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  1. I've had the RA for 5 and a half years was close to selling her last year, but that thought went out my head pretty quickly when I figured out I wouldn't be happy driving any other car btw, i love this smiley!
  2. micra_wrc

    Rallyday 2011

    CLICK here for the Vision update thread I started it in the Scottish section but you think it belongs in General then I'm happy for the mods to move it Imy
  3. micra_wrc

    Rallyday 2011

    Stu, I didn't know you were up at the Vision stand, things were pretty hectic sorry if it seemed like I was blanking you, I would have said hi if I heard you/knew it was you, we keep missing each other at shows imy
  4. micra_wrc

    ps3 home theme idea?

    great idea, I'll mention it to the charity and I still pmsl with the goat touching thing Imy
  5. scary to see that things havent improved in 2 months - the last post on this thread was in March this year but they read like they were written yesterday Its so expensive to fill up. We're driving the RA at a snail's pace and in constant fear of having to put fuel in her again. Takes the fun out from being behind the wheel
  6. micra_wrc

    Another car back on the road

    aye aye... bet you do that to all the cars that you valet
  7. micra_wrc

    summers here!

    love the wheels
  8. micra_wrc

    How Great Is Your Impreza?

    I had to do a 300 mile round trip for a 30 minute meeting today. Client goes to me "did you drive up just for this?" I go "yup, and I dont mind " I love the burble from the RA and get a nice rumble, even at 60 mph. I don't even get het up about folk that overtake, I know the power is there if I need it. managed to do it in just over a tank too!
  9. micra_wrc

    Scooby Ball Raffle

    I'd like to nominate the Colin McRae Vision. The charity is now established and has started donating money to fund equipment purchases. Appreciate that the McRae Gathering did a big push for this but it always gets me that the lives of 2 little boys were lost in the helicopter accident as well as Colin. imy btw - what happened to the "Clubman of the Year award 2009"? Has it been awarded?
  10. micra_wrc

    Look What I Found In My Boot Today

    i had the same with the RA. Also found a lot of water in the bit where you store the jack (on the left hand side of the boot), think it was coming in through the rear lights or the spoiler. Not been able to find the source yet as the only option Grant suggested was for me to climb into the boot (RA rear seats don't fold down) and he hose the car from the outside so I see where the water is coming in
  11. I usually run the RA in V-Power (dont get Tesco 99 up here). Had to fill with Tesco last summer when we went to Elvington and found the same as what the OP said in his first post - the car felt less responsive and sounded rougher than normal. Gary, you'd better get a Shell V Power drivers club
  12. great to see this in the flesh, the pictures don't show how epic this has become. had to lol at this bit about the harnesses., I can relate
  13. micra_wrc

    Prodrive Visit To Tidworth Barracks

    well done folks, thats an amazing amount for a great cause looked like a great day
  14. you should have my stuff now
  15. micra_wrc

    Type Ra Specs?

    just to confuse you even more I have a RA and she's got electric windows and air con owners were able to select stuff like central locking, electric mirrors etc etc from a ticklist when they ordered their RA so each car is slightly different in creature comforts. as for it being revvy, I love the short shift gearbox and was taught to shift up at 3000-3500 rpm because of the gearing. i've done loads of motorway miles and the revs dont bother me, i'm used to it now and love listening to the burble. best thing is to view and test drives the models that you've talked about and get a feel for each variant. the type-ra website has been pointed out to you, have a look through that to get an idea of what is available. imy