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  1. Robbie09

    What's happened

    I've popped back in too wheres everyone gone !! its been a while I suppose,we use to have a right laugh. On a plus note still got the scooby.
  2. Hi m8 welcome to the forum
  3. Robbie09

    Price Guide

    where is it for sale m8 im intrested in the bung if he wants to split
  4. I was only on about this to Si Monkey boy the other day about all the oldies not many left now 03 when i joined fancy a game of pool Nick LOL
  5. Great work Mike looks like ya have made a good job of it
  6. Robbie09

    Got My Much Wanted Pics

    cracking pics Craig
  7. Stunning m8 nice car and great spec
  8. It certainly is a mess and yes it looks like it did its job
  9. Robbie09

    Best For Remaps?

    Hi m8 speak to Simon at jollygreenmonster http://www.jollygreenmonster.com/ he did mine and i was more than happy with his work and i highly recommend him
  10. Robbie09

    Remap Tomorrow!

    Simon did my car a few years back top bloke i also would reccomend him aswell
  11. Robbie09

    Happy Birthday Dannyd

    Happy birthday Dannyboy
  12. Robbie09


    very nice m8 they look the business and at a bargin price to
  13. Robbie09

    Watch Out On Ebay!

    Its funny how he only noticed he didnt put a reserve on untill the auction had finished dont ya just hate people like this