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    AutoGlym MenCap Classic

    All SIDC members are invited to take part in a West Country style skittles challenge at this event which was previously known as the "MENCAP Classic", but for 2008 has gained sponsorship and will be called the "AutoGlym MENCAP Classic" For more details, visit the website at http://www.autoglymmencapclassic.com
  2. The McRae family have announced the following: Arrangements have now been put in place regarding the Service of Celebration for the lives of Colin and Johnny. Location: High Street, Lanark. Date: Sunday 30th September 2007. Time: 4 pm. The Service will be relayed from St. Nicholas Church, Castlegate out onto the High Street in Lanark, which will be closed to traffic for the duration. Please note that Strathclyde Police have asked, in view of the numbers expected to attend, that people leave PLENTY of time to ensure that that they can arrive and access the venue before the commencement of the Service. Parking and shuttle buses will be controlled by the Police. All who would like to attend will be most welcome. If you intend attending this, please add your name to this forum topic. We have been asked by Strathclyde Police to liaise with them regarding numbers as traffic is expected to be heavy. Watch the Forums for further details.