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  1. It Had To Happen.

    No mate at stobhill in the morning, did a temp repair using a car tyre repair patch, and then tape, worked fined. new hose is now on the car. only cost £26.03 from greives Never saw your car mate. then again my head was up my a!$e.
  2. It Had To Happen.

    Not on a Wagon. maybe some type of Japanese street style graphics.
  3. It Had To Happen.

    Got rid of the 330 about 3/4 months ago got another Wagon a blob eye this time. In the best colour of course and it has it's bling on. (blue with gold prodrive wheels). The missus says this is getting to be a bad addiction.
  4. It Had To Happen.

    After 5 Scoobies I had my first breakdown today. Top Radiator hose spilt. managed to stop the car before the temp went up very far. Used Subaru Assist (arrived within 10min of phoning) to get it to my mates garage managed to do a temp repair to the hose and ordered a new one from Charlie up at Greives Heard that this is very uncommon so much so that the main dealers don't carry the hose. But my new one will be here tomorrow.
  5. Home Cinema

    The full setup including getting someone in to skim and line the wall, was just around 3k-3.5k. the screen paint was bloody expensive at over £200 just for the grey colour. The wife says I'm not allowed to spend money on the scooby so it went on this. only other expense will be the new audio setup (when I can afford it). If you miss out the remote and the cabinets use a normal drop screen and blu-ray with surround sound amp built in, and could use a normal hd projector (I only needed a short throw cause the room is small) you could do it for about 1.5k-2k Main advise would be don't cut costs on the projector (go for a full hd one) and hdmi cables to it(hdmi 1.4 10meter is what I used). drop screen you can pick up quite cheap same with blu-ray players.
  6. Home Cinema

    As most members know I really like my electronic toys. (it's also how I earn my living) So this is my first real attempt at a full home cinema setup. The screen is 120inches at 16:9 format The projector is a acer s1200 short throw with HDMI firmware upgrade giving 1920x1080 progressive at 60Hz The distance from the projector to screen is only 7ft the mark on the wall doesn't appear on the wall?. The remote used is a URC inc MX 3000 using this I can control everything even the lights. Simple to use screens. I bought 2 cabinets and modified them to fit the full lenght of the wall. Picture quality is great Sound is cracking from a DTS Samsung setup due to get replaced by ether a kef or Linn setup. Still got to do some painting of the walls and replace the lights with dark holders. but very happy with it so far. Ed. Orders now being taken.
  7. Need some help guys, When Conders sent up the blob eye someone managed to steal all four of the center caps. Ian at Conders supplied 3 old ones on a temp basis while they waited for the new ones to arrive. They arrive yesterday. heres the problem. the Wheels are Gold UK300 Prodrive's but the new Center caps are silver they have the prodrive by OZ logo's just the wrong colour. And conders are saying you can only get them in silver now. So if anyone knows where I can buys some from or the Part number for them in gold that would be very helpful. Cheers Ed.
  8. Tyres

  9. Anyone Got A Cheap Solution To This...

    To reprogram your code as long as the alarm is the standard sigma unit. Unlock doors using remote type with 20 sec's *17856*92*wxyz*wxyz# (where wxyz is your new PIN code) into keypad alarm should bleep. job done Just done mine the other night as I did not get the code with mine.
  10. Since I got rid of the 330 (now have a blobeye wagon and people carrier on order) the wife is going to get me a more personal number plate something that ends in EDD or EJR (my initials). so was wondering what my old plate is worth. Reg plate is L555 BAY on retension with assignment already paid. just looking for a ball park fig so If I do put it on ebay I don't sell it too cheap. Cheers Ed.
  11. Need Some Advice Re: A Bigger Car.

    Too late for the don't buy french, ordered a c4 grand picasso VTR+ today. now just got to find a cheap scooby. been on autotrader and pistonheads seen blob eyes for approx 5k but will take my time and get the right one. cheers Ed.
  12. Due to needing even more room (car wise) looking for some advice. I will be getting rid of the 330 and buying something with more space. What do you guys think of forresters, outbacks etc. Trying to stay with subaru as they are offering the most for the 330 (thanks gav). or should I do a straight sale and get a MPV like a grand picasso for everyday use and get a classic/early newage for a play thing. I have been dilly dathering about what to do. If I do a straight sale for the 330 what do you think would be best for that private, we buy any car, dealer. I myself think dealer as I can't be bothered with every test pilot calling. Mon guys need help. Ed.
  13. Ed-209

    My wife is reg disabled as a few people know. hence the badge is on the passenger side.
  14. Ed-209

    Terrible can't even slink about without getting gatso'd
  15. 2009 Subaru Sti 300

    It's not a 330s, doesn't have the tinted rear windows. the fog, spitters ect are extra even on a 330 so at 24K it over priced for a standard year old sti with just cosmetic changes. Does it have recaro seats and push button start. if it does it may be a euro import.