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  1. First link aint working on my pc!But its the same as the second link it plugs into the back of the speedo and the other end plugs into your cable if that makes sense!Will delimit the car and change your kmh to mph Gordy
  2. Keira check my for sale thread i have one plugs in the back of the speedo but not sure if its different for the automatic? it came from my old 95 wrx and didnt have it on for very long
  3. Fully open in the dry and usually click it up one notch in the wet depends how brave im feeling that day!
  4. Chris Maybe his son has hacked his account again like the last time?
  5. Well said Chris! and whilst on the subject of stupid drivers thanks to the tit yesterday driving between monkton and prestwick around 5.30pm dark blue classic wrx yer a w*nker if you come on here and read the forums!you will kill someone driving like a tube and nearly taking the front end of my motor out lets hope i bump into you one day!
  6. Big fan of the Lotus myself just a bit friendly banter
  7. lol thats not an option now!need something with a deisel engine so its looking like an audi a3 or the likes maybe be back in an old ra next year for a toy wil need to wait and see what happens
  8. Aye get used to sleeping on the couch Chris On a serious note another for SW motorsport cant go wrong!
  9. Baz yeah the 3gs takes a normal sim.Stephen im going for a malware glide i think and Dram il defo be getting that screen protection film cheers for the advice everyone.
  10. Another for SW motorsport give steve a call on 07956 119 962 he will sort you out
  11. Cheers lads. Dram where did you get your screen protector? and Stephen where did you get your slip case? maybe go for that option Gordy
  12. Take delivery of my new 3gs tomorrow so many cases to choose from anyone recommend something to keep my iphone safe even if it gets dropped? Will no doubt be on here asking for tips just shortly! Hope its better than the blackberry i use for work as i think its total cr*p
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