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  1. gordyq

    Edinburgh/Lothians Meet

    Brewers Farye 7.30pm Carrberry Musselburgh
  2. gordyq

    Edinburgh/Lothians Meet

    7.30pm Edinburgh/Lothians Meet Brewers Farye Whitecraig Musselburgh
  3. gordyq

    Remap Tomorrow!

    Good stuff Stu Gordy
  4. gordyq

    Got My Princess Scooby Wahoooo

    Nice car what did you have before?
  5. gordyq

    What Scooby?

    Or hold out and buy mine its up for sale at the end of the month and at least you will no its been looked after as your buying from someone in the club!!! Gordy
  6. gordyq

    Borders/east coast meet

    see events section in scottish scoobies
  7. Hey buddy i bought a item from them on ebay it was just some hoses i needed for my airbox but i did recieve them!The communication was a bit rubish tho! Gordy