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  1. Very sad news. He was a good friend and will be sadly missed. Not only did he drive hard but he partied hard and we had some great times before he moved away. So many memories. RIP you nutter.
  2. Back by popular demand !! Burble Burble Al
  3. Any one on here a BMW mechanic or know someone who is. Needs to be located in central scotland. Al
  4. I would like to point out that it is not me in the video, it is Dave aka Scooby222. Al
  5. Was a great night, great company, great disco however a few dodgy tunes Definitely needs to be a yearly event. Apologies for the quality of the following video for two reasons: 1) The camera kept stopping, however 1m 9s is probably long enough 2) The appalling behaviour of an SIDC member Dave aka Scooby222 Al
  6. If only I could keep it that clean all the time !! Thanks for giving it the once over, and for all your hints and tips for keeping it clean. You have to many products to choose from !!
  7. Not so good, give Adrian Flux a try, they gave me the best quote last week from all the usual like Aplan etc Anyway you will loose more selling it, suck it up and flex the plastic you old git. Al
  8. On the average of both runs it was 345 bhp/395 lbsft, not bad for a Forester
  9. It was a long few months waiting for my Fozzy but I eventually got it last Monday. Its been in and out of garages all week ending with a visit to port seaton on Friday and a great drive home Eventually got it washed today and took a few pictures, It will look even better next week once Paul works his magic. Al
  10. Name and shame !! Glad you got it sorted, I nearly binned it the other day. Al
  11. Can I fit one of these and still drive the car before it gets mapped. Wont be doing may miles and will be off boost. Al
  12. Does anyone have a jpeg etc, of the original of the Scottish Scoobies logo used on our clothing. It looks like this. Thanks, Al
  13. Its £8 to list a car no matter what starting price you have. Additional fees if you add "buy it now" or set a "reserve". You get 12 free photos. Final Value Fees are applied after the sale, £35 if selling price above £3.5k Also, PayPal fess if you get paid via paypal, not sure of the paypal fees and wouldnt recommend. Cash or cleared cheque, bankers draft can be dodgy as well so pay the £££ for the bank to clear it straight away. If you think Autotrader is bad for tyre kickers and sales agents youll have fun on eBay. Al
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