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  1. 2 links here: http://www.type-ra.co.uk/vB/showthread.php?t=4482 http://www.type-ra.co.uk/vB/showthread.php?t=3814
  2. Colour code is 53C. See here for more info: http://www.type-ra.co.uk/vB/showthread.php?t=2561
  3. A few vids from the rolling road & forest day for those interested: http://www.type-ra.co.uk/vB/showthread.php?p=21848#post21848 Enjoy.
  4. MY 95 STi RA was only available in 230 Feather White matey. The Cashmere yellow was V6 only. HTH
  5. No matey!! Never. Ever. Abuse the roof vent with a scoop. They are sacred and should always be left alone.
  6. << Guys last night we had an Impreza STi Type Uk stolen Registration Number DK53FAU chassis number :- JF1GDBKH33G035184, any information or if anyone hears anything it would be much appreciated to pass on the information and from your side of things be on the look out for a WR blue STI up for sale (which I am sure wont happen but you never know). It was stolen over a 6 hour period on our forecourt under spot lights right by the main road which for the guys who have not seen our site the main road is busy all the time and the forecourt is less than 2 meters from the road. Firstly they tried to ram through our security bollards and failed then came back and cut the security posts on our forecourt somehow managed to bypass the immobiliser and drove the car away. MOST SCARY is that they were still trying to take the car at 6:30 in the morning and the traffic at that time was really busy. We have CCTV cameras running and watched all of it!!! Just a reminder of what these guys will do to get to our PRIDE AND JOY!!!!!! >> How about showing the footage? I have had several attempts at my house & any assistance would be most welcome.
  7. It looks very different to the one on my STi V5. Is it genuine?
  8. A plea for assistance to all you scooby gurus out there! I have just fitted a full Scoobysport exhaust system to my MY99. Now the car runs fine at low revs, but as soon as it hits the boost it misfires and looses power. The car is totally standard apart from the exhaust. I noticed the de-cat downpipe is substantially larger diameter than the standard one - could the lower back pressure be causing this? Thanks everyone.
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