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  1. Holy post resurrection Batman!
  2. http://www.westhoustonsubaru.com/showroom/2015/Subaru/WRX/Sedan.htm At $38k that is £22900 for a loaded sti. How does that compare to UK?
  3. For handling I prefer the porsche its a drivers car. The Challenger 392 was a two ton monster, but with 500/500 once you were rolling she coiuld hitch her skirt up and go! It handled like a bath tub though. I miss the scooby and have been giving thought to getting another, Ive also been toying with the idea of buying an old 1980s Quattro UR but nothing has come along close enough to buy yet.
  4. No, got rid of the General, now driving a Porsche.
  5. Bananaman, lol. America is great, hope your all well.
  6. I don't know if you have noticed, but in the photo you posted, Winston has hijacked the car behind you and is closing in......is there anything you would like to tell us?
  7. Hang on......... What has just happened.......
  8. Local news update - Operation tattered Starfish, the Police operation to lure pedophiles into bogus meetings with underage children is in full swing this week, suspects and registered sex offenders are baited by police officers online acting as young boys then a meeting is arranged , usually in harvester car parks and usually more than one at a time. These men often fall into a certain stereotype and appear similar......
  9. Okay so who starts the dogging?
  10. 330/330 on a 16g reliably maybe a wee bit more but not much with everything you mentioned above at @ 1.5 bar on a 2 litre with the right intercooler choice. 550 injectors were what I had at that stage but they were almost maxed out. Walbro pump. Plug gap at .68 I would also as suggested get a FPR, the type that rises as boost increases, I cannot remember what it needs set at at idle but someone will know.. Another thing at that stage of tuning to consider for a safety aspect is constant and even fuel flow ensuring cylinder number 3 is not neglected so parallel fuel rail set up is a good idea but it needs done correctly, never cowboy it. Don't go for a panel filter, get a good quality cone filter. Finally a good remap by a decent mapper. You probably know all that anyway but I thought I would mention it all anyway. As mentioned previously decent stoppers are a must,. The impreza is a great handling car you can improve it more than standard but unless you are trying to win Le Mans what you have will more than handle what you aim for with these mods. If you want some geometry set ups to play with pm me and I'll send you some.
  11. Some valid points, and very good comments. When I say the days of the 4x4 rice rocket are over, I of course refer to the fact that Imprezas are no longer sold by subaru in the UK, and the Evo was killed off a number of years ago.
  12. To be completely honest it's a combination of everything. There was pi$$ing contest when I joined this frum in 2003 and there always has been. There has been splits and splinter groups, verbal wars and sabre rattling by regions and even threats if "I'll meet you in such and such a carpark and kick your Kant. In tec" Clubs always get that, even the shandy drinking poofters from the TVR club who we toyed with for a while. Why has popularity waned?, as said before the day of the 4x4 rice rocket are over, they have been priced out and the popularity replaced by another brand. Me and Gumball were best friends but we used to fight like cat and dog over scoobies. We used to wind people up just to get a reaction, at the time it was funny and the club was strong enough to soak that up but now maybe we are feeling the product of that who knows The fact is that you are going to struggle to get it all back, the big subaru thing is now f***ed, you need to consolidate and accept it. Old scoobies are now cheap for people who couldn't afford them in the past, even though running them is not cheap. Hence the swing to the boy racer, audio brigade. The internal power struggles didn't help nor do the constant changing official oersonnel Be bold or be disappointed. This is all my personal opinion so take it or leave it. :-)
  13. I know from the horses mouth that Simon loved the run that went from Perth to The distillery we stopped at for lunch on 05? He liked it so much he ran it himself several times at times the road would be empty, both in his car and on a bike. Just wanted to mention it I think your run will go that way.
  14. It's a long shot but I will try to get over for a run. I also have some pictures buried somewhere And I'll try and find them and post them up. Fantastic tribute to a good guy.
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