. hi robbie and pugh good see all goods with you what did you both end up getting
  3. a 55 plate sti but standard at the minute i might have to have a play lol
  4. hello fella hope you and jakie are well decided to get another scooby again so thought we best join in the fun again
  5. hello all im back in a scooby new car new me new misses lol how you all doing steve
  6. i would do it for you heres my scooby but you might be after the older version steve
  7. hi guys as prommised a couple of pictures of my sti is there anyone else on here whos got one
  8. my new toy as prommised just been busy hi kim you ok hows things
  9. i went for the new sti hatch in the end got it last thursday and done my first thousand miles in it all ready lol loving every minute of it
  10. HI BOYS i got my self the new sti hatch back and wow what a car so much better than my old bug eye and pushing 300bhp as standard she goes like it of a stick
  11. woooooo hoooooo bought my new scooby today and collecting it tomorow cant wait to get behind the wheel again i will put some pics up as soon as i have it here
  12. hi guys im going to bite the bullet and get another scooby either a hawk eye or the new hatch back where is the best place to get the best deal im in southern england thanks
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