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  1. True Grip....

    Am I missing something ? No TG here .....
  2. Autoglym Mencap Classic 2008

    Plus you can never miss the ESC fluorescent t-shirts !!!!
  3. What Is Your Preference ?

    Nice to see the RS6 getting a lot of votes. I wonder how long the £200 pads will last after a few laps on the track ?
  4. What Is Your Preference ?

    Can't make up my mind on changing and if I do, what next ? I can't afford what I'd really want. I'm defo going to stop watching Top Gear.
  5. What Is Your Preference ?

    If only money wasn'y an issue....... LOL
  6. What Is Your Preference ?

    Not sure the Evo 10 has a GT version. I've seen and hada ride in the Evo 9 GT...... awesome.
  7. While I'm Waiting For My New 08sti!

    I've always known you had the gangster tendenies in you Mark.
  8. Powerstation Tweaks :)

    Even a 4 wheel alignment will make a tremendous improvement to the handling. I have a stage 3 on a 04 STi and it's fantastic. The difference between the stage 2 and the stage 3 is the springs. There are lots of Eibach users who swear by them. IMHO, it's well worth it and will be the best mod you'll have for fast road driving and cornering. BTW: No SIDC discounts, but if you join a group buy scheme, you'll get a considerable amount of discount.
  9. Powerstation Tweaks :)

    Not sure you want hard settings at North Weald m8, the patch we used in July wasn't smooth and i did suffer from a lot of bangs, this was on medium setting. 6F/5R Stormy will advise you on the settings. See how it goes. Enjoy the training.
  10. Just Ordered The New Sti

    Looks cool man. Well done. Like Stormy I'm caught between the EVO GT and this new STi, liking the idea of buying the two though. Yeah right. Nice one man, if we make it to Corsica next year, we'll love to see it in flesh. Good luck.
  11. Powerstation Tweaks :)

    Forgot to add that on soft settings, the ride is more comfortable and less bouncy than the standard STi springs. I have not tried the hard settings as yet.
  12. Powerstation Tweaks :)

    AST coilovers are really cool, fantastic for fast cornering, removes the understeer, depending on the settings, but watch out for the big bangs on potholes. The sound makes you wonder if you've broken something, apart from that, money well spent.
  13. Watch out for the vids..... coming soon Scenery More Scenery Stormy thinking of a way out What a road More to come Parked up Corner Ok boyz & gals, you've been nicked The alps Loving this My cooking Skills German Police Swiss Police Crew Crew Arrested Development