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  1. Hello m8 it can be a few things cv joints ect i would get it looked at before you commit to it
  2. I would ask them to get you a new car as they have your money m8
  3. tannan

    Hi Newbie

    Hello Edmondo long time no see m8 zornyan you will love it m8 i still think to this day this shape scooby is the best. Don't get me wrong i like all the scoobys but the classic will always be the best in my book
  4. tannan

    Hi Newbie

    I have had two of them now still got my 2nd one. I love them to bits and even after all the years of having them. I still get in it and feel like i did the 1st time i got one. As long as you look after the car she will look after you .Mine has also done lots of track days and also one year of the pro street drag she is still going. And i did not have to fix a thing. oh no i have only gone and done it now something will snap Mine has done 67k and she is running 280bhp with 279 ft just fitted a fmic avcr fpr up pipe just waiting on a turbo. Then she will be at about 350hp. You cant go wrong with a t2000 m8 with a little tweak here and there they are just as fast as the wrx and sti. here is mine
  5. tannan

    Still Hesitating! Pls Help

    Good spot did not see 1.3 bar if its not mapped for it this will not help
  6. tannan

    Whineing Noise

    Sounds like a wheel bearing is running a bit dry mite need replacing
  7. tannan

    Still Hesitating! Pls Help

    Temp coolant sensor maby m8 if this go's it make the car S**T to drive. And they are only £12.00 to replace
  8. Sounds like they have done the service as the handbrake has been adjusted. Maby you have just got used to the car time for mods
  9. Check that the air filter is new looking and get under the car and see if the oil filter is new. Dip the oil and if its black its not been changed. but if its clear or a tint of brown its been changed
  10. tannan

    Spot Headgasket Failure

    L/H side had gone and the build up is not normal. I would flush the oil ways at this point m8 as if you get that stuff in to the oil pick up. It will block and knock out your bottom end get it all out.
  11. tannan

    Idicator Staying On

    I had this on my old scooby when you unlocked it its the relay on the alarm its sticking i had to cut the wires to the alarm box for the flashers. Then i got a new relay and wired it in as the old one is part of the box. And don't rig it up to the other side as when you turn them on thay all flash
  12. tannan

    Boot Catch

    Open the boot there is a catch on the lock move the catch to the other position then it will work m8 you must have knocked it
  13. tannan

    Gearbox Issues

    Was the flywheel done up right as they can come undone
  14. tannan

    Petrol For Wrx Turbo

    In a import scooby you have to run shell v power with some octaneboost as jap fuel is 100ron. The car will det on 95ron fuel and let go