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  1. It's a PIAA pod which took some repair work and paint which I managed ok, the lamps are PIAA HID 80s 2 pencil beam 2 drive and the bumper ones are also PIAA 80 XT HID. Running dual HID in the prodrive lamps also. I like to go as quick at night as in the day
  2. Winter tyres make all the difference don't they... Hell, you don't even need to use the roads if your worried about salt!
  3. Been wanting one of these for some time, more to come of the same style mums the word Anyway it wasn't the best but my body man squared it. Cost more than the boot lid and spoiler twice over but it's an awesome job. Just need a few other bits Lamp pod is being worked on as I type Before in DECPTICON MODE After
  4. Hi all, just dropping a quick line to say I'm back. Cant wait to get too a few meets and track days. Been missing the tech chat. Anyway, Hello for those that know me and for those who don't Aston
  5. As above, seen tearing up the inside lane homeward bound. I was in a whittal williams rental luton van going to Wales. Was getting quite late in the day.
  6. Sat Afternoon. Seen you and flashed you. You didn't even wave back I was however in a Whittle Williams VW Luton Van though. You were just passing my workshop where the beast is being created.
  7. D2 are used extremely heavily in the DTM championship, they are also TÜV approved which says a lot in my book. Although not having had them myself I feel I can't give a proper recomendation. I would buy them myself however.
  8. Sorry pwlease don't smack me. I still need to get all the parts down to sunny Tidworth before I can start on the STI, the RA has had some work done though. Did you sort out a price for postage Wimpy me ol chum? Incidently I just picked up a Zerosports rear end and skirts for it. 47quid all in. Gotta love well known American Auction Site.
  9. ha ha and you thought it was girl's with their knockers wobbling all over the place. Got bored yesterday and created this. I used an old Oakley display cabinet and a cheap sign off a well known American auction site. OK so the pictures aren't great (phone) but you get the idea. I've shown you mine, now show us yours.
  10. GC8a48d option ef trim 320 ej20gdw1he Oh and I can't check it till I go back to work, 3 weeks leave sucks........... no it don't
  11. Both, but it's really low ratio, unless that was the standard.
  12. OK you experts try this one. My mate has a very early WRX in Red with a factory fitted colour coded sunroof. It also has a short ratio gearbox. Chassis No. gc800947* Transmission No. ty52vb3aa The reg is on a NI plate. My thinking is it's one of a few of the STI test beds, ie the ones fettled by STI after production. I'm still waiting on the engine number though. It just stood out as odd to me. Did any WRX come with a short ratio box? (which is the same number as stamped on the VIN plate) Any takers? Aston
  13. I reckon the new one should be called "Hunchback"
  14. I know two boys who run one of Mark Higgins old cars. They've seen it testing up in sweet lamb. His words were "It looked F'in quick and sounded F'in great" He's of the opinion it will do the job this time round. I'm pretty sure it will be a lot better. maybe we can have a winner to pick up where the bugeye left off.
  15. http://www.autoblog.com/2007/12/05/evo-x-v...kuba-lap-times/ Interesting, I bet the STI R is going to be sooooo much quicker though!!!
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