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    WRX STI 2013 340R Saloon
  1. Where Is Everyone?

    Zeolite - Big clearout of expats here in Russia, especially American companies, when the sanctions bit. I am in the Far East so we are unaffected by sanctions but the low oil price is biting. We plan to withdraw from Russia all together as we fight low utilisation and rates. Luckily we are very diversified so wont be going under, but there has been a big clearout of staff..
  2. Where Is Everyone?

    stumpystumpy your prayers are answered!! after nearly a 2 year wait since your last post, mustangs are available here now and in RHD. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/cars/article-3555238/Ford-s-right-hand-drive-Mustang-brutishly-brilliant-test-V8-5-litre.html
  3. Where Is Everyone?

    I am still around and still have a scoob. Did a tour for 3 years in Singapore but now stuck in Russia these past 4 1/2 years. All the forums are quiet, not much going on in the Scooby communities here.
  4. Newbie With Issues...

    Likely to be water in the headlight level sensors for the levelling light to be on. They are over 200 quid each and there is two of them.
  5. Highland Fling 2014

    It's bespoke
  6. Highland Fling 2014

    Just phoned hotel to see if I could book in, but no rooms. So Ullapool for me on Saturday :thumb:
  7. Highland Fling 2014

    1. Scooby222 + 1 - Booked 2. STI and - Booked 3 PhilMC & 1 4 DaveyL WRX and the wench - Booked 5. Wayne & Audrey Telford - Booked 6. Badbaz - Booked 7. hutch 1973 and friend 8. Wrx Kenny +1 - Booked 9. ScottSti +1 - Booked 10. Don - Booked 11. ianambrown - Booked (DaveyL has twisted my arm!) 12.Corsa in the 401 ;-) - Booked 12b. Lewis in a rental car... 13 scottishtaffy and her that thinks she should be obeyed.- Booked 14. Beastie and Mrs Beastie There you go
  8. Highland Fling 2014

    Its even faster if it has Gold Wheels
  9. Highland Fling 2014

    Sorry i cocked that up, of course i meant 26th at 7am. I got my car from Ian Grieve in Falkirk, exactly 1 year ago. It seemed to be the last Plasma Blue available. Nearly bought a silver one from AF Noble, but in the end decided that it had to be the Plasma Blue . Traded in my 2006 STi SP06EEZ.
  10. Highland Fling 2014

    Mrs Beastie would certainly not be amused by the tent I have just booked us in Caledonian Hotel 'A Bespoke Hotel’ Quay Street, Ullapool, IV26 2UG for the night of 26th. I plan to drive up to Inverness from Perth on the morning of 25th for any other locals that want to join, even Fifers Probably leave about 7am from Inveralmond should do it. I think you might not have seen my STi, as i havent seen it much myself working in Russia Anyway its Plasma Blue with the 340R pack and some other stuff Really looking forward to it now
  11. Highland Fling 2014

    Not booked the rooms yet as my whole life is subject to change at short notice. BUT i have changed my flights back to work in Russia so that i am home for the event. As i see the hotel is fully booked i am sure we can find something in Ullapool. Dont think ill bring the tent [ ] Last fling i was on i had my RB5, that is so long ago its embarassing []
  12. Highland Fling 2014

    1. Scooby222 + 1 - Booked 2. STI and - Booked 3 PhilMC & 1 4 DaveyL WRX and the wench - Booked 5. Wayne & Audrey Telford - Booked 6. Badbaz - Booked 7. StrikE - Booked 8. Wrx Kenny +1 - Booked 9. ScottSti +1 - Booked 10. Don - Booked 11. ianambrown - Booked (DaveyL has twisted my arm!) 12.Corsa in the 401 ;-) - Booked 12b. Lewis in a rental car... 13 scottishtaffy and her that thinks she should be obeyed.- Booked 14. Beastie and Mrs Beastie
  13. New(ish) to the subaru scene

    Nice Motor i had RB5 No 115 for 7 1/2 years from new. Excellent car in all respects.
  14. 2006 sti

