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  1. The 330S was alway made good torque as shown by this one at a 2013 RR day ar Powerstation. A different type of rolling road (Maha) compared to Scoobyclinic (Dyno Dynamics) which has always gives lower read outs when compared.
  2. The map on the early STi Hatches was refreshed by Subaru due to top end fuelling problems. The 330S being a Prodrive upgrade was AFAIK not refreshed. The 340R upgrade for the MY11 on cars, not being a Prodrive product (possibly done by EcuTek ?? who knows) had a few glitches for some.
  3. The more significant figure is the torque (approx) 380 ftlb @ 4000 rpm.
  4. From "across the pond" 8 yrs ago. Picture was taken to reference the roadpilot rather than the boost gauge https://j-spectuning.com/collections/analog-gauges/products/45mm-electrical-boost-gauge-white-needle-red-backlight Don't forget you have curtain airbags so it is somewhat frowned upon on fitting A pillar pods which is why Subaru and Zerosports mounted their gauges on the combimeter binnacle.
  5. The Don

    Wheel scrubbing

    Quote from another subaru forum on the subject "By the way, my car occasionally shudders a wheel. Usually at low speed in parking lots. Often while running over some form of debris or manhole cover. Just a bit of 4WD wind-up undoing itself." Can be caused by tyres having different circumferences due to wear (Normal to replace all four tyres together and rotate front to back annually)
  6. Rolling the dice, and maybe having a continguency fund for a rebuild. Have had my 2010 MY11 saloon since new and it's 8 years old on Monday (5th). Has run with Subaru's Pro-R performance upgrade (340BHP/360Lbft) since May 2011.(4800 miles) Had to have the head gaskets replaced and bottom end refreshed in June 2016 (47422 miles) as the heads had started to lift under boost. In my case the ringlands were fine. Not all suffer, seems to be a bit pot luck and whether the car has been run in properly and run sympathetically, or modified during its life.
  7. The Don

    01 Change My Mind - Best UK Subaru

    Have you tried? (I know not if still available)
  8. Looking at the parts database and Opposedforces the 6MT wasn't used until the MY05 (late 2004-mid2005) with the 3.0RB model. Using the above diagram the linkage bushes and spacers ( part numbers in circles) 1,2,4 and 6 are the same as MY06/07 Hawkeye WRX STI The stay bushing item 42 is unique (probably in rubber compound) for the Legacy, although probably makes no difference if going to poly. http://shop.scoobyclinic.com/Perrin?product_id=732
  9. The Don

    2015 WRX STi flat battery

    By using your knob you are also disconnecting the alarm.........
  10. And now Swindon Engines (BTCC engine suppliers) have taken it to the next level.
  11. The Don

    2015 WRX STi flat battery

    I see what you did there 😉
  12. Maybe if it's a hybrid...........
  13. https://www.htautos.co.uk/product/subaru-2015-sti-wrx-fender-flares-wide-arches/