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  1. Attracting New/renewing Forum Members

    Hi Chris, First time I have not been an SIDC member in 11 years - feels bizarre and demoralising to see non-member beside my name Bizarrely, I have just bought a fairly new RAV4. Need AWD, my wife's Rav is now 12 and is running brilliantly (it's my fourth Toyota) so I know it will be very reliable. It's a lovely car and drives well, brilliant Invincible spec, will hold it's value and and was the best mix of running cost, spec and quality (most expensive major service is £239!). The new Legacy is not out yet, I can't afford to run an Impreza with my miles, I'm not going down the 2 cars route (which I did for 6 years) and the new Forester is too expensive without going to very basic spec. The Legacy had loads of life left in it, but at 4 years old and 81,000 miles it was getting to a point of trade/sell it now, or keep it for a few more years and it will go for £3k or so, which would be a real shame - with the spec, Bilstein suspension etc it was a great car. It's sad to see it so quiet down here - 8/9 years ago it was absolutely jumping beyond control at times!! Brian.
  2. Attracting New/renewing Forum Members

    I've just sold my fourth Subaru (and currently not renewed my membership due in January as I do not have a Subaru - and likely won't have for several years). As someone who has been involved with the SIDC for over 10 years, a forum moderator for many years etc, I felt a moment of sadness when I logged in tonight to look at how few posts & discussions seemed to be anywhere (except in Scotland) - the place used to be absolutely bursting at the seams! I was also amazed at how few RO's there were, particularly in England & Wales...there used to be loads. Have people just moved to other forums, now using Facebook or just not owning these cars any more? Brian.
  3. Is It Time To Start Thinking About Growing Up

    Just sold my fourth Subaru and back to Toyota. When I sold my first one I thought I was leaving a whole world behind - SIDC, Subaru life etc. Didn't last and back to Subaru - no doubt I'll be back again, but just cannot justify the costs, the decreasing image thanks to so many cheap cars being bought and driven by numpties, and the insurance hassles with mods etc. A good modern diesel will offer much of the performance (once moving) without the costs etc. Brian.
  4. Has Anyone Heard?

    Sad news indeed. He was a great forum member, attended loads of events with his ridiculous car and was determined to do most of the work himself. A great guy all round and always had time for people. Brian.
  5. roof bars

    As a point of note Subaru sell sets which specifically for the car better than the Thule ones etc (although they are very good quality but often fit over the roof edge, into a door shut etc) as they fit the roof mounts, have rubberised Subaru branded covers over the bodywork etc and are not that expensive. I believe they are made by Mont Blanc, who I think I.M. own or have some stake in. Mont Blanc Barracuda is also an excellent bike carrier - holds the bike upright, even before you clamp it in etc - really makes it much easier. Brian.
  6. Which Exhaust is best?

    Got to C&C Custom Stainless in Hillington or Meercat - they can both build you a superb, custom built system on your car, specifically for your car to your noise level and design requirements for usually less than many off the shelf jobs. http://www.stainlessexhausts.com/ http://www.meercat-exhausts.com/ Brian.
  7. The STI is GONE!

    STI Spare parts now sold.
  8. prodrive backbox and centre section

    Lol - when the forums were getting redesigned years ago, everyone was a bit fed up with the usual thread which only contained a message with those four letters - Y H P M - even though the forum alerted you to that. Hence the new catchphrase
  9. Good work by all Brian
  10. The STI is GONE!

    Cheers Chris. It is indeed all of those things. The STI is also a great buy now, especially with all the extras. The price loss is frightening, but good for a used buyer now.
  11. The STI is GONE!

    Hi Alan, Send me a PM with an offer - open to offers. Wheels are basically brand new. Roof rails used but fine Brian.
  12. The STI is GONE!

    There are many: PPP - Prodrive Performance Pack - takes it up to 330BHP (Prodrive exhaust and the ECU was sent to Prodrive to be remapped). Prodrive Spring Kit and suspension settings STI Quickshift in the gearbox Automatically dipping interior mirror - brilliant Rear parking sensors Subaru Bootliner STI Mats STI/330S Fog Lamp Kit 18" STI Wheels (and new front tyres) Centre Storage Box extension Rear lights - Litchfield film, including clear rear fog light with LED There are probably other things but the cost of the extra's at retail would be around £6000, so quite a bit of added value, on top of the car. It is worth researching how to use the differential settings, and also how to properly use the SI drive system. It has been well looked after and will give you MANY years of solid service - BUT you must look after it for this, service it regularly, and get it oil changed intermediate too (5000 miles with a proper filter, highest quality Fully Synthetic oil etc). It will do 27/28MPG all day if driven reasonably and will do mid 30's to the gallon on the a long run. It is as good a new shape STI as you will find and it literally has EVERY extra. I also have the original 17" alloys for sale (for you to use as winter wheels) and a set of Subaru roof bars for it - which you can use to mount bike racks, storage box, kayak mount etc. They are in the for sale section but if interested, let me know Brian.
  13. The STI is GONE!

    Congrats - it's a great car. You'll notice quite a difference in performance and other areas from your previous cars...it's got loads of extra's, as the sales guy will no doubt have told you. Did you buy it from Gav? Any questions about it, ask away Brian.
  14. The STI is GONE!

    Great - I'll let you know
  15. The STI is GONE!

    Driving is very mixed, mainly B roads, local, non-economical stuff! I am taking it down to Cornwall next week and back so that will be a very good test of it's long term economy Brian.