    Fairly common, mines a pig to put into first when cold. Doesnt take long to warm up. My other scoobies RB5 and MY 97 were the same.
  15. Newage 2001- 1. Double Zero MY01 WRX 2. scoobysailor MY01 WRX 3. Keap_scooby MY01 WRX 4. Scooby Doom MY01 WRX 5. Aberscoob MY01 WRX 6. ScoUK MY01 WRX 7. Dietbruboy MY01 WRX 8. Sheep MY01 WRX 9. Seevers MY01 WRX 10. ANDYJSG MY01 WRX 11. Nitchiec MY01 WRX UK300 12. Big P UK300 MY01 WRX UK300 13. ScubaRoo MY02 WRX 14. steve_nairn_sti MY02 WRX 15. scoobzie-my01-sti 16. moto MY02 WRX 17. Rhindpiece MY02 WRX 18. 360ste MY02 STI 19. mjci7nt2 MY02 STI 20. Kev 580 MY02 STI Type UK 21. GaryD & Lesley MY02 STI Type UK 22. hammy MY02 STI Type UK 23. SG MY02 STI Type UK 24. Dave (Helium) MY02 STI Type UK 25. Scooby-Girl MY02 STI Type UK 26. Westtra MY02 STI Type UK 27. KINGHORN MY02 STI Type UK 28. Reidzer44 MY02 STI Type UK 29. Spikkey MY02 STI Type UK 30. JAC MY02 STI Type UK Prodrive 31. rallye 6 MY03 WRX 32. Stu_B MY03 WRX 33. Irish Al MY06 Forester STi 34. oobster MY03 WRX 35. bigbadboab MY03 WRX 36. DrewG MY03 WRX 37. mctwistuk MY03 WRX 38. ScOObarOO MY03 STI Type UK 39. Dean MY03 STI Type UK 40. Mr Orkney MY03 STI Type UK 41. Scootmuldoon MY03 STi Type UK 42. bbigman2000 MY03 STi Type UK PPP 43. STi_Bandit MY04 STi Type UK 44. Fai 17 MY04 STi Type UK 45. Scoobymark MY04 STi Type UK 46. scoobyiain MY04 STi Type UK 47. scoob fae ork MY04 STi Type UK 48. bbigman2000 MY04 WR1 #92 49. Pav MY04 WR1 #472 50. Gogsie MY04 STi JDM 51. Rednosespeccltd MY04 Spec C LTD JDM 52. Ed-209 MY05 WRX swrt 53. Higgy MY05 WRX 54. st3ph3n MY05 WRX 55. Mako MY05 WRX 56. Pugpaul MY07 STi Type UK 57. PECO MY05 WRX 58. jimser MY01 Spec C-RA (the ugly bug) 59. Snoopy MY05 WRX 60. Arch MY05 WRX 61. young-buck27 MY06 STi Spec D 62. mctwistuk MY06 STi TYPE UK 63. Fraz. A MY05 WRX 300 64. Spaceman MY05 WRX SWRT 65. Richie Cross MY05 WRX Wagon 66. G. Mac MY05 STi Type UK 67. Digital MY05 STi Type UK 68. Clutdav MY07 STi Type UK 69. Kebab Nemesis MY07 RB320 70. Craig Mac MY05 STi Type UK 71. ali37 MY05 STi Type UK 72. COLZO MY05 STi Type UK 73. Billyboy MY05 STi Type UK 74. 75. NKWRX MY06 WRX 76. The Welsho MY06 WRX 77. Gordoncbr6 MY06 WRX Wagon 78. 4hero MY06 STi Type UK 79. STI Pretender MY06 STi Type UK 80. dynamix MY06 STi Type UK 81. b16dmc MY06 STi Type UK 82. TheBlackSheep MY06 STi Type UK 83. IainC MY06 STi Type UK 84. lv-426 MY06 STi Type UK 85. sti.spec d MY06 STi spec D 86. Ian Coulter MY06 STi spec D 87. Mrs Big Den MY07 WRX 88. Big Den MY07 STi Type UK 89. Boyakasha MY07 STi Type UK 90. Dr H MY07 STi Type UK 91. markymark MY07 STi Type UK 92. Karps MY07 STi Spec D 93. Bought a Pup MY07 STi Spec D 94. Selkie/ex leper MY07 RB320 95. fivetide MY03 WRX Wagon 96. s25yme MY06 WRX SL 97. Addison MY06 WRX SL 98. iain01 MY07 GB270 99. Rallyfever MY04 STi Type UK 100. Stubaroo MY05 WRX 101. Hutch1973 MY03 WRX 102. JSFB MY05 WRX 103. Bobby C WRX GB 270 104. Oxbig1 MY02 STi Type UK P/drive 105. Gee Wr1 MY04 WR1 487 106. BigAl024 MY07 WRX GB270 Saloon - Good to be back!! 107. Peacher MY05 WRX SL 108. Bono270269 MY02 WRX 109. Buffalo MY03 WRX 110. Mast-P MY03 ?? 