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  1. Neofox

    Wrc Monte-carlo

    Imy i'm taking my girlfriend onto the stages too, shes nifty with languages so she comes in handy Cheers Warby, i would like 2 of the £45 type tickets for the friday if you could please! Oh and yes Imy I shall have the camera glued to my face Ian
  2. Neofox

    Wrc Monte-carlo

    Cheers guys. Warby no problem, let my membership lapse after selling my RA but dont mind renewing. Just wondering what kind of cost SWRT charge for said passes and what we could expect to get. Been sitting plotting away on google earth trying to figure out feesable viewing spots, getting really excited now Cheers!
  3. Neofox

    Wrc Monte-carlo

    Cheers for the reply. I'll remember to pack my extra wooly socks then! Will be testing out parts of the GP curcuit in the hire car Looking forward to seeing the WRC boys in action never seen them in the flesh doing there stuff.
  4. Neofox

    Pics Of Your Cars Needed !

    Got some more of the Classic / Newage photoshoot i did. Take a look at Stillspeed.com and then Classic Vs Newage If you would like better resolution just drop me a PM. Ian
  5. Morning! Me and my girlfriend are thinking about heading over to watch the Monte-Carlo WRC in January and have a wee holiday at the same time. Just wondering if anyone has ever been or if anyone has any hints for good places to stand to get some good photographs. Also wondering how I would go about getting my hands on some VIP tickets for the SWRT i would love to get up close and personal with the team, make the trip so much more special. If anyone has any hints and tips too on the who travelling, what to take etc it would be much appreciatted. Cheers Ian
  6. Neofox

    Well done Button

    Bloody superb!!!! Long time coming for a nice bloke!!
  7. Closed Deck basically means the bottom end is solid around the cylinders therefore being more solid and less prone to failure
  8. White the best colour! Couple of inches here, looks very festive and good for doughnuts
  9. Neofox

    Is this truly an sti?????

    Hmm looks like this isnt an STi. One simple way of finding out asked for the Model Code, which his reply was GC8-C48D. And as per the FAQ on SIDC this matches to a Sep.94-Aug.95 / MY95 / GC8C48D / 260/ WRX 4 door Oh and the sellers reply to this information was : "i know what i am selling and exactly what it is.. thanks"
  10. Neofox

    Carbon Fibre Replacement Dash

    Would be nice to see some top quality CF parts, i`m a huge fan of CF and would like to use it as a part of a project that would love to show off to the public. I have a classic so large audience of potential buyers.
  11. Neofox

    KnockLink Group Buy

    1 - WUZ 2 - WUZ 3 - siborg (LED MOD) 4 - V5 man (MAYBE) 5 - Louise_Rat (MAYBE) 6 - quiet_andy 7 - CyprusScobby 8 - super-roo 9 - STB Butty 10 - Neofox