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  1. Hi bedssi,yeah thats the one, the package gives you everything needed for a respectable power gain,where as the re map only is more for when you already have an uprated exhaust and air filter etc. The good thing with ecutek is that as well as performance gains , flat foot shifting and launch control can also be added to some models.( great fun) . Google Andy forrest performance , one of the top tuners in the uk, his site gives excellent info on whats available for every model, hope this helps.
  2. Hi John ,no i'm John McNaughton but we were part of the MacDonald clan in the old Braveheart days. lol.
  3. I am pretty sure most of the Motorpoint subarus were coming in from Cyprus from what i'm led to believe,and they've brought loads into the country over the years. I wouldn't worry too much as if you are happy with the car all you need to do is keep it serviced at regular intervals and even a uk car would be out of warranty now anyway.I'm on my third and they are pretty reliable if you treat them good. As for the Prodrive upgrade you will find out you will be better and cheaper going down the Ecutek re - mapping route by one of the many reputable people in the uk. Enjoy the car ,import or not, the are awesome.
  4. Don't know how old this is but its a sore one. http://www.vidiload.com/video/106286/A_bad_place_to_park/
  5. I can recommend The Wheel Specialist in East Kilbride, he powdercoated the wheels on my sti from silver to black and also done my brothers merc and the finish is first rate , it cost £40 per wheel + vat and thats them doing the tyres and re balancing.They also do a same day service and can also do a painted finish if preferred.
  6. Check this link mate , about halfway down the page , hope this helps. http://www.555subaru.co.uk/mods.htm
  7. Just came across this deal on Groupon ,which i thought might interest some on here.Its looks not a bad deal for 80 minutes driving especially when you consider the price of fuel. Need to be quick though as it finishes tonight. heres the link http://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/glasgow/exhilarate-scotland/234306 P.s , i am not related in any way to this web site or the hire company.
  8. Cheers for the heads up, some good pics. My car is on post 4 , with the Scooby plate.
  9. Some nice vids especially the Gathering one with the Chasing cars song.A tune that always brings a tear to my eye as i remember the Gathering and the Memorial day. God bless ye Colin.
  10. Thanks mate ,for making me spit coffee all over my screen
  11. Totally awesome,looked like a fantastic weekend. Thanks for sharing the pics. Will really have to do this show one year.
  12. I can 100% recommend Diamond Auto tints who done my wifes Mk7 Fiesta a few weeks ago and the job is perfect, they had also done my mates R32 a while ago and again the work was first class.The boy-racers also give them a good write up on the Strathy cruise forums,if you check the named section. They are based just off Cathcart road at Rutherglen.
  13. Another vote for Meercat, you have nothing to fear.I've also had a full system on for 3 yrs now with no problems. Top class welding and fabrication.
  14. When you change the discs , i would just make sure the pistons aren't seized as corrosion on the disc face can suggest this.
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