111. scoobysailor MY01 WRX 112. Frank_STI MY04 STi Type UK 113. BigGordon MY03 WRX 114. Duane82 MY03 STi Type UK 115. P4UL WRX MY04 WRX 116. ChemX MY05 STi Type UK Prodrive 117. Kloon MY03 WRX 118. Speech MY03 WRX 119. Wagonwheel MY05 WRX Wagon 120. Casper Spec D MY06 STi Spec D 121. GRWP MY04 WRX ( was MY03 GX-Sport ) 122. Bugeye29 MY02 STi Type UK 123. DWOOTON MY07 GB270 Saloon 124. T1000Arab MY05 WRX 125. RS Grant MY07 STi Spec D 126. Clarke MY02 STi Type UK Prodrive 127. Smiler AS MY06 WRX Wagon 128. Lainey MY03 WRX 129. djkrisg MY07 STi Type UK 130. dale1980 MY02 STi JDM 131. neilswrx my06 sti hawkeye 132. Shelly_Scooby MY03 WRX 133. Terzo Neil MY03 WRX PPP 134. tallmansand My05 sti type uk 135. Maxxed_Ross 07 Hawkeye RB320 #316 136. saltire scoobie 03 blobeye wrx 137. weedman MY07 GB270 Wagon 138. sti_steve MY03 STi Type UK Prodrive 139. Gstar 07 GB270 140. Richie1985 MY03 STI Type Uk PPP 141. Gazb MY05 WRX 142. Hosstheboss MY07 RB320 #181 143. GG_STI MY03 STI Type UK Prodrive 144. Crunchie MY03 STi Type UK 145.wrx kenny my02 bugeye wrx 146. billy68 my01 bugeye WRX PPP 147. rpsxr MY03 blob WRX 148. Marko72 MY02 WRX 149. Phil MC MY52 STi Type UK 150.StrikE MY07 RB320 #04 151. Beastie MY 06 STi Type UK PPP ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Classic Imprezas (1993-2001) No. - Username - Model Year (MY) - Model 1. jodie typeRA MY92 Type RA 2. Donald MY92 WRX 3. Weeb MY93 STI 4. D.S MY93 WRX 5. scoobyfuzzy MY93 WRX 6. Todd MY93 WRX 7. Mako MY93 WRX 8. stevie 4 MY93 WRX 9. Damo STi MY93 WRX 10. John Stevenson MY94 RA 2.5 11. MY94 MY94 STi V1 Wagon 12. WRXMANIA MY94 WRX STi V1 13. Redscoobydoo MY94 WRX STi 14. Road Warrior MY94 WRX 15. Tichy MY94 WRX 16. Gus the Bus MY94 WRX 2.1 RA 17. Kenny. S MY95 STi Type RA 18. Tommystira MY95 STi Type RA 19. James666 MY95 STi Wagon 555 Limited 20. p1ggm MY98 STi Wagon 21. z1000 MY95 STi V2 22. Gambler MY95 WRX 23. andy findlay MY95 WRX 24. neilswrx MY95 WRX 25. sammot MY95 WRX 26. Gordyq MY98 STI type r 27. FastScooby MY95 WRX 28. johnh MY95 WRX 29. Ac!D MY95 UK Turbo 30. billyyoung MY95 UK Turbo 31. banffie boy MY95 STi Type RA 32. micra_wrc MY96 STi Type RA V-Limited 33. Pongo MY96 STi Type RA 34. TheSquirrel555 MY96 WRX STi Limited 555 35. coulty MY96 WRX STi V2 36. Oz *sti* MY96 STi V3 37. Methodman555 MY96 WRX 38. Mrs p1ggm MY97 STi Type R 39. jonnyb80 MY96 UK Turbo 40. ScottySTI MY97 STi V3 41. B9RY C MY97 V3 STi 42. Ross9 MY97 STi Type R 43. butcher boy MY97 WRX 44. WRC No1 MY97 UK 45. Catalunya80 MY97 UK Cat No. 80 46. Duncatr MY97 UK Cat No. 99 47. Ryancat-85 MY97 UK Cat No. 132 48. Simmie MY97 UK Turbo Wagon 49. John Stevenson MY97 UK Turbo Wagon 50. tosh32 MY96 WRX 51. fraz692002 MY97 Catalunya 52. Arbroath Smokie MY98 22B 53. John Stevenson MY98 Secret Project 54. Carl Davey MY98 STi Type RA 55. Seafar99 MY98 STi V5 Wagon 