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  1. Al, I've emailed you the map I made up for the 07 Highland run - please circulate it to whoever is making up this run. I hope this gets off the ground and takes place, it would be a great way to remember Higgy. Imy
  2. Saw the news on FB and it made me stop and remember him. Simon was a genuine guy and had the enthusiasm and buzz to get involved, do new things and take part in the club when we were doing runs and events. He will be remembered for his infectious bellowing laugh and being one of members that set the bar back in the days. Imy
  3. I've got a bunch of stuff left over from the McRae Gathering. I'll have a look through the boxes and will send Chris a goat to arrange collection. Imy
  4. aw Gus, you did well considering I put you on the spot The best moments for me would be all the runs and events that I was involved in. Am surprised how many have said the Gathering is their best part worse for me is putting the car up for sale if anyone fancies a geniuine v2 STi RA for £3k then fire me a goat.
  5. just clicked in to see whats going on good to see the Fling has become a regular event. and wow are you guys still talking about that incident? it was that Strike's fault you know imy x
  6. Tomorrow, Sat 6th More info about the forest stages on the CCC website here imy x
  7. I occasionally come on here to read up on what's happening and get the latest on who's bought/sold/broken/modded/washed their cars. I've stepped back from the scene as I've moved on, things change and passions peeter out. I've had my spell of being in the thick of things, and I've lost the urge to post tbh. I've still got the RA and love driving the car, and will keep checking into here to see whats happening. Imy
  8. wow, thats a quick labour. Hope missus is ok, and Eliza is gorgeous how heavy was she?
  9. nice one Cathy hopefully your bubbly personality can rejuvenate the area
  10. hiya Davie, thanks, but the courier service has been sorted Stuart is Dumfries-Glasgow on Sunday and I'm doing Glasgow-up north on Monday. imy
  11. Stuart, that sounds like a plan, call Grant on Saturday and we can sort out times for Sunday you know where we are though, it depends whether the breakers are open on Sunday for you to collect the parts... Imy
  12. if someone can get them to me from Dumfries by the weekend, I'll take it from Gla north, I'm heading up that way anyway I can meet at Stirling on Sunday afternoon or somewhere in Glasgow on Monday morning I take it these parts aren't huge and can fit in the boot/back seat of the RA... Imy
  13. just Fire Marko, figured walking on glass would hurt too much
  14. I've had the RA for 5 and a half years was close to selling her last year, but that thought went out my head pretty quickly when I figured out I wouldn't be happy driving any other car btw, i love this smiley!
  15. I think that we should donate to Rachel House or Robin House. Yorkhill do a fantastic job but I feel they get the lion's share of fundrasing and attention, particularly from large groups (cabbies, bikers etc). They also have an established Fundraising department and have people employed full time to drum up interest/organise events. There are so many other, worthwhile children's charities out there and I think we should explore other organisations. I know that there is a historic link between us and Yorkhill, but I'd be more inclined to get involved if we do something new this year If its Yorkhill, then I probably won't take part, I've signed up to do a Fire Walk for Yorkhill next month and am all 'charity fundraising out' for them Imy
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