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  1. STi_Bandit

    Get these while they're hot!!!

    We went to this last year when on hoilday, funny how it managed to fall on the same day as the hoilday [:$], was a great day out and was free also, plenty to watch and look at, they had the reaunault F1 car on track GOD what a noise................... Bandit
  2. That is Pretty Dam impressive, very nice little personal item [] Bandit
  3. STi_Bandit

    Intercooler splitter

    Thought on a classic there was some mod that could be done to tilt the tmic improving the cooling efficacy. Think Kartman was selling one of those splitters a while back may be sold now though Bandit
  4. STi_Bandit

    Anyone off to Wembley over the weekend

    Il be there to see Metallica [] Bandito
  5. STi_Bandit

    Is it me?

    Yes your right they should of hosed the car first before sponging think of the damage to the paint work now how stupid of me Bandit
  6. STi_Bandit

    Is it me?

    Ive found that this site is fantastic for car washing tips....... yes i typed TIPS Car Washing Tips Bandit
  7. STi_Bandit

    Fifth Gear

    Have to say enjoyed the new series last night, here's to hoping they keep it up Bandit
  8. STi_Bandit

    New Headunit Fitted

    I do rather fancy that rear view camera if only to see how close the car behind is to the bumper lol, then watch it fade into the distance as u accelrate shame it couldnt be recorded would be cool for track days Bandit
  9. STi_Bandit

    New Headunit Fitted

    Nice install Granby ive the DX-6029 always fancied getting the rear camera setup, looks very neet Bandit
  10. Arent Scoobyworld selling them now Scoobyworld Car Cover Link Bandit
  11. Why not try a DIY Tracker hahah First off you need an old mobile phone, oldish Nokias are best, you most likely have a spare somewhere. You also need a charger cable that goes into a cigarette lighter socket and a pay as you go sim card. The first thing you need to do is register the spare mobile to a tracking service, these were set up so parents can easily trace the whereabouts of their children at all times without bothering them. http://www.followus.co.uk/index.html http://www.childlocate.co.uk/ http://www.verilocation.com/ There are lot of these sites, just do a search for "mobile phone tracking" Each service will offer something different, tariffs, track cost, accuracy etc so it's worth trawling through some and comparing the services like for like. Once the mobile phone is registered it can be tracked online for a small fee. All we need to do now is to conceal it in the car, don't just stick it in the drawer. think carefully about your options, there is plenty of room behind the dash for a start. This is the only technical part, you either have to extend the back of the lighter socket or cut the lighter plug off the charger and wire it to a switched power supply (stereo, cigarette lighter socket etc). What ever way you do it you have to have power to the phone for obvious reasons. Even if the battery is disconnected straight after the car is stolen you still have about 5 days on the phone's internal battery to locate the car. Is that all? Depends if you want to go the whole hog, you can have some fun if you are a little inventive. On your phone options you should have something like "auto answer". If you select this you can call your phone and it will answer without ringing. You will then be able to hear the person in your car. If you install a hands free car kit you can even talk to them, imagine how freaked out they'd be. If you have a phone that does polyphonic ring tones you could put police sirens on as a ring tone to try and persuade them to stop. One other possibility is to wire the petrol pump to a normally open relay and have it so the pump turns off when the phone rings. This is only any good if the car is being driven though, it's unlikely unless your keys were stolen or you were carjacked. Now it's up to you.
  12. [Y] and saved, [] aaaaahhhh that was enjoyable to watch again Bandit
  13. Whats the euro millions jackpot up at now think i might get a ticket. [] What a lovely machine, simply i want, though would people in the back not start playing with those dials for the suspension lol or if you had kids youd be going sideways plato style. Bandit
  14. STi_Bandit

    You Tube Warning!

    I heard about this nasty little thing,. cant imagine however what people would be looking for on you tube that would require a new codetc to be installed heheheh. but in all honestly best to be vigilent with whatever you download. Bandit