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  1. Probably £107 +VAT Item E3610FJ800 You could get them from Partsouq for US$82.77 but after Import VAT and any admin charge would be about the same. https://partsouq.com/search/search?q=E3610FJ800
  2. Others on Scoobynet seem to like them. Will you have something to cover up shortly??
  3. Had the phonecall yesterday for this and the airbag recall. Booked in for the 1st October
  4. Compared to the current Impreza? As the WRX /WRX STI /Levorg are "supposed" to be developing their own identity, we'll have to wait and see how that comes to fruition.
  5. Reading the various articles we may get a teaser at this years Tokyo Motor Show in October and a new version "may be" shown at next years Tokyo motor show so nothing solid until 2021 As an aside next years, JDM Impreza - Whether it will come to the UK who knows. 2020 Impreza (G14 revision D)
  6. You'd be out of a job finding pink addons
  7. My bad ( should have read Wikipedia again 😉 )
  8. What was the cost and how much the shipping?? I see they are about $150 so £123 On that alone you would pay Import VAT @20% so £24 for starters
  9. Especially if treated internally (if possible)
  10. just so you know On £258.08 parts plus Fedex freight of £54.31 £64.04 VAT and £7.01 Import duty ..................and they only have 2 RH ones left in stock Purchasing Subaru items from Europe they are about €278,98 (inc VAT) EACH
  11. Why not import a pair of Movatech ones from the RockAuto.com in the US? Cost approx £384.24 (including freight/Import Duty/VAT) plus Fedex admin charge. In the "daily driver" section https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/subaru,2005,impreza,2.5l+h4,1430729,suspension,control+arm,10401
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