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  1. Posted up on the MLR website. May be of interest to someone here. Link
  2. << MLR? Mitsubishi Lone Ranger? Whats our best route from Heysham if it is so bad on the bridge? Dont want to be waiting 2 hours! Edited to add Heazille has faith in sat nav but there is no beating local knowledge >> Pass!!??!! Don't know where Heysham is. Best to head for the Kincardine bridge, approached from the M9. Once over the bridge head through Tulliallan. Knockhill is signposted at the first roundabout after Tulliallan. Or you could meet up with the Mitsubishi Lancer Register chaps and travel up with us. There will almost ceratinly be a few Scoobs in tow. Derek, see you there mate.
  3. Roadworks tomorrow at the FRB, will be a nightmare. Estimated waiting time from 10am onwards is 90-120minutes The MLR are taking the alternative route via the Kincardine bridge. Meeting at the Beancross off J5 off the M9 at 11:30hrs. You are welcome to join us and travel up together, We will be leaving there at 12:00hrs Beancross Map
  4. MacD's is going to be busy that morning. A gaggle of Scoobs with a small sprinkling of Evos.