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  1. Hi STImulation, I got to the bottom of the cam sensor / misfire , one of the diodes on the alternator had gone down so now she is running great , i just have a couple of little jobs to do , ac controls the off button doesnt work , i do have a new control to fit (or swap the button) and it is now smelling of fuel in the cabin so fuel leak somewhere i guess. Then who knows, the way work is it might be time to downsize the fleet will see
  2. I will get a better picture up soon but for now this is the only one i have of them together . The leggy is still misbehaving so she is in my garage haha
  3. turns out that my signature was right and also that the wife was true to her word , she let me have another scooby, and without selling the leggy too BONUS! So am now the proud owner of the leggy and a wrx sti 2018 plate and love it so now have the best of both worlds, well i think so anyway!
  4. I love it , so much so that after a motorbike accident the wife said i could buy any car i wanted but i just didnt want to sell the legacy. I have just put some prodrive wheels on just like my old ones and think it looks great . So service kit next and maybe speaker upgrade
  5. Welcome to the club, i too have a legacy , albeit a newer b4 variant 03 plate
  6. Spotted T reg sti at croft circuit at the jack frost rally
  7. I wonder if anyone can assist me . I am trying to fill out my registration information for my car now its had its first mot but i cant seem to find my emmisions data anywhere so i dont know what the tax bracket is . Has anyone else had any dealings with first registration forms Any assistance would be apreciated
  8. They might aswell come off as the radio is going to have to come out since its all in japanese and the radio frequencies are no good unless you love radio 2!
  9. Yep that looks like the winner , it has a sony double din that does have a tv function on the menu
  10. Not really an introduce yourself as i did that a while back but my car arrived just from japan and i wanted to introduce her A 2003 legacy b4 rsk s-edition I dont suppose anyone would know what the brackets are for on the 3rd picture ? They are stuck to the back window i wondered about a spoiler but seem a bit low for that
  11. Thanks for that guys , its all just so i know what information to put on the forms , i have plenty of time and an mot to get through yet , once it arrives of course
  12. I wasnt planning on just adding any old digits , i was more interested in wether dvla were happy to use the jdm system in its current format or wether they allocated their own system in order to make it into a 17 digit uk standard , eg maybe have the applied model code in front of the number and include hyphens or something similar
  13. I am not trying to make it something its not i was just trying 5o make sure i put enough information on the forms , i just want to make sure that i am legal and perhaps just as importantly , should i sell it in the future all the correct details are there
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