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  1. I just sold some genuine black fog light covers on ebay! I just used the drivers side one with no light in it, removed the intake snorkel in the inner wing and ran a flexi pipe up into the airbox. Made it a tiny bit noisier, prob didnt make any bhp increase. After this was taken i added a pipercross red anodised funnel behind the cover to make it a bit neater. Col.
  2. I wouldnt touch that purely because of the way the advert is written.
  3. A couple of sunset's from the Gulf of Mexico.
  4. I came back from Singapore at the weekend and had my D300 and 18-200 in my case. Not the first time I've done it but had no room in my hand luggage. Its all really well insured and was well packed.
  5. Your spot on! you win absolutely nowt
  6. Took this last night, not easy balancing the camera on a wall! Can anybody guess where it was taken??!
  7. The 22B had heritage though with the WRC, McRae etc. This thing has nowt, Subaru dont even compete anymore! In the classifieds in a few years for 22k.
  8. 50k! ridiculous! Thought the RS500 Focus was crazily priced at 38k but Subaru are taking the p**s!
  9. Who mentioned The Sun girls?! Its a tough job but someones got to do it! Billy no mates!-
  10. The guy driving the F1 car was the owner, nobody famous. Was struggling all weekend with electrical problems. He was short shifting round the whole lap and to be honest was pretty poor compared to the Ferrari a few years back. Heard he did a 48 sec lap which surprised me as he looked slow. The ferrari in 2006 did a 41.5 sec lap and wasnt really trying! Dunc, it was De La Rosas from 2003. Our pics from the weekend - Normal Gallery - http://www.power-images.co.uk/gallerys/201.../cars/23-05-10/ and after a long absence, a babes gallery! - http://www.power-images.co.uk/gallerys/201...l/cars/23-5-1
  11. Must have taken you ages to draw them! Not sure about the effect to be honest, but its good to experiment!
  12. Awesome Neil, your using that fancy editing thing again eh?! After photographing those ladies my tripod didnt need any help standing up
  13. Some pics from today- Full gallery here- http://www.power-images.co.uk/gallerys/201...acing/16-05-10/
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