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  1. I must see you every other day as I commute from Lyneham to Brize now, I am running about in a 1.9 TD Renault 19 these days to keep the costs down but will be back in a Scoob before Christmas, I am keeping my hand in though, been very busy sorting out scoobs here there and everywhere from mild tuning issues to knackered suspension lol, its not just you Colin as Myles Looks like the old girl is doing well and is 100% testiment to the owner and the time you devote to the her. I am sure we will catch up soon mate Keep an eye out for an old blue Renault 19 trying to get your attention Cheers Iain
  2. Prob just the ARB bushes or the droplinks mate Cheers Iain
  3. Hiya mate, do you still live in carterton?

  4. Exactly mate, dont hate me because I dont like the bug Lyneham is where I bode now. Cheers Iain
  5. The noise aint gone yet and there may be options ahead for me to keep her but she will be in full race trim if I do so I would start saving for that race Cheers Iain
  6. I just dont like them fella its that simple, ugly and overweight The WR1 is a very nice motor though Cheers Iain
  7. Me in a Bug, hmm let me think about that for a second, lol Hows the WR1 working for you? Cheers Iain
  8. Sounds like a plan mate Cheers Iain
  9. Hi guys I am going to make no excuses for not posting all this time but as some of you know already this last year has been a little on the dark side, me and Jenny are no longer together and well to put it mildly its been pretty tough on both of us. I now live over in Lyneham and commute to Brize, as a result of this I will have to part with White Noise as the fuel cost is just too much for me, she is already up for sale. But I have another scoob in my sights so all is not lost. Seems this place needs a kick start too, when was the last Oxon meet? Cheers Iain
  10. The only aftermarket DV worth its weight in alloy is the Forge Motorsport DV but it will require setting up to your car for you to get the best from it. Cheers Iain
  11. Well after a long week and a 16 page long debate on SN I went back to Subaru4U today for a 2nd dyno run, we proved today that my intake temp is actually very high and that my intake needs work to get the temps down but check this for consistency. Same power output down to 0.1bhp 7 days after the first dyno. Cheers Iain
  12. I may be playing with a VF43 in the very near future I will keep you posted. Cheers Iain
  13. Simtek ECU with ALS Apexi AVCR boost control VF35 with ported wastegate and 1.0 Bar actuator Full decat inc tubular headers + up pipe AB88 FMIC + Forge BOV 550cc injectors, Fuel Lab FPR @ 3bar, parra' fuel rails, walbro fuel pump. Heatshielded Apexi power intake. Think thats it Cheers Iain
  14. Have a look through this lot fella, LINK. Cheers Iain
  15. Thanks mate, must get you and the lad out in her for a blast, you can take the helm if you want Cheers Iain
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