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  1. Before I altered my exhaust on the Hawk STI I checked with Andy Forrest and he said no problem, so now I have a snakehead downpipe onto a full straight through 3" system, no cats, no resonators onto a Roger Clark Motorsport team Ice back box :-) No running issues whatsoever. Davie
  2. Get yourself down to chemical guys in Cambuslang chris, plenty products and even better advice ;-)
  3. corsa

    Which Tyres?

    If you don't mind m asking Andy how much and where from ? Davie
  4. One thing that bugs me about the SIDC and other forums are the same is the pain in the ass it is to upload photographs, if only it was as quick and easy as FB :-)
  5. I was against it from the word go beacuse of the points i stated but most of all the amount of shite posts that were appearing every two mins on my feeds and made my point quite clear.Agree with Kevins comments above re splinter groups of splinter groups. Keep the traffic on the forums and leave FB for what its meant to be...... D
  6. hi there got set off these wheels off wrx 07712676994

  7. ordered mine today, be good to see who the photographs are accredited to Davie
  8. corsa

    I really like having a Subaru Impreza

    Much the same with me, state of our roads mixed with Fuel prices,road tax etc etc has made me think for the first time about selling up for good, the hawkeye i have will be my last scoob as i dont fancy the hatches and as all good things come to an end !!!! I am fortunate enough to be able to afford my car as a weekend toy and maintain/run/modify and until i can no longer do that i will continue to clean it,polish it,spend money on but more importantly be able to drive it as it should be driven at times, cruise when cruising suits but boot the nuts off it on the B roads when the opporchancity ;-) offers the clear road ahead. I have signed up for the ring with 14 of my fellow enthusiasts which i am looking forward to but loads of runs,holidays and enjoyment of the car before then. I am on my 3rd scoob from a Y plate WRX wagon to the 04 STI blob ( the best by far in my opinion) to my 07 STI hawkeye,with 400bhp to play with. Davie
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    I dont think its about making money TBH !!
  10. corsa


    Ive been about for approximately 8-9 years now !!!!and feel like a newbie because any event i have gone to there are more new faces than old ones, i do appreciate people move on but going back to the days of the Urban racings meets,meets at the Showcase when Spooks had his megane !! and all the Ayreshire boys before the splinter groups started for all their own reason at the time.Some years i renewed and some i didnt,The cost is not an issue to me as the way i look at it is that if we can all afford to buy/run and maintain the cars we own,modify and spend a lot of cash on the price of a years membership for less than a tank of fuel is worth the money in some aspects,even if it is just to show a little bit of support to the team spending a locty of theire free time keepoing the forums and the likes running so that may just be enough for me to renew.It was nice to get the magazine,stickers and tax disc holder but apart from that the 10% discount was not that must of a draw because i had such a good relationship with my dealer that i always got a discount anyway. I have not renewed this year for any particular reason apart from the fact i felt that all the information/assistance i need for the involvement i have in the Subaru scene is right here, at my fingertips,now if there was a members only section that was where meets/runs/group buys were detailed in for discussion then would that not encourage more people to become members? Now if locked threads in the general section for example were highlighting proposed meets/runs/group buys and the likes that may be enough with a link directing non members to a page saying to view this section please join? There will always be clique (sp) groups and people talking about others but thats life it happens on all forums and blogs and like itself. As has been said before new people deserve the support so maybe a poll on the following would be more usefull for finding out the results you are looking for? 1) Who is curently a member who will be renewing? 2) Who is currently a member who will not be renewing? 3) Who is not a member that will be joining? 4) Who is not a member that will not be joining? Just my two bobs worth what do you think?? Davie
  11. Ok folks, a wee inside heads up here, we are going to start the refurbishment of Shell Byker in newcastle on Monday 26th 8am. There is a surplus of V-power that requires uplift and transferring to another local site but that is working out too expensive. The V-power is going to be going out as the same price as ordinary unleaded probably from Friday late PM ie the 23rd. This will not be advertised locally neither will it be a reduced price on the MID sign. Just take a wee drive up and check it out at the actual pump display to see what they are charging Currently an excess of 12,000ltrs at present. PS the site will be closed for 6 weeks with the nearest ones for you being either Blaydon or South Gosforth(the 2 sites we have just finished). Hope it gets you guys a turn and if you pass the site when its shut blast the horn it will keep my guys awake!!! Davie Corsa.
  12. corsa

    Yet Another NooB

    I recognise the reg plate and the fact S&S are the dealer i may know the previous owner that i can put you in touch with. Pm me if you want more info. davie.
  13. corsa

    Morning all.....

    Thought i would let all you guys know... ITS A HOLIDAY TODAY IN SCOTLAND