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  1. Have you been spotted?

    Leebo77 this afternoon in tescos ruxley. Good to see you mate, it's been a while. Since chatting to you I'm definitely considering a 320 only don't tell the wife!
  2. Door Dingers

    Lee, I park right up the end on the left in that tesco's and i occpuy 1 1/2 bays - i know thats bad when people do that but it does mean most of the time no one parks near me. Only don't go nickin my space now mate!!
  3. How Did They Survive This?

    I couldn't beleave this when i saw it - how did she survive after being hit by that lorry - and look at the dent in the car roof made by her sister!! Clicky
  4. Rallyday 2008 Pics

    superb pics Lee - looks like it was a cracking day.
  5. It Didn't Take A Lot To Persuade Me But...

    Nice to see you back in a scooby again T123VOR - i liked your last one but this one is very nice as well mate. Hopefully i can have a look round it at the next meet were both at.
  6. I would have come to this meet having just got the scooby back on the road but I didn't get in from work till quite late and didn't wanna be the last one to arrive! especially as I havn't been to a meet for a while. What has T123VOR got now then Ian.
  7. What A P-l-o-n-k-e-r

    What a t**t! I didn't like some of the comments about scoobies being chavy though. I would like to see what the guy who wrote that drives.
  8. New Brakes Pic's

  9. What Would You Do ?

    I had a similar problem when a main dealer fitted the thermostat the wrong way on my bmw and it did the h/g as a result. I took it to another garage to get them to take photos and put in writing what had happened but they didnt want to know and wouldn't slander another main dealers reputation! I wish now i had taken legal advice but i didn't so i ended up paying for it myself as i could not prove that it was their fault even though they had changed the thermostat & waterpump so they blamed it on my old waterpump. Good luck with it and i'm sure that if they are a reputable place they will sort it out.
  10. New Brakes Pic's

    They look lurvly mate, What brakes did you have before - standard 2 pots or 4 pots? if you had 4 pots what did you do with them as I may be interested.
  11. Body Kits

  12. Back On The Road At Last!

    Cheers Lee. Long time no see, maybe catch up at a meet sometime mate. Hope Mrs Lee and the family are well.
  13. Back On The Road At Last!

    I didn't break anything mate, was trying to sell it but didnt have much interest. I don't use it during the week and didn't see the point of taxing it for it to sit on the drive. After 5 months of it sitting there I decided to put it back on the road and get some enjoyment out of it hence the £500 which was tyres, steering rack cater, 4 wheel laser alignment, new battery and tax! Just a shame I couldn't get it done in time for the colin mcrae relay. Drove it all weekend and loved it!
  14. Back On The Road At Last!

    Well the scooby is back on the road after some tlc and about £500. Am still undecided as to whether or not to sell her and get something newer but for now she will stay. I would have put her back on the road earlier but I got married in May so had loads to pay for. I will also make an effort to get on here on a regular basis again - might even make it to a few meets. Would have loved to do the Colin Mcrae run but i was too late and on holiday Nice to be back tho - i have missed driving the car.
  15. Have you been spotted?

    Finally back on the road after a little tlc and 500 quid. Whilst on my way to Elite in Rainham on Saturday I spotted an RB320 in Rosina Cafe on the A1306 in Essex (about 10:45) and then a silver classic followed me up foots cray avenue and then Orpington High Street (about 3:30).