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  1. ccrien, it was awful mate, one of those rear suspension turrets think it was off side, the hole at the top was the size of a shoe, nearside wasn't as bad, was quite disheartening when he first called me up to have a look after he stripped it. Asked me to make a decision, fix or scrap... When it was jacked up with front door open you couldnt actually shut it!. I need to have a good look on the ramps and get some after pics, I had a brief look during, and his welding is spot on, he knew the process and what I wanted long term. Ive had mixed reactions, "why waste yer money on an old s
  2. Tony what is the best way to use the pics on my phone to put on here?, used to use photobucket?, or can put them on my Facebook page and link to there? I haven't got any after pics yet, waiting from the man who took pics during and of progress.
  3. Hi all!, some may of seen the last post regarding my old Forester, long story short..... 1999 S Turbo Bought in 2011, sold in 2012... By some Miracle managed to get back in july 29th 2019!, FATE!! Enjoyed it for 3 weeks due to MOT running out and needed a lot of work to pass next one. Tested in Nov 2019 but failed. Needed a lot of welding..... Sat in my Garage till June this year, had a chap take a look at the job after 2 others wouldn't take it on, she was fit for the scrap heap, chassis was so bad but I didn't want to give up on her.. Come too far!, This guy was my hero, he wo
  4. The 02 plate fozzy looked smashing mate, such a tidy engine bay, very clean car overall, a credit to you sir New one looks nice too, good to see some clean ones, not many around!, mine falls in to the untidy bracket unfortunately.. My99 just got it back on road... Long story. Needs alot of TLC now...
  5. Its the S turbo, with a prodrive upgrade which was done around its first service many years ago!. Shes very rotton, £800 so far for the welding, will be fine tho, get body work sorted after... Bit by bit 😁
  6. When I suss out to get a recent picture up!!... This is my forester, but back when I previously owned it 2011, bought it back last july... And currently being repaired, sills and jacking points corroded. 175000 miles so far, cant wait to get her back on road, needs some loving,
  7. would this be the similar bit of kit i had on my forester? wasn't quite done at new though, from what i can work out it was at first service. got a nice certificate with it tho, but no badges can imagine your motor is a rare as hens teeth matey, never come across one!
  8. Thats a brilliant bit of info, I will have a look at the website, think no just looked at prodrive in past, but anyway yes exactly same wheels as mine and 215/50/17. The exhaust was done seperate by the looks as its a full unique lifelong system, sports cat and all the way through with no joints to rear box. Has yellow 440 injectors, And a 2c ecu used for the management tweak. Gearbox has close ratio and quick shift, felt more like my old WRX Box than a uk. Desperate to get her on road, needs driving.
  9. I totally forgot to reply sorry Lockheed!, my original plan was to get ready for such events, I'm just not getting the time to finish the fozzy and get it MOTd, nearly there tho! I will defo catch up with some of you guys. Last meeting I went to was 2007! Cheers Andy!, I'm toying with replacing wings, but then ive defo got to get a full respray, rear arches have slight bubbles, and its been hit on near side rear quarter, bumper mainly and just rippled the body above bumper, Not terrible. Its been well used, I'm replacing everything I know that will show up on MOT, brakes are
  10. Yeh cheers mate, it deserves to be looked after now, it would of hurt to see her in wrong hands and end up as scrap, Once shes mechanicaly sound ive got to sort the paint, little rust and a few dings.. But 20 years old too!... I'm a valeter/detailer by trade so cant wait to get stuck in πŸ˜€ Be good to get her out and see some shows, πŸ‘
  11. There the buggers πŸ˜‚ I live quite rural so defo get tested!, it used to be my daily driver, was nice to drive. But bouncy now tho, got clutch slave issues at mo so going nowhere
  12. Cheers matey!, shes a tired ol girl now!. 174000 on the clock, her first 10 years of life it was no expense spared by the looks, I knew the history from when I first bought it 2011. I'm going totally up the upgrades, repairs and maintenance, absolute thousands spent. This is why I had to have her back, although got issues at mo but will get her roadworthy and use it as an occasional drive. The last owner swapped my old suspension set up for the coilovers... All I know is they eere purchased from MAX SPEEDING RODS?! Not sure if I like that rock hard ride tho!, been fully
  13. I fitted impreza suspension to it, some purple kyb adjustables with tein springs, and some 2005 sti rears.... Has since been fitted with coilovers and fully poly bushed,
  14. Cheers guys, certainly didn't want to lose a second chance with this fozzy, although high miles and needing some work but they are such a versatile vehicle. Its for keeps now, ive also got a Jag and my little Pug van for work so getting tight!, I know i did the right thing... Makes me smile when look out the windowπŸ˜€ Will try and post a pic up, from when I had it in 2012... Looks a bit sad at the mo lol
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