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  1. Top bloke,regrettably lost touch over the last few years. RIP KIP
  2. I've popped back in too wheres everyone gone !! its been a while I suppose,we use to have a right laugh. On a plus note still got the scooby.
  3. welcome to the forum m8 post some pics up when ya get ya new beast m8
  4. Still got the same car Steve aint got the heart to get rid dont use much 2k miles a year max shame really pics on this thread http://forums.sidc.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=146453
  5. hi steve hows tricks long time no speak only came back on myself a few weeks ago
  6. Hi m8 yea its good to be back so whats happened to Ac!D then ?
  7. only difference from the pics is i now have a STI8 bonnet scoop and 22b bonnet vents otherwise its all the same i think as in pics
  8. here goes with some pics hopefully its been a while since ive posted any
  9. Frank its been that long forgot how to post pics lol let me have a look now
  10. Nice 1 john always fancied doing somthing like that but the footy takes up all my time let us know how ya get on got any pics of the new beast
  11. welcome back aston see your all coming back now im here lol
  12. glad the family ok so when does your lad get to play with your car lol same with my car its lucky to do 2k miles a year its a shame really after all the money and time ive spent on it but cant bring myself to sell it glad to hear mid scoobies doing well you did a great job there Dave well done m8
  13. hiya Dave hows it tricks m8 are the family all well hows midland scoobies going ya still got the blue beast ??
  14. whats the cupra like compared to the scoob go get yaself a classic John cheap as chips now m8 ya no ya want to lol
  15. Same scoob lol spent that much on it cant bring myself to sell it partly dont like the new scoobs either hawkeye maybe but be tough to sell this one i only do 2k miles a year if that, so the mrs has put her foot down now were married on me buying new toys i dont use women hey lol had her 8 years in june the car not the wife lol had her alot longer than that
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