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  1. Greenwagons Engine Bay Makeover

    Bonnet dampers to be fitted soon Rallytech underbonnet splitter in black on order Alternator to be coated in black by Locky A few more bolts to be replaced Clutch fluid cover to for More polishing required Then it should be finished in time for the show season 2wheels to be refurbished soon Arches rust to be cut out and replaced and resprayed the majority of the car That will keep me busy this year
  2. Merry Christmas To Everyone

    Happy new year guys
  3. Greenwagons Engine Bay Makeover

    Trying out new angle wax Reflections On tour with B-SPOC to visit the god That's part of phase one done
  4. Greenwagons Engine Bay Makeover

    On show at the Scottish car show with B-SPOC Lots of interest from the crowds On show at the NBO with the north Wales group
  5. Greenwagons Engine Bay Makeover

    Back to see rob Bit of gold and green Rather rob then me to tackle this And an hour later !!! Looking good Back home Vmark bonnet cover fitted Oh yes Changed Rallytech writing to green Spending lots of free time (and money ) after redundancy cleaning and doing little bits Green brackets look good Not sure about the yellow though Bit of autoglmn on the plastics
  6. Greenwagons Engine Bay Makeover

    A nice drive home with them Seems to nice to put them back where they belong Should look good
  7. Greenwagons Engine Bay Makeover

    Time for a bath ?? Manifold a bit dirty Bit of chemical cleaning Bit of carbon dipped for first code Happy woth the green Nice Love the detail Bit if lacquer Bit if colour for the header tank Washer bottle nice now All done by the man called Locky
  8. Greenwagons Engine Bay Makeover

    Where are we now ? Getting tricky so my friend Rob took a few minutes to take these off These bits had to go ..... Looking a bit bear in here
  9. Greenwagons Engine Bay Makeover

    Samco and brackets Bit of lime green Close up
  10. Greenwagons Engine Bay Makeover

    Dremmel and autosol for birthday Birthday From the misses Feeling a bit horny also Xmas present Bit if red But if spraying brackets What's in the box My wages
  11. Greenwagons Engine Bay Makeover

    In the meantime Swapped the wrxd for my wife's new toy Striped up amd ready to go Thought I would treat myself to a birthday present to my self Executive or fun decisions every day
  12. Greenwagons Engine Bay Makeover

    Rallytech Some nice gold washers to go woth my hundred shiney bolts and a couple of nice bits Oh yes Nice but those rusty pullies mm Nice but not sure about the white water bottle Nice but rusty pullies and header tank Nice but cam belt cover Mmm Nice but horrible pipes Mmm Nice but a bit if dirt here and there Not bad but ........
  13. Greenwagons Engine Bay Makeover

    A bit of magic from Locky carnot dipping incandy green Close up Snorkle Chemically cleaned and dipped bracket Another box
  14. Haven't been on here for a long time since banned from posting as not being a full member and just Realsied it's an open forum again So for those out there I've been busy with my Greenwagon in the last couple of years Had my Greenwagon for 14 years 4 months now and decided to brighten up the engine bay Bit grubby so gave it a clean up Rallytech battery bracket Bit of autosol here and there Bit more cleaning Bonnet slam panel Off woth these rusty bits What's in the box ?
  15. Open A Hornets Nest But Sidc On Face Book

    Although a relatively low poster but been on here for 12 years still trying to get you all to come to the NBO I spend lots of time on various forums and all are down on footfall After a few years you actually run out of things to talk about Our BSPOC forum Is flying with posts every day Could be because we have diversified and only half the members have subarus ,the rest a varied selection of performance cars The chav element has destroyed many forums with the more mature members giving up trying to help them with constructive advice The main thing that is slowing forum traffic down is Facebook It's so user friendly and where you win with it is so easy to post pictures ,instant messages and easier to use at work when you just have access to your smart phone at spare times of the day . Fb will help any forum with quick messages and of course directing people to the main forums You can also get out reminders or new information quicker to people and of course People share the info with potential new members I predict in the future even more decline on forums and people moving to fb for a quick access to the forums