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    Urgent Tv Aerial Help Required

    i take it you can still watch the sky on the main tv in the living room etc, and i take it you have run a length of coax to your other setup, if so you will be using the rf2 output from the skybox to the second setup. You need to enable the skybox to send the signal to the second output, and by default it is switched off. Follow these simple steps to enable the output to work, ...........................You may need to enable RF Output on your Sky box. To do this, press ‘Services’ on the Sky remote, then type 4 0 1 and press ‘Select’ then select Option 4 “RF outlets”. This should enable you to watch Sky TV on any other room in your house via a coaxial cable. Regards Brian
  2. Check this out Scooby Quad
  3. I made this from some mesh i have. The idea is to place this on top of the intercooler and bend the lugs over the flange to hold the mesh in place. I was wondering if this would impede the airflow, or would it be ok and fend off damage to the intercooler. Pics attached.
  4. Hi, i had just the same thing happen to me.I had the same syptoms you described. Have you recently had the car serviced, ie an oil change, if so it is possible that the engine wasn't cold cranked to allow the oil to fill the engine properly, and as a result the engine oil wasnt getting to all the pistons. Also if the oil level was low and not checked that would result in a piston getting stuck and giving you the problems you had. I hope you get things fixed soon. The best way is a rebuild engine, that way you get a 3 year warranty on the engine, that is the way i went for peace of mind.
  5. BriWRX

    Best Engine Rebuilders?

    i am in need of an engine rebuild also for my96 JDM WRX, what or who are the best companies for such in Scotland.