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  1. Just wondering what kind of cost that set you back? Looking to do something similar and trying to find quality work at reasonable price.
  2. Hopefully I'd like to get in on this if I can get my car done in a suitable time frame. Needing and Andy map on my Apexi!
  3. Ah poor thing! I still remember the day letting her go. Glad to hear things are coming together, I'm almost as bad as you, bought this Type-R about 10 months ago then SORN'd it after 250 miles with plans on having it finished by now, gotta love our economy! Never mind fingers crossed i'll actually get something done this summer.
  4. how is my old girl doing duncan? i see your giving her the life she was designed for!! cheers for the input i think a phonecall to SW is on the cards. Playsatan i'm still interested in the gearbox and if it would be possible for someone like sw to give it a clean bill of health it sounds like a good plan! if you could give me a rough idea of price as i'm gonna need to cost the different plans of action.
  5. Yeh I had read that the TY54 boxes are supposidly a bit stronger than the TY52 but have seen people running decent numbers through the TY52 aslong as you respect it. Playsatan what mileage/condition is the box you have in? Fancy PM'ing me a price and gearbox code if you get a second Who is recommended to give gearbox's the once over?
  6. Well finally I'm finding the time to crack on with getting my Scooby tidied up and back on the road and I was hoping someone could help with suggestions about Gearbox's! My current gearbox is a pain to get in 1st and 2nd and I was finding I had to slowly slot it into gear allowing the synchros a few seconds to grip or I would hear it grinding in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Car is a MY98 Type-R gearbox code TY752VB5CA with about 60'000 miles on it. My current setup is 350/400 but was looking at posssibly pushing that to 400/400 or thereabouts. I dont plan on launching it day in day out on a drag strip its mainly B road blasts and possibly the odd track day. Realistically I dont want to spend £2k+ on changing over to 6 speed. What would the suggestions / recommendations be on what to do? Cheers!
  7. Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone could recommend a decent paint repair specialist? Need a rear bumper fixed that has suffered some scratches. Would be ideal for a mobile repairer in the Edinburgh area. Any suggestions? Cheers Ian
  8. Cheers Jase and Arch for the links. Must get my car back on the road before I start to collect my pension!!
  9. Jase, just wondering, your Parallel fuel rail mod, how much braided hose did you need? Also where did you get that and the -6AN fittings? Cheers Ian
  10. Just wondering what tools you used to polish up your alternator and inlet? I'm in the process of stripping down my Type-R and about to do the same. Cheers Ian
  11. Spotted you on the Telly!! You were kneeling down taking a picture of Louise talking to Matt Neil in race 3 if my failing memory recalls correctly!
  12. Aye Col they certainly are addictive btw your famous speedhunters.com time-attack-round-2 5th picture down
  13. Yes i do have a thing for white Scoobies Dunk hope my old chariot is still going strong, I hear on the grapevine shes going 2.1 cant wait to see her again sometime. Cheers for the welcome back guys, good to see some old faces, hopefully we can catch up sometime soon. I always wanted the Type-R but just couldn't afford one those many years ago but managed to get a cracking deal on this little beaut! Currently running a 2.5 bottom end but just standard STi spec no luvley fully forged we will keep that for later main aims are to get chassis, suspension, brakes and gearbox all upto spec for some light competition use. The car has had alot of care through the years with the right names on the right recipets so pretty please with it. At the moment the engine bay is getting a bit of a makeover as i'm a bit of a clean freak as Dunk might remember the day he picked up my old car so currently tidying up some shabby looking brackets and what not. Also on the lookout for a Oil Catch Can, FPR and Oil Cooler before seeing if AndyF can work some magic.
  14. Hello lads and ladies just thought I would pop my head in and say hello! Been popping in now and then seeing how things were going in here and its ended up with me coming back to the land of scooby ownership! Just picked up a nice V4 Type-R with a few nice modifications Bumped into Squiggle, Imy and G.Mac at the Jim Clark was grand to have a natter with you hopefully catch up with everyone again this year that is when the car is back together as its currently in pieces while I tidy some areas up.
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