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  1. kev m

    Let's Have A Show Of Hands...

    14, kev m Never have posted much, but despite being Scooby less after 17 years I still keep upto date with whats going on.
  2. I ran a Legacy 2.0D SE NAV Plus for 4 weeks this time last year while my 330S was having a new engine in, once I got used to the size was quite impressed. 1st gear is a waste of time but once moving found it had plenty of Torque, it was giving 42-50mpg. only problem was when the dash lit up like an xmas tree, and I ended up in a hire car. Turned out it had blown a 50amp fuse, which was caused by a cracked Glow plug. A few cars developed this issue which was traced to them being over tightened with an air gun when the engine was built. My mate has just gone to an Audi A4 Avant which I am yet to have a go in, if Skoda did a 4WD VRS I would be happy to look at one of those.
  3. kev m

    Car Insurance

    A Plan Insurance 01635 874 646 http://www.aplan.co.uk/motoring
  4. kev m

    Gobstopper Returns

    I was over @ RCM on Easter Saturday and Olly told me that it will be the original Gobstopper at Cadwell
  5. kev m

    Stone Chip Protection Film

    I have had 2 cars protected by the film now, my 06 STI was done from new and had no stone chips on the covered areas after covering 50k. Collected my new STI 330S in march and this has been completly covered, it was collected from the dealer before it was registered in a covered transporter and taken to Paintshield's workshop. http://www.paintshield.co.uk/ Ok not everyones choice as you can see the film when close up and odd times i had a bit lift slightly to allow some dirt to get under the edge, but Paintshield soon sort that for you
  6. kev m

    Brembo Pads

    Got my Brembo disk's from here with Ferodo DS2500 pads. http://www.circuitsupplies.com/ Genuine Brembo in a Brembo box not a Subaru box at a lot less £££££
  7. kev m

    Big Impact

    I was there & it was a big one
  8. A very enjoyable day with good weather. A selection of pictures from the day.
  9. kev m

    Photo Please

    What you looking for Phil Road Car or Rally Car?
  10. kev m

    Is It Still Worth Owning A Scoob?

    I know exactly how you are feeling, I had a very simular thing happen to me between Christmas and New Year. Was woken in the early hours by 2 blokes trying to prize the patio door open, so opened the window and shouted at them and they ran luckily. I like you started to wonder if owning a Scooby is worth all the agro, but when the Police Crime prevention officer came round and i said i was thinking of selling the car. He asked what i would replace it with and when i said an Audi S line Quattro diesel he said that they were just as likely to try an get that So after looking at selling and finding out what an 06 STI PPP is worth at the moment i am keeping the car, the house is now alarmed & the car is blocked in by another every night and once sorted we will be getting a telescopic post fitted in the drive. I know that it's going to hard for you to sleep for the next few nights but just do every thing you can to make it as hard as possible for them to get the car if they do come back and most of all get out in the car and enjoy it
  11. I was woken by a noise in the back garden @ 3.30 this morning, first thing i noticed was the security light was on ( and thought cat) then heard the noise again so got out of bed to look. I could see someone standing near the garage & thought it was one of my parents going to open the garge door, but just as i was going to open the window to see what was going on at that time they turned round and i could see it was a bloke with a head torch on. So open the window and shouted at them waking the rest of the house up and they ran off. Phoned the Police and they arrived within 15 mins as they were in the area as this was not the only incident last night in my area, no damage to the car but they have left some marks in the patio door they were trying to force open. Anyone in the Bingham, Grantham, Melton Mowbray or Vale of Belvior Area with a performance car be on your gaurd as the Police tell me this is a bit of a problem at the moment.
  12. I went to bill Gwynne's 6 years ago, had a great day with Martin Rowe as my instuctor for the day. It basicly an old airfield with broken concrete, but they have loose gravel in some bits. While we had our lunch one of the staff went out on the tractor and dragged the gravel back onto the stage, making the firtst runs after lunch very interesting. If you are taking someone with you make sure they take a camera as you can get some good pictures at the top hairpin next to the spectator viewing area as you handbrake turn/ power slide round it. Enjoy your day, i keep saying i must do it again.