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  1. For the earlier model Interior Package you had a choice of bright 😎 or subtle 😀 seats were all electric.
  2. Your forester only got the PPP and required wheel upgrade. The WR Sport as per the posted document includes Similar upgrades were available for earlier models... but not under the WR Sport banner My MY97 turbo 2000, over the first 2v years of its life, visited Prodrive for the Interior Package install and had the Driving Enhancement Package and Exterior Package installed at the Dealers although the rear spoiler was originally of a lesser upgrade than what it eventually finished up with as shown here.
  3. As you rightly say the WR Sport "Branded" Package as a whole was made available for MY99/00 cars from new. The individual "packages" were available separately and most were available prior to this.
  4. The wheels fitted are part of/requirement of the Prodrive upgrade for the SF forester and come with 215/50/R17 tyres Subaru speedos usually reads about 10% fast
  5. He's a youngster compared to some of us 😉
  6. Passenger airbag and brake light switch recall carried out today. Battery disconnected at 0900 (metasat message) Car collected at 1630
  7. Good to see you have spread your forum wings 😉
  8. East Kent subaru spares seem to be breaking an early white forester STI at the moment - but no mirrors listed https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/east-kent-subaru-spares?_trksid=p2047675.l2559
  9. Most plugs can be de-pinned, you just need to find out how it's achieved. Here is another example taked from the Subaru Harness repair kit information
  10. RH motor assembly with heat 91029SA021 LH motor assembly with heat 91029SA031 I think the only difference between non heated motors is the additional wiring required Looks as if they were fitted to the early Cross sport as well.
  11. You have to de-pin the plug notice plug removed in my photo From Litchfield's fitting instructions (carefully making a note of where each wire goes)
  12. Original Japanese Link https://www.subaru.jp/wrx/sti_ej20finaledition/ google translate link http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.subaru.jp%2Fwrx%2Fsti_ej20finaledition%2F
  13. The associated mirror HEATED glass appear to have the same part numbers as UK Newage Imprezas. Heated Glass RH - 91039AC180 LH 91039AC190 Rest of mirror including skullcaps are listed as different due to different door mount etc..
  14. Yuo can remove/replace the blue skull cap but you also need to remove the glass to take out the motor assembly UK and JDM foresters have totally different part numbers UK mirrors have non replaceable motors
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