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  1. just remember to get the star logo the correct way around, don't have it mirrored the star logo needs to have the large star on the left side.. no matter which side of the car it's on. google WRC rally cars and you'll see wha t i mean.
  2. this was his first.. he sold as he thought it might blow up... he went on to have a couple of RS's before he came back with the saloon again.. that had had some work on it before he bought it.
  3. and it's only ever out in summer... get's put away for winter about October time.
  4. that's Hughy's car. as said, it's what someone will pay for it But Hughy looks after all his cars and it's a good buy for someone no matter what you pay for it..... loads of cool stuff on it.... the seat re trim costs him about £2k
  5. this went at £35k http://www.parkwayspecialistcars.co.uk/sold/car/subaru-impreza-sti-cosworth-cs400-5dr have you found one yet though?
  6. do they do them for RHD cars or do you have to make do with it fitted over on the passenger side of the car?
  7. looks neat, but what will it display at any one time time? Looks a bit like another digital clock lol
  8. but that's standard on my car, lol if you want 400 it costs you more to get there, or you buy a car that has it anyway?
  9. I thought they did a Prodrive map refresh on the 330s years ago, not sure what the refresh would have done. Beef at SC said all looked good with the graph and was very happy with the way the car's ran on the rollers.
  10. yep, happy with that. Jo's happy too...no need for me wanting a re map lol
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