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    I wonder if anyone can assist me . I am trying to fill out my registration information for my car now its had its first mot but i cant seem to find my emmisions data anywhere so i dont know what the tax bracket is . Has anyone else had any dealings with first registration forms Any assistance would be apreciated
  2. frodge

    Vin numbers on an import

    Thanks for that guys , its all just so i know what information to put on the forms , i have plenty of time and an mot to get through yet , once it arrives of course
  3. frodge

    Vin numbers on an import

    I wasnt planning on just adding any old digits , i was more interested in wether dvla were happy to use the jdm system in its current format or wether they allocated their own system in order to make it into a 17 digit uk standard , eg maybe have the applied model code in front of the number and include hyphens or something similar
  4. frodge

    Vin numbers on an import

    I am not trying to make it something its not i was just trying 5o make sure i put enough information on the forms , i just want to make sure that i am legal and perhaps just as importantly , should i sell it in the future all the correct details are there
  5. I am in the process of importing my car and have been looking at insurance etc Whilst doing this i realised that the car doesnt have the standard 17 character vin so my question is can i make it into a 17 number vin or do i just leave it and only put on the paperwork the 10 digits of the chassis number that i have What do you guys have on your log books? Thanks
  6. frodge

    engine change

    i believe it will but unless you happen to have a full turbo car there , ecu , wiring , engine , brakes etc then it is a very expensive swap , probably easier (and cheaper) to buy a turbo since that is what you will be insuring anyway.
  7. frodge

    Really? blimey !

    some idiot has decided that they should build 5 of them , i dont know whos fault it is but heads should roll for this one! i am beginning to wonder if this is industrial espionage. http://www.manchestersubaru.com/test.htm the side view just looks , so criminal
  8. frodge

    subaru email

    its helpfull comments like this one that make people want to avoid using forums like this one!
  9. frodge

    ECU and type?

    i have tried looking into ecu types before so i could get information on mine but it seems like there are a million and one different ecus fitted to the same type of car , i didnt get anywhere , i even tried to start a subject about listing ecus and the car they were fitted to to try and narrow it down but nobody seemed to be that intersted so didnt get anywhere
  10. i think you are quite right , you chose to buy subaru parts for the quality , otherwise you would av gone to halfords or the like , if they want to start 'economising' they need to see that it wont work and the customers will refuse to accept it , maybe then they will see the error of their ways and revert back to quality rather than quality after all it aint a fiesta 1.1 you are buyin bits for is it!
  11. frodge

    Chassis Numbering

    i have now found out that my car was the 291st type r to be built , the 84th sonic blue version (yet to be confirmed via another source) excluding any specials which may not have the usual chassis numbering , so i now would like to find out production dates , so if there is anyone out there who may know of any production lists then i would be interested to find out more. heres hoping
  12. is there a list anywhere which tells you when a particular car was made and how many of them were made before yours , i ask because i would be interested to know more about my particular car , i know it is quite an early one but i dont know how early in the production run , not that it makes any difference as to its value it would just be interesting to find out all i can. i do have a book which gives production totals for domestic /export etc but it would only help if i could find out what number subaru gave the first impreza or what number the first type r was. i am sure i am on a hiding to nothing but it would be interesting to know hopefully someone out there may be able to help
  13. frodge


    hello and welcome , if i had the money i would have one of those it is very nice , but still wouldnt sell the type r though am greedy that way!
  14. frodge

    Classic Roof Size

    can i ask why , and where exactly do you want measuring , although i wont be able to do it till monday luchtime
  15. frodge

    1/4 Mile Times

    for my type r based on 1240 kg and 280 bhp Power to Weight: 230 bhp/ton 0-60: 4.6 0-100: 12.4 60-100: 7.8 1/4 Mile ET: 13.10 1/4 Mile Terminal: 105 Dragstrip 1/4 Mile ET: 12.75 Dragstrip 1/4 Mile Terminal: 108 i dont know how correct this is