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  1. What's happened

    Looked at my certificate and it's dated 31st October 1998........... Skid pan was interesting as Chris Coulson tried his wagon on it as well and couldn't get it to break away even with the tyres pumped up....................
  2. What's happened

    Yes I remember Richard, - attended one of his driving courses at Essex Police driving school Chelmsford back in 1998 or there abouts.
  3. 2004 WRX wind deflectors

    Nobody else does them any more as the doors are frameless.
  4. 2004 WRX wind deflectors

    If still available............... http://imdomino.imgroup.co.uk/IMGGB/WWW/Subaru_Accessories.nsf/WebInternetAccessories/78CAB784647B21B58025764800396194?Opendocument
  5. Funny Place Names


    have a good one Dave
  7. 50 😕

    Happy B'day. Yes the days do fly by
  8. Snowflakes

    Following our upgrades we seem to have lost a couple of posts from Sunday so here's mine again after the return from Karting Milton Keynes on Sunday morning...... And it hasn't moved since
  9. John MacDonald

    John, although yo list your car as 2014 it is actually a MY2015 Not sure these are available here but probably the next best thing as Eibach used to make the Prodrive springs....... http://eibach.com/us/c-199-product-releases-pro-kit-2015-subaru-wrx-sti.html You could always go the whole hog and fit the S207 version springs and stuts/dampers
  10. Snowflakes

    They do on Android Looks like we might be playing in snow on Sunday morning ..........
  11. Snowflakes

  12. Urgent - WR1 Help needed

    A run on a rolling road would confirm that it has been put back in a condition to be on the road i.e. fueling is ok and boost level etc. - it's not always about the numbers.
  13. New saloon owner

    That would be the one from the earlier Hatch................................. Translation from Japanese site to go with above picture....... If it's in stock in Wolverhampton, you should be able to get it next day (depending upon time order placed), if on back order then maybe 3 or more weeks from Japan.
  14. Air conditioning pulley and tensioner

    It sounds as if you tried to adjust the belt tension without loosening the locknut first, if you've damaged the adjuster. And to answer your question - no they are all the same.
  15. New saloon owner

    You can use the first part of this rally armor fitting guide for removing the fender garnish to change the badges. rallyarmor_sti_wrx_sedan_instructions.pdf