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  1. 1. Scooby222 - Booked 2. STI and - Booked 3 PhilMC & 1 4 DaveyL WRX and the wench - Booked 5. Wayne & Audrey Telford 6. Badbaz - Booked 7. StrikE - Booked 8. Wrx Kenny +1 - Booked 9. ScottSti +1 - Booked 10. Don - Booked 11. ianambrown - Booked (DaveyL has twisted my arm!) 12.Corsa in the 401 ;-)
  2. what makes you think its in scotland this year ;-)
  3. Hi Colin, good to speak to you the other night again. Probably the best place is Progrip in Bonnybridge, while Dastek or now known as HQ are good they tend to specialise in Evos, but by all means give HQ a call and ask for Gerry Gaffney, afer all hes one of the STRC championship sponsors ;-) All the best D
  4. Before I altered my exhaust on the Hawk STI I checked with Andy Forrest and he said no problem, so now I have a snakehead downpipe onto a full straight through 3" system, no cats, no resonators onto a Roger Clark Motorsport team Ice back box :-) No running issues whatsoever. Davie
  5. Get yourself down to chemical guys in Cambuslang chris, plenty products and even better advice ;-)
  6. After yesterdays detailing day DO NOT use baby wipes as they clog up the pores in the leather, hoover,clean with a detail spray then apply a butter creme,results are unbelievable and also cares and protects your leather. If in doubt drop the chemical guys in Cambuslang an email or go visit them. D
  7. If you don't mind m asking Andy how much and where from ? Davie
  8. Sorry Dave, last round of the SRC Galloway Hills Rally that weekend so im out :-( enjoy.
  9. The grass at Kames wont need cut for a while thanks to oor Kevan :-0 Good day had by all ,great turnout and pics up on FB soon :-) Davie
  10. See you there lads wrong direction for me :-)
  11. Good amount raised chris well done to all. D
  12. How much was raised ? Wheres all the pictures Christophe ;-) D
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