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  1. 22B-Andy


    hiya m8, i am a small buisness. working from home. i do all kinds of work.....mainly on scoobies. gimme a bell.
  2. 22B-Andy

    awesome wax

    i got mine in wilcos' colchester, but any good car shop will sell it. probably even halfords m8. if you cant find it, let me know and i can get it and post it to you
  3. 22B-Andy

    awesome wax

    NXT tech wax. best £12 i ever spent!! superb stuff, never seen such a deep shine
  4. 22B-Andy

    exhaust cleaner.......

    i use my wifes stainless steel kitchen sink cleaner and a pair of her knickers
  5. 22B-Andy


    im in colchester. i can get it through for you at my place. 07834 356782
  6. 22B-Andy

    Hidden costs of running an Impreza.......

    my wife has decided she now wants to drive mine too!!!! (let her loose in my 22B! think not) so im buying her her own one!