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  1. edmondo

    Kinda Quiet

    First time on here for quite a while - not a hive of activity is it!
  2. Hello Squire

    First Friday of the month ( May 4th ) , 7.30pm at the Sun Inn....see ya soon bud.


  3. Oi Fatboy

    First Friday of the month , Sun Inn at 7.30pm.......Be there or be a gay fatboy


  4. Hi Mate

    Long time no see / hear

    Sun Inn , First Friday of month ( May 4th next ) , 7.30pm......Hope to see you there.


  5. edmondo

    Charity Event at Combe

    Charity Car Push for 1 Lap of Castle Combe Circuit
  6. edmondo

    Scooby projects Open Day

    ScoobyProjects Open Day at Ledbury
  7. edmondo

    Swindon Monthly Meet

    Swindon Monthly Meet at the Sun Inn
  8. edmondo

    Cv Joints

    nope...............My head hand co-ordination
  9. edmondo

    Cv Joints

    are you still for doing mine?
  10. I am not sure just how much mine has been lowered - mind you if I have any weight in the back then I tend to scrape on some of our uneven roads - however with a Strut Brace at the Front and Back I find mine handles loads better than my old UK model
  11. edmondo

    Chippenham Meet

    Beefeater Cepen Park Chippenham 11.30am
  12. edmondo

    Swindon May Meet

    Sun Inn Coate Water Swindon
  13. edmondo

    Ham Hill Meet

    Meet at Ham Hill near Yeovil - 11am
  14. edmondo

    Swindon April Meet

    Sun Inn at Coate Water - 7.30pm start
  15. edmondo

    Action Day At Castle Combe

    Performance Car Action Day at Castle Combe