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  1. https://www.keithmichaels.co.uk/contact-us/ Contact Gary Moulson (and nobody else) from list on above web page. Can be difficult to get hold of at times but depending upon your age can usually give you the best quote.
  2. Yep the fuel filter is situated inside the fuel tank alongside the fuel pump (moved in 2001 from engine bay to fuel tank) Access via removing the backseat base. A complete workshop manual is available for down load here Legacy/Outback workshop manual 2002 pdf
  3. Have you checked the fuses? - as both systems have a common fuse - fuse board (drivers right knee) no18
  4. With an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) on the rear wing you won't achieve your goal 😂 Greetings, and welcome to the Forum. I think you meant GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic). Basically the WRXSTI Spec D came with the low level WRX spoiler to keep it discreet and you want to change that for a high level spoiler of some description ?? Original OEM fit Some have fitted the Prodrive wing (uses same mounting holes I believe) Some have gone for the OEM high wing What are you looking for??
  5. With break resistant windows that break
  6. For the earlier model Interior Package you had a choice of bright 😎 or subtle 😀 seats were all electric.
  7. Your forester only got the PPP and required wheel upgrade. The WR Sport as per the posted document includes Similar upgrades were available for earlier models... but not under the WR Sport banner My MY97 turbo 2000, over the first 2v years of its life, visited Prodrive for the Interior Package install and had the Driving Enhancement Package and Exterior Package installed at the Dealers although the rear spoiler was originally of a lesser upgrade than what it eventually finished up with as shown here.
  8. As you rightly say the WR Sport "Branded" Package as a whole was made available for MY99/00 cars from new. The individual "packages" were available separately and most were available prior to this.
  9. The wheels fitted are part of/requirement of the Prodrive upgrade for the SF forester and come with 215/50/R17 tyres Subaru speedos usually reads about 10% fast
  10. He's a youngster compared to some of us 😉
  11. Passenger airbag and brake light switch recall carried out today. Battery disconnected at 0900 (metasat message) Car collected at 1630
  12. Good to see you have spread your forum wings 😉
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