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  1. Where did my username go?

    Ahhh top notch, TYVM
  2. Where Is Everyone?

    Hello hello, not dead and my Scoob isnt either. Might be selling in a few months right enough G.Mac
  3. Ok, granted I have not logged in over the last couple of years but how do I get my proper username back? Always been G.Mac even got the SIDC jacket to prove it haha Graeme
  4. Where Is Everyone?

    I cant have my old username because of the . dont like the whole G_Mac thing boooooooo plus the whole neo Nazi forum locking thing annoyed me, you were supposed to be encouraging members not driving them away
  5. Its not a sign of the times on here unfortunately. All the in fighting and scandal caused a lot of problems, the forum is no longer the same friendly place it used to be. It is far harder to have a laugh and a joke without being chastised (Winston for example) as we are now apparently all PC and the latest lock down of the forum was a joke. Self destruction by way of the management uinfortunately. I dont often post anymore but in this case I feel the need to voice my opinion and relax and yes I wont be renewing Graeme forum user / member since 2005
  6. Knockhill - Saturday 29Th March

    ahhh didnt notice that it was still the 2013 dates on the events topic
  7. Knockhill - Saturday 29Th March

    Working as usual edit, just checked my roster and June is looking hopeful !!!!!!
  8. Heads Up Breaking My Car

    Slight change of plans, I will be putting the car back to near standard as I have been offered a Spec C engine and many of the standard parts required in part ex for my Zen dry sump kit. So the car will be sold as a whole minus all the good bits so keep your eyes on the for sale section in the coming couple of months not thought of prices yet but to give you a taste of some of the parts I will have 2.5 closed deck fully forged engine with ported heads and 14mm RCM head studs, 1mm oversize valves inconell inlets and stainless exhausts with titanium dual springs and keepers and Cosworth high lift cams Scooby clinic Billet GT30 turbo Scooby Clinic Rotated exhaust pipework mated onto a Meercat decat system Zen Performance GT spec 2 style headers and up pipe Process West Style V mount setup with oil cooler built into Radiator Process West style swirl pot AP 356 discs and AS performance Bells with AP 6 pots Load of Whiteline stuff Verus Coilovers AVCR Zeitronics data-logger with lambda AFR and EGT inputs Phormula KS4 knock analyser DEFI BF gauges oil temp oil pressure and boost with DEFI controller Rays 57F V Speed alloys with 245/40/18 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres amongst others Will keep you updated in the for sale section once the parts start coming off the car These power figures are at the wheels Decided on getting something a little more grown up that is pretty quick out the wrapper so have my heart set on a C6 RS6 Avant twin turbo V10 with 580bhp out the box Graeme
  9. Just a wee heads up that I will be breaking my car shortly so get saving and buy my parts!!!!! Graeme
  10. ..

    And he was in a Subaru too!!!!
  11. ..

    might just do that
  12. ..

    I dont think anyone wants yer boaby as a prize Chris
  13. Vinyl Wrapping Glasgow?

    http://www.gumtree.com/p/business-services/premium-vehicle-wraps-renfrew-vinyl-wrapping-part-wraps-eg-mirror-roof-bonnet-glasgow-car-wrap/1008754935 https://www.facebook.com/premiumvehicle.wraps not used them yet, but was thinking about getting my 10R done in screaming orange Graeme
  14. Big Thank You To S&s Subaru

    Aye, I had a misunderstanding with S&S years ago re what was happening with warranty work due to lack of communication. Managed to get a sit down with John, quite easily I may add and everything was sorted extremely quickly and all shortcomings on both sides were addressed and put right. Always had a good relationship with Lorna and she will always do her utmost to help. If I am ever in the situation to be buying a new Subaru (most probably diesel Fozzy) I will be using S&S again Best Subaru garage I have dealt with so far Graeme
  15. Knockhill - Saturday 22Nd June

    Yea will be there as a spectator. I will have the boat UP TO greenock by Friday for sure