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  1. frenchy

    Time For A Change - 2015 Sti

    I remember when you took ownership of the Hatch, I can't believe it's been that long! Loving the new 2015 STi too Al
  2. frenchy

    SIDC Knockhill Trackday

  3. frenchy

    ASDA Charity Day

  4. frenchy

    Malware On Main Sidc Site?!

    It should be gone now
  5. Okay, that's to do with us moving hosts. It's safe to proceed but we need to buy a new licence.
  6. Where is that from Gordon?
  7. frenchy

    Front Lip/spoiler

    HT Autos supply to ScoobyParts so effectively it's the same spoiler. ScoobyParts tend to supply it with a different badge to HT Autos. I've got one on my blob from them, good quality and fit.
  8. frenchy

    Knockhill & Agm Today

    Great day guys. Thanks to all those that came along to both the Track Day and the AGM itself. It was great to meet some more members Lots of very positive comments and suggestions to move the club forward. Keep up the great work
  9. Want to attend the NBO next weekend and be on stand with a Subaru Dealership? Then get in touch with Events@sidc.co.uk and we'll forward your details to the dealer.
  10. frenchy

    Some Very Sad News

    It's extremely sad to hear the news of Kev's passing. My deepest condolences go to all of his family and friends. Sleep well Kev xxx
  11. That's detailing Chris. Being an ex show and shine competition winner, I know it's worth investing in quality products and putting in the hours to look after paintwork.
  12. Not enough hours in the day for that. It took 6 hours as it is and she's still not finished.
  13. I think I just did this Chris It's generally down to personal preference normally.
  14. In preparation for Japfest on Saturday I felt the Scoob was in need of a jolly good clean. A good wash was how it all started with Dodo Juice's Born To Be Mild pH-Neutral Car Shampoo using "Clean Your Car's" Microfibre Wash Sponge followed by a rinse. I then gave her a good clean down with Autoglym's Intensive Tar Remover using a soft cotton cloth to get rid of that stubborn tar that wouldn't be removed through washing or claying alone. Another rinse followed the tar removal leading onto a full clay bar treatment using the Meguiars Clay Bar Kit. A final wash with Autoglym's Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner was then carried out. A soft blade was used to remove a large majority of the water, I then used a Meguiars Water Magnet to remove the remainder from the bodywork. A layer of Werkstat's Prime Acrylic was then applied to the bodywork, buffed off to be followed by Autoglym's HD Wax. To finish off the bodywork a coat of Werkstat's Acrylic Gloss was applied. The black trims around the windows and doors were given a good coat of Autoglym's Bumper and Trim Gel. The windows were then given a good clean with Autoglym's Car Glass Polish. This just leaves the interior, wheels and exhaust to be given a clean on Friday. So, who else has been preparing their Scoob's for the show season? Lets see some piccies
  15. Just a little screen shot from the new shop to illustrate how it looks. A neat little feature is that the top navigation bar remains at the top regardless of how far down a page you scroll or what page you're on