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    come on England

    What are they doing then, to cause this outburst?
  2. Are H4 available for the classic? If so, how much would they be? Cheers Gerry
  3. Must admit I went off on that corner very early on, in fact about the second or third lap, whilst under instruction with Anthony Fortunately I lost it early and ended up steering straight, onto the grass and back onto the road that feeds into the exit of the bend. The grass was so wet the car came out cleaner than it started Bruntingthorpe looks a big open circuit with plenty of run off but, using all the road, on corner exits means if it does go wrong, there's only very wet grass before the trees. I managed to check the speed a couple of times, 60 going into that bottom bend and 130 down the straight to the second chicane. There were quite a few spins on the day that I saw. Both Evos and both RAs that I remember, anyone else care to own up?
  4. GerryH

    pics from track day

    Good pix Kip. Another great day superbly organisd by Stormy
  5. The guy was very philosophical about it. He was a superb driver, totally committed throughout and a bloody nice bloke. It's a real shame as he'd done an awful lot to the car mechanically and it went like stink. It's not dead though, he'll make sure of that
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    << does that mean you are going to andy or somewherem else i ave had my car mapped from 5 peeps and and is top boy >> Brum area this time although I've been up to him a couple of times in the past.
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    << andy's costs have went up but when you consider he has a 2003 wrx with a td04 mapped to 320lbs/300bhp he is doing well , plus he is trying to make it 320bhp on a td04 will be good to see his result i have had my car mapped from a few people all over the country but andy is the ONLY person i recomend once you go to him you will understand dont accept any imatations >> I'm having a re-map later this week Not tried anyone else but thought of trying someone a little nearer home, shan't bother now after your comments. Cheers Gerry
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    Andy's the top bloke. Big thing to consider with mappable ecu is how much it costs to remap after further mods. £50 with Andy.
  9. GerryH

    Laser testing on S/net

    Blimey!!! Can't beat that price Shame! It'll cost me more than £25 in petrol from Bedford.
  10. GerryH

    Laser testing on S/net

    << Clicky >> Thank you
  11. Testing in N. London/Midlands area link to S/net thread if anyone's interested, £25: http://bbs.scoobynet.co.uk/showthread.php?t=363226
  12. GerryH

    oulton park pics

    << Gerry sorry to hear the news and see the pics, Blimey Gw, Oulton and CC tracks your oyster!! Hope the sticky plasters are off soon >> Like I said to you, stood in the old, paddock toilet block at GW thinking of some of the great names in motor sport and heros from my youth. Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart, Graham Hill, and there was I, in their footsteps. Unfortunately there any similarity ends, can't follow in their wheel tracks that's for sure Pride & joy's sat in the rain all day looking a little sorry for itself. Next move's on hold until it's back to it's former glory. Hope to be sorted for CC
  13. GerryH

    oulton park pics

    Hi, Thanks to all for the commiserations and kind thoughts. Bloody escort! But at the end of the day it was my fault for following him into a bend too closely. He lost it and I ended up with my usual lift off oversteer, helped with a dab on the brakes too. Could have been a lot worse as it only 'kissed' the tyre wall, could have run into it straight on and done some serious damage. What a great circuit Oulton Park is. Helped enormously to enjoy it even more with an excellent instructor session, shame I took so much notice of what he told me Thanks to Nigel for offering the places and nice to meet the other SIDC guys and families. Oh, and my son, David was a bit peeved as he didn't get to drive another session, but he too said how much he enjoyed the day. Last bit One of the Radical guys came over, after the 'incident' and offered the use of any tools to help get the car driveable. Thought this was a rather nice gesture from one of the very professional looking outfits there. Despite the re-modelling, a very enjoyable day.
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    No optimax

    Looks like nobody's told Shell yet
  15. GerryH

    No optimax

    Try the shell station locator here. It shows one in Galashiels and a few others around. http://www.multimap.com/clients/browse.cgi...ordsys=gb&shop= Blimey! Didn't realise the link was that long. You could also go to Shell.co.uk then Optimax in 'related sites', then 'station locator'. Don't have Shell near me either but it's always a good excuse for a spin