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  1. Never a problem if you search for Gary's direct dial number. As for making a claim, remember they are only brokers and any claim will be with the company they set you up with.
  2. Cheers Ed. EDITED - Un-necessarily antagonistic comment - as previously warned Gimme a shout if you need some detailing done for the winter cruises. Doug.
  3. The mods might send you a warning for being racist......but I bet they don't. Funny none the less.
  4. "You have been banned from this server for " No notification in the chat room either.......
  5. Really excellent pictures and I would like to improve on my night shots which you seem to have in the bag. I will be looking at your settings closely. And I'm up all night too but SIDC's blocked at work.
  6. Ask Cal. iirc he has a nice wee set up for driving games.
  7. Andy, I might be on MSN later on this afternoon (Just off night-shift) Looking at the hi-jack log you have a lot of start ups (the 04s. You have 28 where I have 5!!) that I reckon you don't need. I will have time to look at the rest of the log if you don't get it sorted by then.
  8. The Andy in the STFU disaster is Oobster and he knows what I am talking aboot. The other one, who has told me stays out of the moderating side should do so until he learns HOW to.
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