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  1. Hi Stu, Jane was in Cornwall again last week and popped round yesterday with a couple of local papers that the family had saved for her and another couple for me. She says they're still talking about Jake's Subaru Day I also have the 30 pix that Jane took, saved on my computer. If you'd like them, PM an address and I'll send the relevant pages and stick the pix onto a memory card. Cheers Gerry
  2. Jane mentioned that Jake's parents were so taken by what a great bunch you all were, that they're thinking of getting their own Scooby. It was all a bit OTT when a windscreen sticker may have been enough
  3. HI Everyone, Jane popped in last night and we looked at her pics from the day. She was still excited and enthused about how Jake's family, friends and neighbours had said what a brilliant day they all had and what a terrific bunch of people you all are. But, I already knew that and is why I posted the request on SIDC in the first place . I knew the club was good at this sort of thing but you've exceeded my wildest expectations of someone local popping round and taking Jake for a trip round Newquay. From the looks on the faces in the pics. you all enjoyed it as much as Jake did . By all accounts, and especially Jane's, Stu did a magnificent job and is to be congratulated for making the day go so well. A special thanks to all who took part and a great big thanks to SIDC for being SIDC
  4. Fantastic! Well done everyone. I've yet to get Jane's report and won't have any pix until she gets home either tomorrow or Tues.
  5. Brilliantly put. Have a great time and hope the weather holds for you. Have a safe journey wherever you are.
  6. In that case, he won't be able to reach it Hope you all have a great day.
  7. Not long now and this promises to be a terrific day for everyone. Jane left for Newquay in the early hours of this morning (thankfully, quietly ), and has taken with her the card that Liz made for Jake. Inside it says 'from all your friends at SIDC' so, if all you guys who get there can sign it, there'll be a little personal memento of the day for Jake, if he ever gets to find it in the mountain of other stuff you've all organised and donated for him
  8. Come on Stu! With the skills you've shown so far in getting things organised, the piece de resistance would surely be a synchronised three point turn? It's all coming along fantastically. Well Done everyone. You're all stars!
  9. Not really. I'm in a state of shock and awe over what you guys are going to achieve here. Stu very kindly offered me a lift down to watch but as I explained, I really can't make it. My neighbour Jane who really started this has managed to sort a few days off work and will be travelling down on Friday for a prime viewing position. I've told Jane she's to take loads of pix and I'll post the good ones with any that you guys post. Actually, I'm surprised that no-one's suggested a diversion to London and take in a tunnel run en-route Or could that be for another time
  10. Hi Everyone, This is a fantastic read and Stu, you deserve a medal for your organisational skills. The day looks to be promising a terrific time for all especially young Jake of course. Thank you all so much for all you are doing. Gerry
  11. Hi Everyone, This looks like a it's becoming the proverbial Christmas & Birthday rolled into one of a lifetime. Jane popped in earlier and said that the young lad's mum was 100% keen and (I keep using this word) overwhelmed by the thought and is 100% up for it. Not a word will be uttered to the young Jedi until the day so he gets the full effect. I was just a little out on the age thing though and I stand corrected that he is 7 or 8 rather than 10. Mum will be contacting Stu, if she hasn't already and the pair can liaise away. Not much more for me to do but sit back and watch the progress of the thread and wait for the reports and pix to be posted Good luck and enjoy
  12. Imy, apologies, I've just noticed where you are Maybe you could send your goodies to whoever organises the treat and they can present it on your behalf. Thanks again for your very generous offer. Gerry
  13. Hi all and thanks for your fantastic offers. I've spoken with my neighbour Jane, who says his parents are overwhelmed at the thought and are really excited for him. Obviously it'll remain a secret from their son until the day. It seems the best time would be a Saturday afternoon or a Sunday. Jane's visit in Sept. doesn't take in a weekend so she says any weekend would be fine. The lad is out of hospital have had his tonsils removed and an operation to correct a turn in one eye. He won't be back at school for the first couple of weeks to avoid the chance of infections. I was going to suggest that we wait until the school holidays but then boys being boys, the bragging rites and street cred. that this outing would give him would be too priceless an opportunity to miss iyswim Therefore if you guys agree, the weekend of 9/10 or 16/17 July would be just great. If this is enough notice to get something organised, I reckon the next move would be to put forward a representative of you guys to liaise with his parents. Rather than post any details and, as I'm sure you understand, I don't know any one of you personally, would the rep be happy with PMing me their contact no. and I'll get Jane to pass it on to the parents. They can then phone you and make contact for details of when, where and how, etc. Sorry to be so dramatic but I know you understand. Imy, thank you for your great offer of sending stuff to me but I would think a little personal, presentation of your goodies would be the cherry on the day's cake
  14. I'll check with my neighbour, Jane, when she gets home from work this afternoon. In truth, it could be almost anytime once he's out of hospital and recovered sufficiently but I just thought it would be nice for her to to be nearby as she started the ball rolling and that would be September. I've been thinking of things that I could do for him although with no Scooby any more and 200+ miles away it won't be as generous as what you guys are offering. I actually found an STi wing badge that I took off my crumpled wing after stuffing the car into the tyre wall at the Lotus test track in Hethel I've kept it in a drawer as I couldn't bring myself to chuck it. So, my partner, Liz, happens to make greetings cards as a hobby. What a cool get well card that would make with a genuine STi badge and maybe a pic of my old v3 in there too. I'll post up some pix, when it's done and see what you think. Another thought, could I pay to sign him up as a member of SIDC so that he gets copies of True Grip sent straight to him, with his name on the envelope? That would definitely cheer him up.
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