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    Rallying Imprezas

    Also some classic rally cars from a bygone era: Sadly this nice puma cut the corner just a little too much Plenty more on http://www.flatoutphotography.com/gallery3/2013/GCR
  2. Got the chance to visit my local rally last weekend. Good to see a selection of Imprezas still competeing:
  3. johns


    I've recently bought a Legacy diesel as a daily driver. Not sure about any tuning options, but am aware that you can get an ECUTEK remap for them.
  4. johns

    Sideways Subaru

    Thanks all, it is indeed a composite image made up from 4 seperate shots which were taken as part of a sequence hand held, and then stitched together using Photoshop Elements (can't afford the full version of photoshop). This took quite a few hours editing, as it was the first time I've tried something like this and was struggling with the concept of layers and how to get bits of the background layer to show through. There is only one shot of the VX220, as the focus was on Ben's car (which filled most of the frame), and it only appears once in the final frame. I didn't select around the image of the car and paste it onto the background, but instead stitched together shots of the car complete with background so that the tyre tracks lined up under the wheels of each car shot, and gave a continouous background image. I used mostly the centre portion of each frame, so there wasn't too much of an issue with barrel distorsion and compression. The shots were taken on a Canon 1D using a Canon 100-400 lens. The full size image is approx 12700 pixels by 3500 pixels!
  5. Ben Shimmin sliding his Pro-R Impreza onto the main straight at Anglesey during the Time Attack round there last year.
  6. Back when I first owned a classic Subaru (1997), one of the first mods we did was to fit driving lights in place of the fog lamps, as it allowed you to see much better and maintain a reasonable pace when driving in the dark, though only on full beam. Even with HIDs on the hawkeye, dipped performance lags well behind that of the car. I reckon that over the past 10 years, the headlamps of the majority of other cars on the road have improved and are much brighter when they are coming towards you (especially noticable with high mounted HIDs on Range Rovers etc). I'm guessing that your pupils contract a bit more with the glare, reducing the effective range of your own headlights.
  7. For some reason I never uploaded any photos from the weekend of the McRae Gathering back in 2008. Recently found them on my hard drive, so have uploaded a few to FB How many of you were there, and can you spot yourself in the crowd? http://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.563728933645346.134743.248878411797068&type=1 John
  8. SV56 would be an Aberdeen registration, but I've not met any other Spec D owners up this way.
  9. I see from the entry list that RCM have entered the Gobstopper for Saturday's first round of Time Attack. Can't wait
  10. SUBARU ENSURES ‘EVERYTHING IS TAKEN CARE OF’ WITH UK’S MOST COMPREHENSIVE AFTERCARE PACKAGE Subaru UK is raising customer care to a new level with the launch this month of a new three-year aftercare package called Everything Taken Care of (Subaru ETCo). Included in the price of every new Subaru, Subaru ETCo is the most comprehensive and targeted three-year aftercare package currently on offer to motorists in the UK, offering a host of potential benefits worth over £7,000. Subaru ETCo comprises 11 different elements, all designed to make running and owning a new Subaru easier and more beneficial than ever, not to mention the cost benefits with each of the services provided free of charge. Subaru ETCo’s comprehensive package includes: * Minor dent and scratch repairs * Alloy wheel repairs * Monthly wash ‘n’ vac * Annual makeover – full valet * Lost keys replacement * Service collection and delivery * Annual wheel alignment check * First MOT cover (and contribution to repairs) * Accident management service * Insurance excess cover contribution * Winter wheel and tyre storage These benefits can also be passed on to subsequent owners of the vehicle, helping to enhance the vehicle’s residual values. Subaru ETCo will be offered in addition to Subaru’s three-year (60,000-mile) manufacturer’s warranty, 12-year anti-corrosion bodyshell cover and three-year paintwork warranty, and also lasts for three years. Marketing Director of Subaru UK, Kenyon Neads, said: “Totally free with every new Subaru, this innovative – and we believe industry leading programme – is a package of services and promises, specifically designed to complement the lifestyle of the typical Subaru buyer and to enhance the car ownership experience – year after year. Subaru ETCo is available to all Subaru retail customers and we believe it has no rival in the UK as an aftercare package.” Subaru ETCo in detail * Minor dent and scratch repairs The trials of modern motoring mean that small dings and scratches to a car’s exterior are inevitable. Subaru ETCo provides free minor dent and scratch repair