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  1. Name That Alloy !

    They look very like Dare Drift RS
  2. Times Added :: Convoy To Alford For National Day

    He saved for nine years for the car? I thought she had bought him the car? Looks like he has been doing the rounds to try and recoup his money
  3. 54 Impreza Sti Type Ra Spec C

    I'm pretty sure this is my partners brothers old car. He had the car imported in new by Litchfield, had it for nearly 2 years and only did about 3k miles. Ended up trading it in a for a double cab I think there were only 2-3 white ones imported. Very nice car.
  4. Wr Sport No. 479

    The early WR Sports had the standard spoiler
  5. Cracking Pair Of Seats Over On Snet

    OMG I so want those seats
  6. Rb320 And The Multi Storey....

    Yip I remember that night well That was the first and last time my car ever went near a multi storey carpark
  7. Whiteline

    Dunk are the prices cheaper than Dave Featherstone from Demontweeks? He was offering 15% off. To give you an exampe he was doing the anti lift kit for £114
  8. I Changed The Look Of My Car

    Would look better if it continued past the back door. Not to my taste though.
  9. December Issue Of Evo Magazine

    looks the same as any old MY08 with a sticker on the back saying 330s, and we all know it's not a good look.
  10. Dealers Cars Auctioned Off....

    Must admit the bonnet did weigh a ton, but overall at the current money it isn't a bad buy. Where the wind deflectors are stuck on requires some paint and tidying up as well. Not sure about the box, and I'd also say that it was a UK block that had been stuck in so there is no way it was running 265bhp
  11. Dealers Cars Auctioned Off....

    The WRX RA was nice, these don't have a roof vent, light weight bonnet or 5th injector like the WRX STi RA. The Silver STi with the DIY NOS was a no go, paint was terrible and the car probably wouldn't make it to the end of the road.
  12. Dealers Cars Auctioned Off....

    Sure am, will make a nice little project car
  13. Does This Depress You - Or What!

    It is strange but that's just how the market dictates, you buy a Type UK and you get the full back up from Subaru no messing around asn as you say the Import is around £3.5k less new so this margin remains roughly the same untill you get down to cars that are a lot older then the margin decreases in proportion to the overall value of the car.
  14. Does This Depress You - Or What!

    Exactly, a proper 'Type UK' would fetch more. Still sweeties for a cracking car. I'd rather burn mine than sell it for under £13k.
  15. Had A Test Drive In The 08 Sti Today

    There are a couple of essentials to look for, make sure it has the bucket seats as the in-laws got the optional 'wide ar$e' Recaros which suck. Obviously the full Sat Nav but there was also an option on the suspension and you could get uprated sports suspension pack as well but this was not widely known. Oh and if you manage to find one with ceramic brakes you're laughing. Good luck, I'm sure you'll have a big cheesy grin after your first test drive.