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  1. How can you tell if a car is a UK one or a european import?
  2. Can you tell from an engine number where the car was made (if it is a UK car or an import)? Cheers Lee
  3. Elephant don't ask for a tracker either.
  4. It looks a beast mate, is it easy to clean as its got the titanium tip?
  5. Sadly not mate, though I am only paying £1396 fully comp on my own insurance which I didn't think was too bad considering my age
  6. I work in I.T for the government, but it's all borrowed money mate! ha
  7. Hi, I was just wondering who's the youngest Impreza owner on here? I think I must be doing quite well in this as I'm 21 and I've just bought myself an STi 8!!! Any other young'uns about? Brill
  8. Hi, I'm in need of some new STi 8 front brake pads to fit the Brembos, what pads would you recommend and where would be the best place to get them from? Cheers Brill
  9. Didn't know they dropped the number thing. The Elephant quote system just says WRX STI TYPE UK but it's saying the bug eye was made 2001-2003 and the blob eye is 2004-2005, think I might call them as the difference in quote prices is nearly £400!!!
  10. Cheers, I'm having problems with Elephant online quote system. I've just bought an 03 STi and I'm trying to get a quote but their system says that the STi 8 is 2004-2005 and that the STi 7 is 2001-2003!!!
  11. On what date was the STi 8 first realeased in the UK? Cheers Brill
  12. Hi, I've just bought a silver STi but one of the front fog light cover is damaged, where can I get a new one from and will it have the STi logo on it? Cheers Lee
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