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  1. Black Hawk :-P City Bypass

    haha no worries! diet cokes... suurreeeeee
  2. Black Hawk :-P City Bypass

    Yes it was me!! Good to see ya's Was on a rare venture north haha hope you enjoyed the wedding
  3. jim clark rally

    Thanks folks
  4. jim clark rally

    Jim Clark Rally Photos Some of my photos from the weekend...
  5. jim clark rally

    Stages today are as follows: 1- Duns - 19:00 2- Bothwell - 19:51 3- Abbey St Bathans - 20:19 4- Duns2 - 21:12 5- Bothwell2 - 22:15 6- Abbey St Bathans2 - 22:43
  6. Is this mod possible?

    The only easy way to do it is get a USDM or JDM tail light, as they dont have a rear fog as standard. The reverse light one wont fit unless you cut it up a little, but taking the rear lights appart is a pain in the backside as you have to dremmel them open, the clear lens is plastic welded to the black housing
  7. What mods for my 2006 Black Hawkeye STI

    x444wrx you should get your boot lock surround painted black to match too, I think it makes a big difference.. I also tinted the spoiler brake light so it blends in better
  8. What mods for my 2006 Black Hawkeye STI

    Needs more black! Have since got the windows tinted... Brembos are getting painted black... May do the insides of the headlights black.. unsure yet...
  9. blitz nur spec r

    Got one on my Hawkeye WRX, fit no problem, got it from Revolution/Just Subaru down in Newcastle Link to Hawkeye Exhaust section Looks great, its pretty loud, although it comes with a bung to silence it a bit (mines is missing the bung) Not sure how it would fit on the Prodrive set up, but fit perfectly to the stock WRX down pipe Shouldnt need a map as you are just losing the 2nd cat that isnt monitored Heres a photo of the old and new for comparason Cheers John
  10. Hawkeye WRX wheels

    Hi, Just sold a set the same! full spec on the wheels: 17x7J ET55 PCD 5x100 Will fit all the classics, and newage WRX's Clear 4 pot calipers but not Brembos Cheers John
  11. HVAC and interior lighting mod

    Haha, mmm yeah, there will be a gauge pod going in there at some point, what exactly I'm not sure yet.. I do have a spare clock, may get round to experimenting on it.....
  12. HVAC and interior lighting mod

    Hi all, just thought I'd share the latest bit of modding I have done to my Hawkeye. Got rid of all the boring green lights and upgraded to red! (radio is getting the push soon!!) They should have came like this from factory!! Cheers John
  13. anyone fancy a run

    You guys should come down to Charterhall Airfield tomorrow, theres a rally on Its the far side of Greenlaw on the A697, it should be sign posted That way you'll still get your run and get to see some rally action too
  14. Wheel Painting / Powder Coating

    Hi I got them done at The Wheel Specialist in Newcastle, been working down that way a bit lately, so was handy for me.