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    Carbon Fog covers

    You could even go take a look first what with the seller being in South Wales and you also being in South Wales...
  2. andy

    forum getting boring

    Nobody will get a boot in the baws for criticising as long as criticism is constructive Changing the skin is relatively easy. It's what to change it TO that is the issue. Do feel free (anyone) to Google for "IPB3 SKIN" (preferably free ones!) and post links to any you find that you think may look good on here. It's easy enough to install them on a test board to see how they look
  3. How about Winter Tyres before the price goes up?
  4. andy

    Custom Mats Group Buy

    JamieR85's Front OK: Curse of the GB270 boot mat: Neighbours (I presume?)
  5. andy

    Custom Mats Group Buy

    Non-members can't upload pics. Email them and I'll post
  6. andy

    Custom Mats Group Buy

    How about Van Diesel just sends me his then my problem is solved? Just had another look and can't even pull it down to make the lip at the top less as the lip at the bottom is already sticking up almost to the catch. Will send them photos. This is typical of my luck. I swear I could fall into a barrel of tits and come out sucking my thumb
  7. andy

    Custom Mats Group Buy

    Interesting. Your GB270 wagon boot mat appears to be the right size whereas mine is quite a bit too big. Not tried the rear mats yet.
  8. andy

    Custom Mats Group Buy

    Still not got round to fitting them and my camera has gone AWOL so these are off the mobile, but quality looks really good. Embroidery is spot on.
  9. andy

    Custom Mats Group Buy

    Thanks to Paul555sti for just dropping mine off and to scooby_my99 for handling the local delivery, but mostly thanks to warrior for organising this It's too dark now to fit them, but if they look as good in the car as they do out, there will be no complaints
  10. Nice Welcome to the wagon club. I had a WRX SL saloon before moving to the GB270 wagon and those heated seats are fab in winter You've got the best of both worlds. SL luxury and the practicality of the wagon - you'll be amazed how much you can get in the back of it. I've had a full sized washing machine and a full sized tumble drier in mine at once with plenty room to spare. I'd agree with mudflaps and also rear tints look good on the GB. Wheels are obviously a fair bit more of an investment, but make a massive difference Enjoy
  11. andy

    Custom Mats Group Buy

    Last seen down the Glasgow Barras with a pile of car mats
  12. andy

    subaru pro-r

    Somebody needs a lesson in basic English
  13. andy

    Custom Mats Group Buy

    Nope. No tank, at least not in the wagon.