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  1. And all the best to you too Dave. Here's hoping for a more normal 2021.
  2. BC5-023617 is both chassis and VIN and was built in June 1990 as a First Generation Dark Blue (013) Legacy GT Automatic Saloon with an EJ20G turbo engine. 013 paint code https://legacypic.uk/specifications/specpage.php?id=137&ref=bc5b49p
  3. https://forums.sidc.co.uk/topic/166914-knockhill-27th-march-2021/ https://forums.sidc.co.uk/store/category/1-sidc-club-events-track-days/
  4. The Forums will be off line from approx 1400 hrs today for a database upgrade - hopefully not for toooo long (quoted as about an hour)
  5. Physically they should fit but the wiring may be different depending upon whether mirror heating circuit fitted in donor car (MY06/7 UK - probably) and recipient car (?) UK/European Bugeye UK/European MY06/7
  6. In case they were not with it, here are the "fitting" instructions mirror cover001.pdf
  7. You've never looked at my car then ?? Newage onwards plus Hatch , Legacy, Exiga was Part number STSG05100230 (original cost in 2012 8500 Yen ++ )
  8. (My bad it should have been SOHC for both Impreza and Forester in my post above for UK supply). 22611AF633 is from a late MY01 GX Impreza with an EJ201 engine - seems strange they changed the designation from T9 to H3 for AF633 when they are supposed to be interchangeable and form a succession group, obviously something changed with the OEM Map. Just twigged - All cars built after Jan 1st 2001 have to be ODB compliant so ECU designation changed to reflect this. IACV is Subaru p/n 22650AA192. If you haven't already got a copy of the Workshop Manual you can download the vario
  9. Welcome to the forum. Sounds as if you have a problem with the coolant temp sensor - have you tested it/replaced it? The temp sensor is a double sensor with three pins, two for the ecu the other and earth through the body for the temp guage so the ecu side could have failed. Is it a single or double cam engine?? If it came from a Y reg Impreza it "should be" an EJ201 DOHC where the idle air control valve is electromechanical and operated by the ECU depending upon the coolant temp. What is the part number or designation for the ECU? (22611AF630/31/32/33/34 or
  10. Hi, and welcome to the forum. "Type UK" was used to distinguish it from grey imports brought into the UK via Cyprus, Malta and Mainland Europe by some of the big Car Supermarkets at that time. The mention of a flare would suggest you possibly mean a Japanese Domestic Model (JDM) import ?? If so the electrics in a UK car are much simpler, as since 2003 the JDM Impreza has run ever increasing amounts of canbus type systems, the main one being the Body Integrated Unit which controls various "body" electrical functions. In this repect the JDM cars are more similar to the USDM
  11. As far as I can tell a UK MY99 Turbo 2000 is fitted with the following rear drive shafts which are handed and are fitted to models below. The last of the rear driveshafts fitted to the UK MY00 Turbo 2000 - there are 3 different part numbers - being RH:28021FE140/141; LH: 28021FE150/151, were also fitted to the Newage WRX WAGON upto and including MY04 Just to confirm, a UK MY99 will have an "X" as the 10th character of the VIN and a "G" as the 4th character of the Applied model code. MY00 will have a "Y" and "H" respectively
  12. Usually caused by one of the leveling sensors having a broken connector pin in the wiring plug, due to ingress of water or failed operating linkage due to seizure. Sensors located on LH front and rear lower suspension arms.
  13. Is the Battery you "changed" (or should that be charged ??) 2 weeks ago still upto the job?? Was it fully charged??
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