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  1. Popping on again....Blimey can't believe how quiet these Forums are nowadays.........Back in the day this was the place to be seen
  2. Just thought I would pop by and see what's happening
  3. Mr F - Hello..............whoops that was 9 months ago so a bit late then
  4. Someone on Scoobynet trying to get one going
  5. Lol...................Used to post tons on here.............had a total post of 17 or 18000 now down to 1950 for some reason.............just thought I would pop on but think I will pop back off again!
  6. First time on here for quite a while - not a hive of activity is it!
  7. Hi there Just picked up my 3rd Scooby (love them to bits). Jacqui and I used to run the South West area for SIDC. between 2004 AND 2010 if you had cut us in half you would have seen that we were SIDC through and through. However, running the risk of the powers that be, we both disagree with the direction the club took, the "arrogance" of some of the people running the club hence we just walked away from the scene. The South West area used to be quite busy however the "merging" of a another South West club plus the people complaining about the postings on the SW area meant it was not fun anymore. The last message I had back in 2011 from a "senior" member of this club was, at best curt, at worse was quite rude, which means I wont be renewing my membership ever and would never encourage anybody else to either and what makes me laugh is we used to spend our own money putting together little packs etc actually encouraging people to join. We are now restarting our Swindon meets after a break of almost 3 years but if I want to be on a stand at a show etc I will be telling people to look to BBS and not SIDC. Apologies but I saw this thread, ummed and ahhed before posting because I was really unsure whether anybody wanted a real point of view. Cheers for listening and its all imho of course.
  8. Hi Ben Just picked up a Version 5 STI...........someone has already asked me on Facebook about a meet so kinda thinking about it again.
  9. Very sad news - only learnt recently he had been ill.........One of life's nice guys.........Condolences to his family
  10. Hello Squire

    First Friday of the month ( May 4th ) , 7.30pm at the Sun Inn....see ya soon bud.


  11. Oi Fatboy

    First Friday of the month , Sun Inn at 7.30pm.......Be there or be a gay fatboy


  12. Hi Mate

    Long time no see / hear

    Sun Inn , First Friday of month ( May 4th next ) , 7.30pm......Hope to see you there.


  13. Just thought I would drop by and mention the "Meet" we had in Swindon last night. Firstly a little story behind this so I hope you are sitting comfortably and please switch tour Ipods Off. OK back in December I had a strange visitation at my front door - It was cold and dark but into the light stepped Big D - First time I had seen him in 18 months - anyway I digress so he stopped in for a coffee and we chatted about all sorts and it cropped up that we had not seen a fair few people in a while and perhaps in 2012 we would organise a get together. Well a couple of months passed and we met up again and decided that we would have a meet in Swindon "just like the old days". All arranged via Facebook and Text messages etc. Last night was that meet and despite me thinking it would be us and Big D and perhaps one other it turned out to be 9 Scoobies , Big D's Bus and Kens Beemer. After all the hugs , handshakes , how ya beens and whats new's was over with a vast amount of the Sun Inn's Stacka Burgers was consumed and a lot of catching up was done plus it was decided that this was a lot of fun.........Well it was like the old days as my age , senility and the fact I was a Grandad seemed to be mentioned a lot plus Mr Bocket ( with young Noah who did steal the show ) decided I needed help to go out the door and I was told not to go to far ahead. We had DC who actually , not only came but stayed the whole time lol , Rob and Jamie ( who for some reason shouted across the Car Park "Heel" at me , Dave and Kye plus their partners , a guy from Brize who knew me but I could not remember his name , a couple of people who I had not seen before plus the aforementioned Ken ( you will get back in a Scooby one day - 3 Litre Beemers - pah lol ), Mr & Mrs Bocket plus Noah. Anyway details of the next "meet" are up on Facebook - however if you dont use that facility then you can get me via Twitter ( Edmondo66) or via Linked In or if you want use the various ways of getting hold of me using my Profile Details on here. Anyway apologies to those on here who did not know and would liked to have come but the water needed testing first. Tally ho and its back into exile I go. Cheers Eddie
  14. Very sad news Rae - Spoke to Dragon yesterday and she had mentioned he was unwell however to hear this today was a shocker. There is a piccie that Jon has put up on BBS with Jacqui sat in the front seat of his Type R at Haynes - Thats how we will remember him. Despite all the ups and downs he was a very kind and amusing man and there are so many stories involving him that bring a smile to my face. So here's to Bob - a very unique man who will be missed.................And I think that he is probably looking down on us now from that great Bar in the sky with that grin of his.
  15. Those were the days eh? - when people were taken on face value!!!!!!
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