56. RubyTheScooby MY98 Sport 57. Zanders MY98 Type R 58. Darryll MY98 Type R 59. scientific steve MY98 Type R 60. Chris Reside MY98 Type R 61. scoobykev MY98 UK Turbo 62. RRS 555 MY98 UK Turbo 63. Thebluedragon MY98 UK Terzo No. 54 64. Terzo Neil MY98 UK Terzo No. 306 65. scoobyscoop MY98 UK Turbo Wagon 66. MrBadger MY98 UK Turbo Wagon 67. John Stevenson MY98 UK WR PPP 68. Euan_r MY98 UK Turbo 69. SCOOBAY MY99 22B Type UK 70. Col 666 MY99 UK Turbo 71. Chris_C201 MY99 STi V5 72. mslorach MY99 RB5 No.41 73. Boris B MY99 UK Turbo Wagon 74. Bigdavie MY99 UK Turbo 75. Jasonb MY99 UK Turbo 76. Frank C MY99 STi RA Limited 338/1000 77. Stripe MY99 UK Turbo 78. Ciaran MY99 RB5 PPP 79. philip_w MY99 UK Turbo 80. Greenmonster MY99 UK Turbo 81. Ian Coulter MY99 UK Turbo 82. jae MY99 UK Turbo 83. Rabie2412 MY99 Uk Turbo 84. Shep MY98 Terzo 85. graemegj MY99 UK Sport Wagon 86. craigwrx MY00 P1 87. Jcscoob MY00 P1 88. Whitelaw MY00 P1 89. Hepy MY00 P1 90. H4AFY MY00 P1 91. Katie MY00 P1 92. Rossco MY00 STi Type R 93. SergeantScooby MY00 STi Type R 94. ScoobySounds MY00 WRX 95. Iqy MY00 UK Turbo 96. thefastone MY00 UK Turbo 97. Nanaki MY00 UK Turbo 98. Cullenmin MY98 STi Type R 99. Marky.t.s MY00 UK Turbo 100. Ally-b MY00 UK Turbo 101. Vicki MY00 UK Turbo 102. Dtabbit77 MY00 UK Turbo 103. fiestajohn MY00 UK Turbo 104. Fiefster MY00 UK Turbo Wagon 105. Tazman MY00 UK Turbo Wagon 106. Bryhp MY00 UK Turbo Wagon 107. Big Del MY00 UK Wagon 108. lb6jmy MY99 UK Sport Wagon 109. Rossibarr MY96 McRae Series #142 110. Miss Scooby STI MY98 STi Type R 111. ur.a.bus MY99 UK Turbo 112. flounder MY00 UK Turbo 113. Pinz MY00 UK Turbo Wagon 114. StrikE MY97 Catalunya #169 115. Ac!D STi V3 Type RA 116. Scooba MY93 WRX 117. Scooba MY96 WRX(track car) 118. superstar_tradesman MY97 V3 STi 555 119. Enne_aitch MY00 Sport Special 120. Boab type ra MY94 WRX Type RA 121. Daves2rs MY94 WRX 122. b4z MY96 UK Turbo 123. mikeyb13 MY97 STi Type R 124. Naughty T MY97 Sport 125. Joe G MY95 STi V2 126. PaulC555 MY00 STi Type RA Track Car. 127. Mrs PaulC555 MY00 Turbo 2000 Wagon 128. Mckay MY96 WRX V-Limited #231 129. SMITHY300 MY98 WRX Prodrive (1998) 130. Ozzy MY99 RB5 131. Mic MY00 UK Turbo 132. phil_g MY96 WRX V-Limited #236 133. Midnight21 MY96 WRX Wagon 134. Grasshopper MY95 STi Type RA 135. Kaylz_555 MY98 Sport 136. Braveheart MY96 STi 137. Tommo9375 MY99 UK Turbo 138. STI Pretender MY97 V3 STi Type R 139. Paul-Killie MY99 UK Turbo 140. **Typer666 MY97 turbo 2000 4wd** 141. CJE MY00 sport 142. CRAIG D MY95 RA Track Car 143. Connor - MY95 Sport 144. brocli MY00 UK Turbo 145. Mick67 MY97 sti v3 146. Rab555 MY96 Sport 147. Frae MY00 uk turbo 2000 148. STiGaz MY00 Ver6 STi 149. Brunty - MY95 WRX Type RA 150. Scuba - MY98 UK Turbo 151. ~ ~ Cal ~ ~ - MY93 WRX with STi engine 152. craigib76 MY94 UK Turbo Wagon 153. Scottie TK----MY95 Tommy Kaira WRX 154. LewisScoob - MY99 - UK Turbo 155.BALOO ---- MY94 wrx 156. scoobzie-my00-uk-turbo 157. Donk - MY '98 wagon 158.P1sag MY01 P1