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  1. Cosworth AP 6pots (Newage fittment/114pcd)

  2. I'm selling these which I bought 2nd hand only the other Sunday. Basically I'm a Muppet and thought NewAge meant they'd still fit the STi Hatch!! They don't. Having travelled 45mins to my garage to get them fitted, they said the fitting brackets don't fit the hatch as they are for a Newage. I thought being 114pcd they'd still fit my car. Also they said it looks like the bleed nipple thingie has been fitted on the wrong side and would need swapping over (not a big job to sort out). So I have 355mm Cosworth Discs (new discs and bolt kit are £495 delivered!!) Cosworth AP 6pot calipers incl Pads After evening checked over to be fitted on my car they have plenty of wear left in them. Which would be correct with the chap I bought them off who said he'd only had them two years (he had them on a Hawkeye!!) Im looking to cover my costs so happy for£750ovno Buyer to collect from Nottm, as these do weigh a bit. Brand new these are £2k+ on Amber Performance website. Remember.. This is the Cosworth set up (Google it, the discs are Cosworth designed) and not just an AP disc kit with Cosworth stickers on it!!
  3. Softer ride on my STI?

    you want it softer???????????????????????????????????????????? have you bought the right car?
  4. Scooby Newbie

    nothing wrong with Neons lol plate looks so much better, you now need one without the dealer info under it lol
  5. Scooby Newbie

    Don, why don't you trim down your front number plate so they's not so much 'blank' on the left/right of the letters. min legal requirement id 11mm I think, I bet you could go to 15mm and it would look good https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/359317/INF104_160914.pdf
  6. Scooby Newbie

    hello and welcome have you any pix? this is mine let me know if you fancy any rear overlays I've got them on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/neoquip/m.html?item=291700328727&hash=item43eab1c917%3Ag%3AeDIAAOSwEeFVAeHY&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  7. I'm back

    Use photobucket to hose the pictures and then copy the and paste it on here
  8. I'm back

  9. Situation Diffused

    looks spot on Floz
  10. SUBARU WRX STI 2014 - Am amazing car!

    sad times GLWTHS
  11. Brand New Sti 330S Wheels

    I did like those PINK ones on Ebay (that didn't sell) Kev
  12. New To Sidc

    welcome join as a member (£20 a year) and that comes with free legal cover for all your cars! (saves me about £30 each car in our household).
  13. 330S Alloys With Tires

    I'd of had them if I was allowed and you were nearer Nottm.
  14. Jdm Door Mirrors (2008- Hatch)

    I bought these 2nd hand the other week, now gone off the idea of fitting them. anyone interested in covering my cost and want them? JDM mirrors are smaller than the UK ones. They have the wires to hook up, obviously I've not fitted them to see them working. Been told they can be converted to heated mirrors if you want. (Don has done that on his car) some small stone chips (I've touched up a couple) and general wear and tear marks.. nothing major though. Could be all stripped down and re sprayed what ever colour you wanted. £250 + P&P