worth up to £1,000 per year, over three years (up to £3,000 in total). It’s the kind of cover that will also benefit owners by reducing their insurance claims and premiums, while maintaining their car’s resale value. * Alloy wheel repairs Alloy wheels can be vulnerable to damage against kerbs. Subaru ETCo offers free repairs, carried out by wheel specialists, to scuffs and chips and worth up to £1,000 over three years. * Monthly wash ‘n’ vac To ensure that Subaru owners enjoy the maximum feel-good factor, Subaru ETCo includes a free ‘wash and vac’ every month, for 11 months each year and for three years. * Annual makeovers In addition to the monthly wash ‘n’ vac, once a year owners under Subaru ETCo will get a free full valet and cosmetic makeover: a kind of a ‘spa’ treatment for each new Subaru owner’s car so it comes up gleaming and ready for whatever activity they’ve got in mind. * Lost key replacement Even Subaru owners have been known to lose their car and house keys… Subaru ETCo only needs the registration number and a few identity details to get replacement keys on the way. And amazingly – given the price of today’s sophisticated keys – they will be supplied free, once per year to the value of £350, for three years. * Service collection and delivery Subaru ETCo is all about making Subaru ownership hassle-free and enjoyable. So when it comes to scheduled maintenance, Subaru dealers will collect, service and return a vehicle to the owner’s office or home – within a 25-mile radius of the dealership – free of charge. * Annual wheel alignment check Tracking can be knocked out of true by striking kerbs or an obstruction off-road – affecting steering feel and tyre wear. Subaru ETCo will cover a complete, four-wheel alignment check once a year, free of charge. This will ensure that the tyres do not suffer premature wear and could save money for the Subaru user. Any corrective work required may be chargeable. * First MOT cover Many Subaru owners keep their new car for much more than three years, so there is often the requirement to present it for its first MOT. Subaru ETCo will cover the cost of this and in the unlikely event of a failure, will also pay for rectification repairs up to the value of £300 in total. * Accident management service While every Subaru is fully equipped with ‘active safety’ technology to avoid daily hazards, sometimes a collision is unavoidable. The inevitable stress can be dissipated by one phone call (even before calling the insurance company) to Subaru ETCo which operates in the UK 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No matter what happened or who’s to blame, Subaru ETCo will organise a courtesy car, liaise with the insurer and make sure the car is repaired by approved Subaru technicians, using only approved parts, and protecting the warranty. * Insurance excess cover Subaru ETCo’s Accident Management Service will also cover the cost of any excess on the Subaru owner’s insurance policy, up to £300 per year, for three years. * Winter wheel and tyre storage To complement Subaru’s legendary All-Wheel-Drive security and ensure maximum peace of mind, Subaru ETCo guarantees owners the ultimate ‘ready for Winter’ package. After purchasing a spare set of wheels with winter tyres, Subaru dealers will keep them safely stored for the owner, for free, until he/she decides it’s time to make the change over.
  11. For the first time ever, the Modified Live event incorporating both Time Attack and the European Drift Championship is being held at the famous Angelsey circuit in Wales. Held on a bank holiday weekend, this event is sure to be very popular with competitors and spectators with fantastic viewing opportunities on the Welsh coastline. Early booking is highly recommended, especially if you want accommodation nearby for the night before.
  12. The spectacular season finale to the Time Attack and European Drifting Championships is being held at the newly revised Snetterton race track in Norfolk. As part of the Modified Live events, a large turn-out of cars on the club stand is expected to watch the thrilling on track action. Hundreds of visiting car clubs and traders offering heavily discounted bargains make this an event not to be missed.
  13. Time Attacks returns to the Mountain!! The fastest road legal cars in the country battle it out around the technically demanding Cadwell Park, famous for it's Mountain section where the cars get fully airborne!
  14. until
    For the first time ever, the Modified Live team lay on a whole weekend of entertainment and track action at Brands Hatch in Kent. One of the best attended events in the club calendar, a high turn-out is anticipated.
  15. The Time Attack season kicks off in style on Saturday 16th April at the ever popular Oulton Park. Being centrally located, a good club turn out is expected at this event. It is an ideal chance for you to display your car on the club stand, showing off all the care and modifications performed over the winter periods, as well as watching some of the UKs fastest road legal cars battle it out around the track.