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  1. Happy birthday Iain :o)

  2. I'm always behaving myself lol ;op x

  3. Hey You!

    How are things, are you keeping out of trouble? :o) x

  4. LMAO Rach, you really are a nutter hahahaha.

    Not long left now :o) xx

  5. 10 days til SIDC ladies go on tour - whoop whoop! lol. xx

  6. I was just in from the Dunstable meet :o)

  7. Happy Birthday Iain :o) x

  8. Not to worry, I had an early night anyway. I'm good ta, how about you? :o) x

  9. Damn... failed didn't I lol ;op

  10. Are you still about Rob? How's the Scoob?

  11. Nope, Andy has more than me ;o) lol

  12. Yep, still happy, but then I would be with only 3 and a half days at work this week :op LOL