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  1. Was a good day, managed to see the BRC through Dalbeattie twice and then the SRC trough Dalbeattie & Black Loch, due to the delays didn't wait for BRC to come through Black loch as we had a 4 hour drive home. Pictures are on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kevin.money.5/media_set?set=a.3037934572943172&type=3 https://www.facebook.com/kevin.money.5/media_set?set=a.3037815952955034&type=3
  2. 14, kev m Never have posted much, but despite being Scooby less after 17 years I still keep upto date with whats going on.
  3. I ran a Legacy 2.0D SE NAV Plus for 4 weeks this time last year while my 330S was having a new engine in, once I got used to the size was quite impressed. 1st gear is a waste of time but once moving found it had plenty of Torque, it was giving 42-50mpg. only problem was when the dash lit up like an xmas tree, and I ended up in a hire car. Turned out it had blown a 50amp fuse, which was caused by a cracked Glow plug. A few cars developed this issue which was traced to them being over tightened with an air gun when the engine was built. My mate has just gone to an Audi A4 Avant which I am yet to
  4. Watch out for this Tractor at the traffic lights. pinched from the British Rally Forum
  5. A Plan Insurance 01635 874 646 http://www.aplan.co.uk/motoring
  6. I was over @ RCM on Easter Saturday and Olly told me that it will be the original Gobstopper at Cadwell
  7. Camera price buster gives you the best deals about at the moment and any discount codes, http://www.camerapricebuster.co.uk/ our a trip to the NEC for focus imaging, that way you can get your hands on all the camera's under one roof. http://www.focus-on-imaging.co.uk/home.htm As said above every one will say that the one they own is best, I am a Canon user the reason being when i went Digital i had a couple lenses of my old film SLR that fitted onto the Digital body. But saying that I was ready to jump ship to Nikon a couple of years ago as my Canon 1D MK3 was being out performed by my mates N
  8. I have had 2 cars protected by the film now, my 06 STI was done from new and had no stone chips on the covered areas after covering 50k. Collected my new STI 330S in march and this has been completly covered, it was collected from the dealer before it was registered in a covered transporter and taken to Paintshield's workshop. http://www.paintshield.co.uk/ Ok not everyones choice as you can see the film when close up and odd times i had a bit lift slightly to allow some dirt to get under the edge, but Paintshield soon sort that for you
  9. I have to agree with the others, Canon or Nikon. I stuck with Canon as i had some lenses from an old Canon film SLR. Compare prices on this website http://www.camerapricebuster.co.uk/
  10. My car was on the Drive when they did our street, even though i have sold that one and replaced it with a new STI. I contacted google and asked them to remove the image for security reasons, which they did within 24hrs
  11. As some on here know i attend a lot of Motorsport events around the UK, and am happy to say that event's in the Uk are better marshalled with spectators stood in safer places. But accidents do happen, this was seen at event on the Eypnt milatery ranges when a spectator was hit buy a Rally car & this poor gent died of his injuries. If you look on the back of your tickets when you enter any Motorsport event it will say Motorsport is Dangerous, but never good to see anthing like this
  12. Being it's the last time Moto Gp will be at Donington for a while thought i had better have a day out, taking picture's was hard work with the rain and all the fences that were put up to stop the track invasion. Also could do with a bigger camera lens. JT
  13. Never been to a Game Fair before but with it being on the door step decided to go and enjoyed the day. A few pictures from the Day.
  14. Got my Brembo disk's from here with Ferodo DS2500 pads. http://www.circuitsupplies.com/ Genuine Brembo in a Brembo box not a Subaru box at a lot less £££££
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